Rocky Men’s Bearclaw 3D LTT Hunting Boot

Truth be told, no hunting boots are going to make you a better hunter. However, wearing the right pair of hunting boots can help you get that shot in a nick of time. The last thing you want after a day-long hunt is not to be able to shot your game as you slip off in a puddle. You can barely concentrate when your feet are full of blisters, right?

What’s to say about the Rocky Men’s Bearclaw 3D LTT?

The Rocky Men’s Bearclaw 3D LTT is a fantastic option for hunting, but they’re dependable for other activities too. They’re rugged and comfortable, handling excessive wear for a reasonable amount of time.

Hiking and trekking are more comfortable when wearing the Rocky Men’s Bearclaw 3D LTT, which can become the most dependable pair of boots for your elk hunting.

What are the technical details?

The Rocky Men’s Bearclaw 3D LTT are made with full-grain leather and durable nylon, which is one of the many reasons behind the boot’s durability. They impress with the original Goodyear® welt construction, robust platforms, and shape-retention.

The leather used on the boots is high-quality, protecting and comforting the feet while you’re hunting. They’re waterproof boots that present impressive breathability as well. The risk for developing unpleasant odor inside is minor.

Briefly put, the boots come with breathable Gore-Tex fabric membrane which is going to wick moisture away from your feet, keeping them dry no matter for how many hours you’re wearing the boots. Gore-Tex protects the boots from water, letting air get inside the boots and cooling the feet. It helps with the odors building inside the boots.

You’re going to want to wear the boots in the cold hunting season since that comes with 200 grams of 3M™ Thinsulate™ insulation. The boots manage to keep your feet warm in freezing temperatures, with minor risk for a toasty feel thanks to the Gore-Tex lining.

Despite their rugged build and toughness, the Rocky Men’s Bearclaw 3D LTT  are some of the comfortable options that you could try for hunting. The Rocky’s exclusive polyurethane padded Air-Port TM  footbed increases your comfort, whereas the perforated style improves the ventilation. Therefore, the footbed cushions every single step, but it also sustains the air circulation

The outsole presents multi-directional, and self-cleaning lug pattern is going to bite into the ground. No matter if you’re hunting through snow, mud, or slopes, the boots give you stability and efficient traction. On top of everything else, they’re straightforward to clean once you get back home. And you want to get rid of that mud so that you expand the lifespan of the boots.

The lace-up system eases out your efforts when putting on/take the boots off. It’s a lace-to-toe pattern with several eyelets, hooks, and D-rings which help you get the best fit for the boots. You can have the most conducive adjustment for the boots thanks to the lace-up system.

How is it when wearing the boots?

Even if the boots are made with sturdy and durable leather, they’re easy to break in. Some noticed that they’re an excellent choice for a wider foot, but one with narrow feet may benefit the boots too.

You shouldn’t take the boots on a hunt right out of the box, but you shouldn’t lose hope for the boots needing too much time for breaking in. It’s not the case.

The cushion inside the boots takes in shock, which is great when walking on rocky surfaces or uneven terrain. The support for the ankle and the arch is efficient, as well. Even if the boots are tall, they allow great flexibility for your ankles, so that you can move while hunting freely.

Due to their build and materials, the boots are entirely waterproof, so you shouldn’t back down hunting through the snow or on a rainy day. The insulation inside the boots keeps your feet warm, rending the Rocky Men’s Bearclaw 3D LTT to be a sure thing for the cold season.

We also notice the lug pattern on the soles, which explains the stability and traction even on slippery places. The risk for you to fall down while wearing the boots is almost null. Besides, it’s a self-cleaning and multi-direction outsole which ensures a sturdy grip on various terrains. You shouldn’t stress about injuring yourself on a slippery slope while wearing the Rocky Men’s Bearclaw 3D LTT.

The looks aren’t deceiving and match the sturdy build of the boots. We cannot unnoticed the elegant feel coming from the high-quality leather used on the boots, making a nice contrast with the darkly colored outsole. The boots may be rugged, but they’re also nice looking, which isn’t something usual for hunting boots.

What is it that we like the most on the boots?

The boots are exceeding our expectations, especially since they’re not as pricey as you’d expect. No entry-level hunter should skip them when shopping, so here’s the list of pros to check:

  • They are made with high-quality leather
  • The boots are sturdy and seem long-lasting
  • The build is impressive, and the boots handle excess wear
  • They’re waterproof and breathable at the same time
  • The lacing system allows a snug fit and easy use
  • The padded footbed absorbs shock and increases comfort
  • The traction and stability are fantastic even on slippery surfaces
  • The sole is self-cleaning
  • The boots keep you warm as they come with insulation
  • They’re very easy to break-in
  • They’re great value for the price
  • A newbie is going to appreciate them for the build and reliability
  • They look nice

Should you change your mind over some downsides?

Far from being deal breakers, the inherent flaws are completing the image of the boots. They’re not significant and don’t take the overall value away:

  • One with narrow feet may want to wear an extra pair of socks for a snugger fit
  • The laces could be tougher
  • The boots don’t come with a protective toe
  • One looking for stiffer boots may want to try something else

What’s our final take?

Made with high-quality leather and ready to handle elk hunting for many seasons to come, the Rocky Men’s Bearclaw 3D LTT is an excellent investment to make. Regardless of the minor problems, the boots still manage to impress with the robust build, waterproofness, breathability, price, and, why not, elegant looks.