The AR-15 Rifle – A preferred choice for Hunting

The AR 15 rifle is a lightweight hunting rifle capable of delivering rounds at speeds up to 3,200 feet per second and with low recoil. Their rifles are popular for hunting because they are lightweight, have high accuracy, and can be used for shooting small game. Many people use these weapons to hunt deer or other big game animals in the woods or fields. Hunters use this weapon because it is easy to carry and manoeuver as well as being accurate enough for most hunting needs.

Understanding the AR-15 Rifle Platform for Hunting

The AR-15 Rifle is a powerful tool that can be used to hunt animals such as deer, elk, and antelope. It is an excellent rifle for hunters looking for a versatile rifle and who are not willing to trade power for the ability to shoot smaller game.

The AR-15 Rifle Platform for Hunting has been designed with hunters in mind. The ergonomics are exquisite, making the gun easy to carry around without becoming too uncomfortable to use over the duration of a hunting trip. The rifle also comes with high-quality features that make it enjoyable and easy to shoot, such as its tactical rail system and adjustable stock. AR-15 rifles are semi-automatic with a pistol grip and collapsible stock. They were made to be lightweight and shorter than most rifles, which makes them easier for home protection or use at a shooting range.


The versatility of AR-15 rifles made them a huge favorite of hunters. They are customizable, meaning that they can be transformed to fit your needs and preferences. Whether you’re using it for hunting, competition shooting, or for self-defense, it can be easily adapted to meet your needs.

These guns can be easily adjusted to the size and weight of the shooter as well as their physical ability. AR-15 rifles are available in a variety of models and configurations, including left-handed versions that can be altered.

Some of the most popular modifications are barrels, stocks, grips, and optics. With these modifications, it allows you to change from a hunting rifle to a target shooting rifle.


The accuracy of AR-15 rifles is another great reason as to why they’re such a great hunting weapon. They’re designed for quick follow-up shots and more precise aiming due to the adjustable sights and barrel length that we have available today. It is well known that accuracy is a very important feature for a hunting weapon. In fact, it’s one of the most important features that hunters look for when they’re looking to purchase a new hunting rifle.

AR-15 rifles are accurate because of their design and their high capacity magazines. They have the ability to carry dozens of rounds in their magazines and these rounds can be shot accurately without any loss in power or accuracy.

Easy to Optimize 

It does not matter if you’re a beginner or a pro, there are tips for everyone that will make hunting more enjoyable by optimizing your gun for hunting. Here also, AR-15 scores better than the above as it is easy to optimize.

To optimize a gun, you need to buy the right scope for your rifle. You need something that is lightweight and accurate, so you can focus on aiming instead of adjusting the scope. This makes it much easier to maintain accuracy when shooting at varying distances. Some people also have trouble sighting their rifle without a laser sight, so it might be worth investing in one as well. Such accessories are easily available for the AR-15.


The affordability of AR-15 rifle is another factor that makes it a huge favorite of users. AR-15 Rifles are a platform, not an individual rifle. Therefore, you can buy or self-build one suitable for mid-range accuracy, and it can cost anywhere from $600 to $2,500. Buying them is just like doing car shopping, where you get what you pay for. You can buy a base, budget model car, or you can go for an ultra luxury one with all types of bells and whistles. A decent entry level AR starts at $600 and will meet the needs of the vast majority of users. However, those who are not satisfied with the base version,  can go for the high-end one which will cost around $2000 or above. You can also shop around or look for a used one. However, exercise your due diligence and, before buying, have it inspected by a person having good knowledge of firearms. Sometimes people assemble one out of different parts. It won’t be as accurate as a new one and may malfunction at the crucial time. If you can go a little higher than the base price, then, in the price range of about $800 — $1,000, you can get a quality rifle of a well – known brand. Add to this the cost of 500 rounds of ammo, which is about $150, and you can get a perfect hunting weapon at the most affordable range.

 Conclusion: You should consider using an AR-15 rifle for hunting.

When it comes to hunting, the AR-15 rifle is one of the best weapons for a hunter to use. This is because of all the features explained above that make it an excellent weapon for hunting. It is lightweight and easy to carry in your backpack while you are on hunting trips with your friends or family members. Second, this gun can shoot quickly and accurately. You don’t have to worry about only being able to fire one bullet at a time with this gun because of how quickly you can shoot the bullets out of it into your target. The AR-15 is extremely accurate and easy to use, even for beginners. It is also incredibly fast because you can shoot bullets out of it in rapid succession. Moreover, owing to its highly customization features, one can easily optimize it to suit his hunting needs. As such, AR-15 rifle is a perfect choice for hunting and if you are thinking of buying a gun for hunting, AR-15 could be a natural choice.

The AR-15 is excellent for hunting. Which hunting?

Some say that you cannot call yourself a true hunter if you’re using a weapon of war to get your game animal. Even if the .223 is small for hunting, it comes with benefits that no bolt action can equalize. Don’t go buying yourself an AR-15 until you got to answer to the following questions:

  • How fast should the rifle be?
  • Which animal will you pursue?
  • How far away will you track?
  • How fast your game animal will be?

Let’s see which game animals you can hunt with the AR-15.

The AR-15 is excellent for hunting. Which hunting

Deer hunting

We should start by highlighting that you won’t be able to hunt deer with a .223 in many states, whereas in others, it’s completely forbidden to hunt deer with an AR-15.

However, there are exceptions when the .223 loads are excellent to use for hunting deer. Should you hunt at a close range, the .223 and 5.56 loads that expand will offer enough stopping power for mule deer, whitetail, antelope, and so on.

If you want to use the .223 to hunt deer, you should know how far you’re able to shoot. Otherwise, you need to switch to a .308, which expands the range.

If your mind is set on using an AR when pursuing deer, you should at least opt for a heavy barrel profile and add length to it. Even if it’s not ideal, the carbine will work.

Elk hunting

Hunting elk with an AR-15 has become more popular in the last several years, even if the caliber is crucial for results. Many hunters will look for something other than .223 as they want more efficient terminal ballistics.

Experienced hunters have various opinions about which is the best caliber for elk hunting. Should you look for a versatile rifle that can help you all around, the .308 is a great choice. As long as you are in range, your elk will be in range when using the proper .308 load.

One aspect to consider in elk hunting is balance. You will precision with a heavy rifle, but it will get uncomfortable from carrying it on your shoulders for miles. Please practice as often as possible to make an ethical shot.

Hog hunting

Most hunters out there use the AR-15 for hog hunting. Pigs come in various sizes and the Ar-15 gives you the speed you need to use several rounds on the aggressive hogs. The size of the boar matters and hunting boar with an AR-15 can be an unforgettable hunt.

You will need to get a red dot to increase your speed on the sights on a running pig. Most AR-15s for hog hunting come with speed settings. Once you fire your first shoot, pigs will bolt in all directions. You will be making shots on moving targets, but the AR platform will prove its utility for hog hunting.

Some hunters look for heavier bullets and more penetration power, the AR 10 or any .308 AR patterned will work better. For pigs over 300-pound points, opt for a .308. As for magnification, you can look for scopes with easy-to-see reticles.

Hog hunting can go from complete boredom to emptying your mag in a matter of minutes. With distances being short, short ars are more efficient.

Coyote hunting

There are many similarities between hunting hogs and coyotes with an AR-15. For best results when hunting coyotes, you will need optics, a red dot, and iron sights. Typically, coyotes respond to calls and come in really close.

Unlike boars, the chances for coyotes to attack people are low. Most coyote hunters will tune the rifle for excellent precision and use the .223 to drop the prey quickly. Get small bullets and long fat barrels to shoot varmint. A bull barrel on the coyote gun will work when shooting critter. You will get high precision at long distances with long and heavy barrels.

The AR-15 vs. hunting rifles. Who’s winning?

All ammunition will lose power at a distance, and the AR can be pretty precise at a distance. However, that’s not an excuse for you to skip your practicing.

You shouldn’t think that you need to replace some components to win precision. The AR-15 barrel profiles will withstand heat different from one model to another. Do you want accuracy, or do you want to carry the rifles all day long and be able to shoot when moving quickly?

Here are some thoughts to examine before choosing your hunting weapon:

  • Bolt action rifles typically provide you with high precision
  • Bolt action rifles don’t give much capacity
  • Blot actions are ideal for long distances
  • The AR-15s are way faster than bolt action models
  • The AR-15s are lighter, shorter and easier to maneuver
  • The AR-15s are effortless to set up according to your needs at a moment

hunting rifles

Which caliber to use on your AR-15?

Should you hunt big game, opt for the .308 as it has proved over and over again its efficiency. The .308 is affordable and versatile, making it even more appealing to hunters with a fixed budget for hunting gear.

When hunting deer and any smaller game animal, the .223 is the best option. These are faster rounds, widely available and affordable.

What sort of hunting accessories can you use with your AR-15?

Are accessories necessary when using the AR for hunting? Brace yourself because the list can get quite long. Anything that you will add to your gun will improve its utility, or so it should, anyway. The heavier your rifle will get, the more you add, so think twice before making the new settings.


If you plan on carrying the rifle for many miles, you will appreciate this tip. A reliable single-point sling is excellent for defensive purposes, but a two-point sling will make your walking in the woods a lot more comfortable.

Weapon lights

For hunting at night, the lights can be of great help. Plus, you can use them for self-defense. There are numerous types to add to your AR-15, but the dedicated lights that you can set up on the forend work best.

All AR needs light and even the models for long ranges beyond the reach of light. Search for lights with wide light cones and avoid lights concentrating on a beam with a bit of spill. You can also combine light with a laser or a red dot.


If hunting with an AR-15 is life, consider adding suppressors as well. When it comes to keeping your rifle as quiet as possible, you have numerous options. Such accessories are highly functional, especially when hunting coyotes or hogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will you pay for an AR15?

AR 15 can get pricey and you should do due diligence before buying. Standard models come with $600 price tags, whereas “premium” models can reach as high as $2,500. If properly cared for, an AR15 can be your go-to gun for more than three decades. You only need a $100 spare kit to make it last for a lifetime.

For how much time can you use a AR 15 barrel?

Most AR-15 barrels will last around 20,000 rounds. Should you be an entry-level shooter who goes to the range once a month and fires 100 rounds, you will need 16 years to wear out the barrel.

What caliber is AR-15?

The Ar-15 rifle typically comes chambered for the .223 Remington or the military cartridge 5.56x45mm. The 5.56x45mm has pressure associated, which is why you shouldn’t fire 5.56x45mm rounds in an AR-15 marked as .223 Remington. If you do, you risk injuring yourself and damaging the rifle.

How does California sit on using the AR-15?

In California, you are allowed to build your AR-15 rifle, but only if you don’t make it like a regular AR platform rifle

Can you use the AR-15 for hunting?

Thanks to its compact features, the AR-15 is an excellent hunting rifle. The magazine and vertical grip ensure an ergonomic fit of the gun to the hunter. As a result, the AR 15 is a perfect rifle for small and young hunters.

Will an AR-15 work for hunting deer?

Check out your state to see the regulations, but most states allow using the .223 caliber for big game hunting, deer included. You can use the AR-15 to shoot deer. You may rely on the rifle for shooting deer at 300 yards and less. Additionally, modern AR platforms are loaded with great features for hunting.

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