ROCKY Ranger Waterproof Outdoor Boot Brown

Not everyone is cut out to be a hunter. It’s not only the steady hand or the skills that help you get that shot, but also the skill and dedication for hunting.

Focusing and practicing your aiming skills are only a part of a bigger picture. You need the patience for selecting the right hunting gear and clothing too. You should do diligence about your game, and know everything there is to know about it. Hunting isn’t a hobby to practice once a year, but one that you should prepare for throughout the entire year. As even a squeaky sound from your boots can give you away and make you miss that perfect shot.

Is ROCKY Ranger Waterproof Outdoor Boot Brown good enough for hunting?

The first thing that you’re going to check on your hunting boots is their durability. Any hunter knows that boots that only take one season of hunting are worthless, so you want your hunting boots to feel durable from the first glimpse.

With hunting happening a lot during the rainy days, you also need your hunting boots to be waterproof. ROCKY Ranger Waterproof Outdoor Boot Brown is already an ideal choice for hunting as they look long-lasting and are waterproof. The stitching is very well made, and the boots sure look ready to take a beat.

One thing that many are going to like is the classic appearance of ROCKY Ranger Waterproof Outdoor Boot Brown. Even though the looks aren’t fundamental (as they need to be subtle, and help you hide into surroundings), ROCKY Ranger Waterproof Outdoor Boot Brown manages to look appealing to most out there. They’re classic boots that are strong enough to handle the outdoors, hunting including.

Which features make the boots right for hunting?

ROCKY Ranger Waterproof Outdoor Boot Brown is classic within their appearance, but are no way near of being only some pretty boots. They’re made for any outdoor job, impressing with the Goodyear welt construction and the full-grain leather upper. The leather is soft, yet rugged, with the boots being comfortable right from the beginning. The more you wear the shoes, the weaker they’re going to become.

It’s a Gore-Tex waterproof build so that you can wear them through puddles and rain without worrying about water getting inside the boots.

The build ensures an exceptional level of comfort, with the fiberglass shank providing your stability and support. The boots create fantastic support for the ankles while being soft enough to allow a wide range of movements. We cannot stress enough about the fact that leather gets softer the more you wear it, and so it’s the case for ROCKY Ranger Waterproof Outdoor Boot Brown. They’re going to get more and more comfortable with each wear, but you’re not going to lose the ankle support either.

The toe room isn’t narrow, and the boots feel comfortable for most. The heel stays in place, and there’s no shifting inside the shoes when climbing up or down.

The Rocky’s Energy BED LX footbed is made with memory foam, which has a positive impact on wear. You can comfortably wear the boots while climbing on sharpy rocks, without feeling the uneven terrain. The level of comfort is excellent, and the memory foam maintains its properties for a reasonable amount of time. It’s good quality memory foam that stays responsive and comfortable for your feet for many hunting experiences.

The boots aren’t tricky to put on/take off thanks to the lacing system. Not only that the antiqued brass hardware sustains the durability of the shoes, but it also makes them more robust. On the side note, it looks very nice too.

The rubber outsole is oil-resistant and gives you stability, no matter where your hunting takes you. The lugs pattern is efficient, rending the boots to be grippy on various surfaces.

The boots come with brown leather, which makes a nice contrast with the black outsole and the brass hardware. As we’ve mentioned earlier, the looks of the boots are to be highlighted too. The stitching is close to perfect, and the craftsmanship is impressive.

What’s it like to wear the boots?

The design of the boots is smart, with the pullouts in the back helping you put on/take out the shoes a lot easier.

The lacing system may not be the fastest, but it’s sure a dependable one as it helps you get the snug and comfortable fit you want from your hunting boots. Once you tie the laces, they don’t become undone and take the use for a very long time.

Even if the boots are waterproof, the ventilation isn’t sacrificed. The shoes are made with Gore-Tex fabric, which is both waterproof and breathable. It means that water doesn’t get inside the boots, whereas moisture escapes the inside of the shoes. The result is that your feet remain dry no matter how you wear them.

The construction of the boots ensures efficient support for the ankle, with the heel staying in place. The rubber outsole gives you confidence and keeps your stability on slippery surfaces.

The height of the boots is comfortable, with the padding helping you feel less strain while wearing the shoes for many hours.

As for arch support, the boots don’t disappoint once again, with the fiberglass shank creating efficient support for your foot.

What is that we like the most about the boots?

If new boots are all the rage for you, the list of pros isn’t going to make much difference. It’s easier to shop when you have a list of best parts in mind, though, so here are our favs:

  • The boots have a durability feel and are very well made
  • They’re made with waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex fabric
  • The Goodyear welt construction renders them to be long-lasting and tough
  • The fiberglass shank creates excellent support for arch and foot
  • The rubber outsole is oil-resistant
  • The boots ensure superior traction on all surfaces
  • The brass hardware for lacing looks robust and long-lasting
  • The LX footbed with memory foam is supportive and comfortable
  • The shoes look classic and take the intense outdoor wear

Should you change your mind over some minor issues?

We don’t consider the minor problems to be deal-breakers. However, they complete the image of the boots, without minimizing their overall value in any way:

  • Since they’re made with full-grain leather, maintenance and cleaning may be required
  • Leather gets softer in time, so give the boots time until they feel extremely comfortable

Do you place the order or not?

Classic, durable, waterproof, and dependable, ROCKY Ranger Waterproof Outdoor Boot Brown are an excellent buy nine times out of ten. Even they may not come with all the features that one wants in hunting boots, they’re not a far cry from being the perfect choice for many hunters out there.