The 5 Best International Hunting Websites Worldwide

Hunting trips can be a lot of fun, but experts recommend that hunters should research the areas they plan to go hunting in before they set off on their adventure.

Luckily, there are several websites that provide hunters with vital information. You can find out details about what weapons you should use, how to lure different animals, plus, what clothing and equipment you should bring.

Preparation is key to planning a successful hunting trip, but instead of scrolling through various websites online, we have combined five of the best-hunting sites out there, so you don’t have to.

Tips Before You Start Your Hunting Trip

Before diving into the best hunting websites, let’s take a look at what every hunter needs to prepare before their adventure begins.

  • Find out if there are any hunting stores in the area where you are planning your adventure. You might need extra equipment, so it is in your best interest to find out if there are any reputable hunting stores in the area.
  • Clothing: Check out the weather forecast before you start your journey. Even if you already own top-quality hunting clothes, doesn’t mean the clothes you own are suited to the area and the predicted weather conditions. Gear that protects you from thorns and briers is of vital importance. If you are expecting it to rain, having clothes made from waterproof material will help you stay dry. Also, remember to pack plenty of sucks!
  • Keep your hunting equipment clean.
  • Find out about the local hunting laws in the area.

Understanding the lay of the land, the local laws, and the weather forecast will give you the confidence to hunt.

Hunting Trip

Best Hunting Sites

The internet has provided hunters with lots of useful information. Although hunting in your local area might be a lot of fun, the world is a big place, and there are several hunting areas around the globe worth checking out.

Hunting abroad gives hunters new challenges. Even veteran hunters find new locations exciting!

  1. German hunting website provides a wealth of information about luring animals, different areas to go hunting, and the different types of hunting equipment you should use. The site is easy to navigate, and although each page is in German, you can ask your browser to translate it into a range of different languages.
  2. is a popular website used by hunters around the globe. It focuses on hunting in Mexico, America, and Canada, but there is also lots of information about fishing too.
  3. is another great hunting site with information about guns, bows, training, etc. You will find lots of interesting content, including videos, blogs, resources, and more. They update their social media pages regularly, so consider following them on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.
  4. provides visitors with content about all there is to know about deer hunting. If you like hunting for deers, you’re going to love this site. They often publish videos to the popular website, along with several deer recipes.
  5. is a family-run website. Husband and wife, Nicole and Pat have been operating this site for several years. Both are avid hunters, and they publish interesting blogs to the websites on a regular basis. The duo knows how to use a camera, so you can expect some incredible hunting photographs on the site. They have become famous in the hunting world over the past few years, and regularly make an appearance on the Outdoor Channel.

Although there are several hunting sites out there, don’t forget to visit hunting pages on social media platforms. Hunters regularly use social media to meet and talk with like-minded people. There are lots of hunting groups online that you should consider joining.

Tips for Buying Hunting Gear

Unfortunately, the cost of hunting gear can cost a person a pretty penny. During these unprecedented times, people are looking for ways to avoid spending top dollar on hunting equipment.

Top-of-the-range hunting equipment can cost you a fortune, but there are several ways you can buy bows, hunting boots, clothing, guns, etc. without having to break the bank.

Keep an eye out for promo codes and flash discounts. A lot of hunting stores offer discounts now and again, which can significantly reduce the cost of hunting equipment.

You will find lots of gear on online marketplaces like eBay. However, it might be worth your while doing a little research about the seller before you spend your hard-earned money. Check to see the seller’s ratings, and what customers have to say about them. Recent reviews will provide you with an insight into what it is like to deal with the seller.

Social media platforms are not just used by people to connect them with other hunters, it is also an online marketplace. You will be able to find lots of new and second-hand hunting equipment available on Facebook and other popular platforms.

Hunting brings numerous benefits. Stay with us to find out more!

In modern days, hunting is no longer necessary for food, but it’s still essential for many cultures. Thank to hunting, our diet can be more various—an important benefit to name. Many animals that are defined as livestock aren’t considered healthy proteins to consume. When consumed in moderation, such foods can sustain healthy eating habits. More about the benefits of hunting come down below.

Protect plant species

Hunting has a positive effect on the environment because it’s protective of plant species. For example, a high deer population will impact valuable plants’ reproduction, growth, and survival. Studies revealed that high deer density reduces the production of leaves by small herbaceous plants and the flowering rate of non-protected plants. When there are too many deer, the trees will grow slower.

Deer can also lead to permanent changes in the composition of various species in the environment. For example, the nitrogen in the soil can reduce. Nitrogen sustains a balanced plant growth and its decrease is never a good thing.

When the density of deer is reduced, such problems can be solved. The wildlife management groups must get the information they need to make the necessary steps to protect the environment.

As long as it’s done right, hunting is beneficial for the environment because it balances various animal species. Overpopulation of some animal species will cause environmental problems, such as scarcity of food. Additionally, hunting can help with conservation and leads to revenue through tax collections. The money can be used for many activities.

It sustains conservation

Hunting is an industry that generates money from taxes. The funds can be used for environmental projects, such as maintaining parks that improve the wildlife habitat. People in the industry can also use the money for research and surveys to comprehend how they can help the natural environment.

It controls the population of various animal species

Hunting is essential for controlling the population of various animal species. To gain sustainability, the ecosystem requires balance; otherwise, the environment will suffer and animal species will grow uncontrollably. Because they would be too many, they would no longer have enough food and end up suffering. Too many animals can generate environmental degradation, which can also alter our lives. We depend on the environment and we cannot have too many animals that could harm our agricultural activities.

Let’s take deer, for example, which doesn’t need much time to cause damage. They can easily consume more than 700 various plant species. They adjust easily and can move into communities and suburban areas to find safety and food. The damage that deer can cause in just one can translate into thousands of dollars.

It reduces the risk of spreading diseases

Hunting is good for the environment because it reduces the risk of disease spreading. When there’s not enough food, the animals’ immune system gets weaker and gets sick more often. The disease may spread to other animals specious and aggravate the situation. Harvesting the animal species with a high risk of diseases will protect other species. Some animal diseases pose a risk for human health and hunting is one way to avoid such situations.

It’s a safe activity

You will need a hunter’s education class before you get a hunting license or a tag. Many US states have been using hunting education laws for more than a generation now. For example, California passed the first law on hunting in the 50s. The risk of accidents is low if all regulations are followed accordingly.

It improves one’s knowledge about nature

One thing you will have to learn about when hunting is the outdoors. To be a great hunter, you need to learn to identify animal trails and habits. You should know how to identify animals if they manage to escape from you. No TV show, movie, or documentary will equalize the thrill of the live experience.

It’s an efficient method to grow as a person

You will need to learn many things and develop many skills to hunt. You cannot hunt without knowing how to set up a stand, hike into a wooded area, or survive in challenging conditions. Hunting provides you with unique occasions to learn about your limitations and grow as a person. Since dietary options are limited when hunting, hunting is also a great way for physical exercise.

It’s a way to survive

For many people, hunting still represents the primary method to put the meat on the table. In some cultures, no part of the animal goes to waste in the cultures. The game can be turned into clothing or blankets, whereas antlers become versatile tools. Should you like hiking and get lost, hunting can make the difference between living and dying as it gives you food while you wait for help.

It can decrease automotive accidents

In the United States, automotive collisions with deer generate around 200 deaths every year. More than $4billion is paid every year by insurance companies and vehicle owners to cover the damage for vehicles. More than 1.2 million accidents happen every year on US roads. Hunting decreases population levels and can also lower the number of casualties.

Are there any downsides to hunting?

Many things in life come with both benefits and downsides and hunting doesn’t make an exception. Here are the negative parts about hunting:

downsides to hunting

It can cause abusive methods

Some hunters use feeding stations to attract their game, deer especially. Feeding deer can cause domestication and eliminate many of the benefits of hunting.

It can make animals suffer

A clean kill shot is crucial when hunting. Hunters need to be accurate and some injuries can even make the animal unsuitable for human consumption. Any harm can make the game suffer and not all hunters can kill from just one shot.

Hunting can be pricey

It’s not only the pricey hunting gear; hunter’s safety classes are also expensive. Hunters need to pay additional fees for every type of animal they hunt or the weapon they use. The spending for firearms, clothing, hunting weapons adds up quickly.



Will hunting empty your wallet?

Typically, you will pay around $800 to start hunting. The sum includes the spending for hunting education courses and firearms training with licenses. Costs for a hunting permit, a reliable hunting rifle with ammunition, species tags, the proper optics, and species tags are also part of the spending.

Should you buy meat or hunt?

Hunting brings many benefits and bringing home plenty of fresh meat is one. Sometimes, just one hunt will give you enough meat to last you throughout the whole winter. Needless to say, harvesting your meat by hunting is more beneficial than purchasing meat at the grocery store.

Some people prefer fishing to hunt. Is it because fishing is less expensive than hunting?

We want to remind you that you need a license for both fishing and hunting. However, you won’t need as much training for fishing as you do for hunting. Additionally, you will not empty your wallet from buying a fishing pole and bait, like you might when buying a gun and the gear for hunting. Also, you have more options for fishing than you do for hunting.

Is it difficult to make a living off hunting?

Hunting does lead to tens of billions of dollars in revenue every year, so it’s a productive industry. Most people go hunting because they like it and not so much because it brings them money. There’s also the category of people who turn hunting into their day-to-day jobs. Hunting guide jobs and predator hunting jobs bring good profits. Even short-term hunting incomes are significant.

What are the responsibilities of a professional hunter?

A professional hunter is a person who hunts game animals for paid employment or engagement. It’s not the same as a hunting guide or a commercial hunter. A professional hunter will need a license for hunting deer and game animals on private lands.

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