Lacrosse Men’s Windrose 8″ 1000G Hunting Boot

Ask any devoted hunter about which gear is the most important for getting that shot. More often than not, he/she’s not able to give you a straightforward answer. There are so many things less obvious that count for your accurate shot!

Whether it’s the waterproof jacket or the comfortable hunting boots that help you focus on your hunting, many pieces of hunting equipment render your success on the hunt. Long story short, when you go hunting, even the pair of boots can make the difference between getting a shot and coming back home empty-handed.

What’s to say about the Lacrosse Men’s Windrose 8″?

The Lacrosse Men’s Windrose 8”  comes for both men and women, and it’s the newest addition to the Navigator Series of LaCrosse footwear. It’s an all-purpose hunting boot that makes an excellent first impression thanks to the Realtree camo. It features 1000G Thinsulate so one can wear them during the late-season hunts.

The build, the materials, and everything else recommends the Lacrosse Men’s Windrose 8”  for various hunting situations, for many years to come.

Who is LaCrosse footwear?

LaCrosse footwear was born in late 1800 (1897) and had been making some of the best rubber boots ever since. They discovered early the secrets of manufacturing high-quality boots that are durable, comfortable, and extremely rugged.

No matter if you need boots for hunting, working, or other physically strenuous jobs, LaCrosse footwear are a wise buy every single time.

What are the technical specifications for the Lacrosse Men’s Windrose 8″?

The looks of theLacrosse Men’s Windrose 8” are going to be the very first thing to notice, but it’s in the right way. The boots come with Realtree Edge Camo for easy blending in surroundings. They also feature sturdy leather and textile upper, which renders them to be durable, comfortable, and lightweight. Despite the rugged appearance, the boots come with an athletic feel and check the versatility box as well. The brown details and the two shades of brown for the outsole make the boots pop out, without sacrificing the blending abilities.

The boots are waterproof 100% and come with Dry-Core lining, which means that the water doesn’t go in there, and the sweat escapes away from your feet. The Thinsulate Ultra Insulation ensures fantastic protection against the elements and keeps your feet warm in the cold temperatures. The Lacrosse Men’s Windrose 8” is a reliable option for late-season hunting.

The build of the boots is impressive, allowing your toes to sit comfortably and move while keeping the heel in place. We have to notice the DuraFit rubber heel cup which is going to maintain the heel in place for a secure fit, improving the stability.

The construction of the boots continues with the padded EVA midsole, which has the right thickness for protecting the foot. It ensures efficient shock absorption underfoot and gives the insulation one needs for better comfort while hunting. The cushioning polyurethane footbed works with the EVA midsole for providing impressive rebounding energy for every single step. Besides, the PU footbed is removable, which makes cleaning a breeze.

The non-loading and multi-directional lugs make the boots grippy on an uneven surface, helping one keep their balance and stability. The lug pattern is designed to shed mud while keeping significant surface contact. The traction is incredible, and the boots don’t let you fall in the snow, dirt, or snowy slopes. You don’t need to avoid the shallow brooks, streams, or deep puddles since the boots are both waterproof and grippy.

The laces are durable and long enough to provide easy lacing. The hardware seems robust and capable of taking excessive use.

How is it like when wearing the boots?

Even if the boots are made with sturdy leather, they feel comfortable from the beginning, requiring minimal breaking-in.

The lacing system is highly effective, and the boots open big so that it’s easy to put them on/take off.

Since the heel cup is rigid (in the right way), the foot stays in place, with the boots presenting a low risk for spraying your feet when hunting. The design provides excellent support for the ankles, whereas the height gives flexibility on the move.

The boots come with the right amount of padding, which helps with arch support. Let’s not forget the insulation which keeps your feet warm on a cold season, but doesn’t affect the breathability of the boots in any way. Let’s not forget the mesh within the build, which helps with the ventilation and lowers the risk of getting toasty feet after many hours of hunting.

With the lugs not only great for stability but also easy to clean, the boots make it as easy-to-maintain hunting boots.

The boots are very well made, and every detail has a durability feel to it. The sturdy leather and textile upper are ready to take excess wear since the Nubuck leather is also abrasion-resistant.

Despite their sturdy build, the boots don’t feel heavy and allow comfortable wear for several hours.

What is it that we like the most about boots?

Since the boots are loaded with positive features, listing only the most essential aspects finds us in a pickle. It’s easier to shop with a list of pros, so here’s our take on the positive things:

  • The boots are 100% waterproof
  • They come with Realtree Edge camo looks
  • You can use them for hunting, work, and many other situations
  • The DuraFit heel cup keeps the heel in place for increased support and durability
  • The boots keep your feet warm in late season hunting
  • The shock absorption is effective
  • The non-loading lugs are multi-directional
  • The traction on uneven surfaces is impressive
  • The boots provide fantastic balance and stability even on slippery surfaces
  • They’re comfortable and break in fast
  • They come for both men and women
  • They’re great value for the money

Is it something we like less?

Even if none of the downsides are deal breakers for us, you should check them for completing your picture:

  • Some may find the looks a bit busy
  • They don’t come with Scent Control

Should you give the boots a shot?

We like the boots for comfort, robust build, waterproofness, and reliability on uneven surfaces. As a matter of fact, we love the Lacrosse Men’s Windrose 8”  for many other things that we don’t even pay attention to the downsides.