Some of the Best Shops for Hunting Gear in the World

If you are a hunting enthusiast, you probably already know some of the best shops to buy hunting-related gear from. Hunting for the game takes precision, patience, and, most importantly, the proper gear. Perhaps you want to expand on your hunting hobby and start a shop for hunting gear yourself, in which case it is a good idea to see how some of the best shops in the world conduct business, to model their success.

A quick Google search for hunting gear shops will reveal some of the most prominent shops in the world that sell hunting gear. There is a good reason why they pop up at the top when you do a simple search. A part of the explanation could be that they have a team that is good at SEO (search engine optimization), but it is very likely that they already have a successful shop that is widely known in the hunting community.

Maybe you want to know where you can get the best hunting gear to expand your kit bag. Maybe you’re simply interested in how the best shops in the world got the success they have, or maybe you want to use that information to create a successful online shop yourself. In any case, below are some of the best shops in the world which you can shop from for your hunting hobby or use as inspiration for your own hunting business.


When you search for the best hunting gear shops, Deerhunter comes up as one of the top results. Giving Deerhunter’s webpage a quick visit quickly reveals why it could be among the best hunting gear shops in the world. Even the simple name of their shop, Deerhunter, shows creativity and a sense of quality.


The hunting shop, Kuiu, is also a good case in point when it comes to the importance of presentation and naming, and like Deerhunter, it can also inspire naming other hunting shops. The name is short and unique, which makes it memorable. The only downfall is that not everybody necessarily knows what the word means, which could deter relevant customers from visiting the shop.


On the other hand, Huntstore is a very descriptive name, which is good to attract the right kind of customer. The downside, however, is that it is not quite unique or creative enough to be memorable, even though it is very clear what type of store it is.

Hunting gear- the detail list you should check out before going shopping

When and where you go hunting will profoundly impact the hunting gear you will need. Some gear fanatic will remind you that you need every little thing on our list, but you should constantly adjust the list to your hunting skills, needs, and budget. Keep in mind that modern hunting gear is more effective than in the past.

Hunting gear

Essential Hunting Gear

It can take a lot of trial and error until you discover which gear is crucial for your hunts. Some items seem crucial in-store but prove to be not very helpful throughout the hunting season. “just in case” principle can add a lot of weight to your backpack, not to mention that it can empty your wallet.

Professionals recommend starting with the essential hunting gear and building from there with pricier equipment. Feel free to adjust our list of critical hunting gear to your hunting needs and budget.


Whether you go in the summer or the winter, your footwear should always be reliable and adequate for hunting. Comfort and functionality always come first with hunting footwear. Water-resistant and breathable hunting shoes are ideal in the summer. For cold hunts, you need boots that keep your feet both dry and warm—go with waterproof for dry feet all day long.

A good grip, easy to put on/take on boots, and efficient ankle support are crucial for hunting footwear. No matter how much money you want to spend on your hunting boots/shoes, always break them in before heading afield. One thing that can ruin your focus and hunt is some annoying blisters.

Hunting Clothing

Your type of hunting, season, and weather is crucial when picking your hunting clothes. Waterproof jackets make excellent choices for outdoor activities. Stay away from cotton clothes as cotton gets heavy when wet and needs a lot of time to dry as well.

You want hunting clothes made of materials that dry quickly and are breathable. For winter hunts, wool is the no.1 material as it’s warm, lightweight, and dries quickly as well. Modern polyester and similar fabrics are excellent choices for hunting clothing.

Most of the time, cheap hunting clothes don’t last long and aren’t great for hunting. You need to keep in mind when selecting clothes for winter hunts is the three-[art clothing system.

Base Layers

It’s the first next to the skin, so look for clothes made of moisture-wicking material. Merino wool and synthetic polyester are ideal for hunting. Make sure your tight-fitting bottom, underwear, and socks are made of either.


The second layer of clothes works as an insulating layer your body from the cold. Vests, jackets, and sweatshirts made of fleece, polyester, and wool are fantastic for cold hunts. Wearing layers is essential for comfortable hunting. Needless to say, you should adjust the warmth of your insulation to the weather/season you go hunting.

Outer Shell

The outer layer for summer hunts should be breathable and water-resistant, whereas, in the winter, you want it to be wind and water-resistant. It has to keep the elements out but allow moisture to escape. Larger sizes work better in the cold season. Make sure that the outer layer is made of silent material to don’t scare your game animal.

Other Clothing Accessories

Scarves, hats, face masks, and hats are accessories that can improve your comfort when hunting. For cold hunts, you want warm gloves that ensure easy handling. Again, wool makes for the best choice in the winter.

Hunting Weapons

Will you go hunt with a bow or a firearm? There are downsides and benefits when using either of them. Archery gear is quiet and lets you hunt close to civilization—there are many deer. On the other hand, it’s easier to get good at using shotguns and rifles than it is with bows.

Hunting with firearm

The hunting regulations in your state matter most when choosing between rifle and shotgun. Get 12 or 20 gauges for shotgun as it’s dependable to shoot both small game animals and deer (as long as you use the proper shells).

The .22, .243, .270, and .30-06 calibers are excellent for rifles. The .22 caliber is widely used for small game animals, and the others work for various wild games, such as elk or varmint animals.

Don’t forget to pack ammunition according to the species you’re hunting. Add to your shopping list a case to transport and protect firearm. Don’t forget to also buy a cleaning kit.

Hunting with a Bow

Even if it takes you some time to become a bow hunter, modern compound bows are deadly in a skilled hand. New bows from the most prestigious companies are expensive, and you can look into a lightly-used version if your money is tight.

You don’t just buy a bow but go to a sporting goods store/archery shop. The staff will measure the perfect draw length and axle-to-axle distance for your height. If the bow is too small or too big for you, you will end up with a sloppy form even after months of practicing.

Release and arrows in a durable quiver are also necessary. Last but not least, you will need to buy high-quality broad heads that you pick on your game animal.

Hunting Pack and Miscellaneous Gear

There are some things that you can compromise about hunting gear, but the hunting backpack isn’t one. Look for a model that is quiet and comes in a muddy color.

Hunting Pack and Miscellaneous Gear

Hunting Knife and other functional Gear

A folding or a fixed-blade hunting knife shouldn’t miss from your hunting gear. Get a short blade (3 to 4in) for skinning or field dressing your hunt. A large knife is difficult to maneuver, so make sure you know your way around it.

A headlamp is more valuable than a flashlight, but you could throw a small flashlight in your pack as well. Seek that the flashlight and headlamp are fully charged. It’s not a bad idea to throw some new batteries in your backpack. Add a 20-30 ft long rope/cord to drag the deer out of the woods. If you plan on field dressing your game, you can also pack some latex gloves.

Hunting Safety and First Aid

A compass and a map will never run out of batteries, so make sure you grab them before heading afield. A small first aid kit, some matches and tinder, and toilet paper are also essentials to get when hunting. It’s better to have them, especially if you find yourself in a pickle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hunting gear doesn’t come cheap. Why is so?

If you look at the hunting gear market, you can notice that it’s both generous and expensive. Ammo, gear, optics, and firearms are pricier today than they were a few decades ago. It’s the same for hunting licenses that get more and more expensive each year. Hunting license money is used to fund many state wildlife agencies.

Some types of hunting are pricier than others. Which one is the most expensive, though?

Since white rhinoceros represent one of the most endangered and rare species on planet earth, hunting them is the most expensive type. Hunters are willing to pay an impressive $125,000 or higher to hunt white rhinoceros. The sharp horns are the pride of hunters.

Is it possible to live off hunting?

Every year, hunting generates billions of dollars in revenue. Most hunters go out there for the thrill and experience and only some make their living with predator hunting jobs. Hunting guide jobs are also a thing. Short-term hunting income is another way to make money out of hunting.

How much does an average hunter spend on hunting gear?

According to statistics, average hunters spend on hunting equipment around $ 70 each year for a total of more than $951 million. However, many will spend as much as $945 on hunting gear. Hunting isn’t the cheapest hobby, but it’s not the most expensive either (spoiler alert: it’s skydiving!)

Which of the two is cheaper: fishing or hunting?

You will need a license for both fishing and hunting. However, you won’s spend as much time or training for fishing as you do for hunting. Needless to say, a fishing pole and bait are cheaper than a gun and hunting gear. Plus, you don’t need to travel far to fish.

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