Timberland Men’s Garrison Field Mid Waterproof Hiker Boot

Always moving in silence without worrying for a second about slipping is one thing that any hunter dreams about. We’re not saying that a good pair of boots is just as crucial as your shooting skill. However, any hunter knows that a good pair of hunting boots is always good to have.

While you’re hunting, you don’t want to worry about your new boots giving you blisters. You don’t want to avoid some trails because your shoes aren’t waterproof either. You want to control as much as you can when you’re hunting, and hunting boots help you on that.

Does Timberland Men’s Garrison Field make a good fit for hunting? If so, why?

Sturdy build and high-quality materials are some of the fundamental aspects we find on hunting boots. Timberland Men’s Garrison Field are made with high-quality leather and are also waterproof, allowing hunters to walk through shallow puddles on trails.

Just like any other dependable hunting boots, Timberland Men’s Garrison Field are comfortable and ready to wear right out of the box. They present a durability feel, and every detail within their build recommends them for full use. There are no shortcomings for these boots, and they’re always an excellent choice for the agile hunter.

What technical specifications matter for their build?

In all fairness, the first thing you’re going to notice about the boots is going to be their appearance. They come with dark shades of green, brown, and black, helping you hide into surrounding just fine. The boots have a low profile, allowing the hunter to move faster and easier. Timberland Men’s Garrison Field is an excellent choice for anyone looking for agility while hunting.

The upper part of the boots is made with premium waterproof leather from Leather Working Group (LWG) Silver-rated tannery. It’s a tough, yet soft leather that is going to make the boots feel comfortable right out of the box.

More than 50% of the leather used for the shoes was tanned in silver or higher rated third-party environmental audit. The Leather Working Group appreciates and categories tanneries according to energy use, water treatment, and waste production.

The construction of the boots makes them reliable for wet conditions, with the Timber Dry waterproof membrane keeping water away from your feet. The Timber Dry membrane is made with 50% PET (recycled plastic bottles).

Waterproofness is fundamental for the boots, with Timberland Men’s Garrison Field, including various waterproofing materials, processes, and treatments. The leather is waterproof and sealed during the tanning process. The footwear is also seam-sealed later on, whereas the internal waterproof breathable membrane increases the waterproof performance of the boots.

The comfort is also fundamental for any hunter, and Timberland Mens Garrison Field comes with Ortho Lite footbeds that take in shock. You’re going to be able to walk on sharp and pointy rocks without feeling any of them. Not only that the Ortholite insoles provide durable cushioning, but they also ensure moisture evaporation. They’re made with highly breathable material that has antimicrobial abilities. It doesn’t lose its properties in time and doesn’t break down quickly, making the boots supportive and comfortable for a long time.

Thanks to the triple-layer suspension system that bounces with every step, the SensorFlex TM comfort system adjusts immediately to uneven surfaces, ensuring a smooth and stable experience.

The nylon shank of the boots provides efficient arch support, which only reduces strain and effort for your legs throughout your hunting.

The traction is also dependable, with lug pattern for the outsole that grips the ground. You’re not going to fall or slip even on slippery surfaces since the lug pattern is intricate and efficient for traction. The rubber outsole is sturdy, and the lugs don’t wear out that easily.

Last but not least, the speed lace hardware comes with lace hooks at the top, allowing easy lacing. The device is sturdy and durable, whereas the laces seem ready to take a beat. Even if it’s not fundamental, the hardware looks beautiful and makes a nice contrast with the upper part of the boots.

How does it feel when wearing the boots?

The boots are comfortable to put on, and it’s not only because of their design. They open up big, and the lacing system allows easy use. The pulls on the back ease out your efforts, for sure. They’re very well made, taking the excessive wear.

Once you put the boots on, you’re going to notice the comfortable feeling. They’re made with soft leather, requiring little to no time for breaking in. The midsole absorbs shocks efficiently, whereas the padded collar hugs the ankle in a very comfortable way. The SensorFlex technology gives you a nice bounce and lets you try a wide range of movements.

The waterproof materials and numerous waterproofness technologies work every time, so you shouldn’t worry about your feet getting wet while hunting.

The toe box is generous, and the heel stays in place, no matter if you’re climbing up or down. The lug pattern of the outsole keeps you balanced and gives you confidence even on slippery surfaces.

What do we like the most about the boots?

Since they’re loaded with useful features, it’s going to be challenging to resume only to a couple of pros. Here’s our list, nevertheless:

  • The boots are made with premium waterproof leather
  • They include Timber-Dry waterproof membrane for increased waterproofness
  • The footbed is cushioning and improves your comfort
  • The nylon shank provides arch support
  • The Sensor Flex technology offers independent suspension and flexibility
  • The rubber outsole is durable and doesn’t wear out easily
  • The lug pattern outsole gives efficient traction
  • The boots are well made and look tough

Do the minor problems make us change our mind about the boots?

No hunting boots are perfect, and neither are Timberland Men’s Garrison Field. However, the downsides don’t get anywhere close to being deal breakers:

  • If you’re looking for better ankle support, some taller boots may work for you
  • One may find the looks a bit busy

What’s our final thought about the shoes?

Timberland Men’s Garrison Field may not stand out, but they’re always a good buy and a dependable choice for a hunter. Not only that they’re waterproof, comfortable, supportive, and reliable, but they also ensure excellent traction and keep you subtle for your game. Isn’t this enough for you when selecting hunting boots?