A Guide To Cooking Food While Hiking

One of the basic necessities of life is food and eating delicious food is a wondrous and pleasurable experience. There is no one on this entire earth who does not like to have delicious food. While you are planning to go on an adventure, you surely want to add health giving and nutritious food along with your sleeping bag, clothes, and increase your comfort level and add fun to your experience. When you plan to go hiking, then it is important to learn about how to make food. Well, learning how to cook food while hiking is a cumbersome task, but once you get an idea, then you can definitely modify the level of your comfort.

Here, we introduce the very simple and interesting tips to cook food during hiking are mentioned below:

Formulate a plan

Whenever you are highly active and out on exert yourself in different adventurous experiences, you have to pay special attention to pack a lot of fluids on hot weather conditions. You have to consider certain key factors during hiking:

  • What is the length of your trip?
  • Type of food items and drinks one carry
  • Drinking and eating pattern
  • Whether you can bring a cooler
  • Which tools would you require for making food?

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Choose the right ingredients for cooking food during outdoor adventure

You can make your adventure more enjoyable and memorable by keeping a note of very simple tricks and tips in mind. It is very essential to make a note of physical and functional prospect of the various ingredients used. You should always select the organic and very nutritious food items that are rich source of carbohydrates and healthy fats along with proteinaceous content to generate energy and recover your body to some extent.

Make sure that you do not choose the heavy ingredients so that your bag pack remain light weight or else you will be in a problem. Lesser the amount of water content in the food, lighter the weight of the ingredient is. Also, you should make sure that cooking food does not take a lot of time and the process of making a particular dish should be easy. Also, take care of the expiry date of the product and the waste products that are left. Some of the easy ingredients include oats, beans, lentils, beef jerky, boil chicken etc.

Proper food safety practices are essential

It is important to follow good food safety practices and remember a key point that one should not keep perishable food items in hot weather conditions for around an hour. You should carry food safety elements with you such as disposable wipes, toiletries, plates and bowls, cooking pot or kettle, utensil for cooking and eating, can opener, ice packs, trash bags, water filters that are portable.

The various food safety rules which you must follow:

  • Wash your hands more often both before and after eating.
  • You should keep the raw meat products and ready to eat food separately.
  • You should cook your food at appropriate temperature and you can use a food thermometer for the same.
  • You should refrigerate your food items below 40 degree Fahrenheit. And in case you do not have the facility of freezing food items then you can also use ice packs.

Which food items should you choose?

While going for hiking, you can keep perishable food items in consideration like sandwiches but it is important to have a cold source so as to keep the items chilled. You can keep nuts, seeds, nut butter packs, dries fruits and vegetables, energy chocolates, granola bars, whole grain tortillas, meat or pork.

While planning camping or trip for multiple days, then you should carry with you, ready to use cereals, fruits or vegetable puree in squeezable pouches, canned fishes, meats or poultry, whole grain pasta, pancake mix, dried soups and dehydrated food items, marsh mallows, and beverages that contain powder in a mixed form.

Therefore, you should follow these tips for making your hiking tip and other adventures more interesting and memorizing. You should follow these food safety tips also to make sure that you don’t compromise on your health while hiking!!