How a rangefinder would improve your hunting experience


A rangefinder would be one of the most important hunting tool especially if you are an archer or gunner who loves to hunt on a tree-stand. A rangefinder is a tool which is convenient to travel with because they are small in size and durable. Some rangefinders can tolerate extreme weather and are made waterproof. Since rangefinders are usually made up of rugged materials, it can sustain physical abuse.

Some rangefinders would even contain all the functions you need from other optics such as binoculars. This makes it perfect for you to take and travel with. However, remember to keep a GPS with you so that you would not get lost in the woods while hunting!

Generally, I would use a laser rangefinder as an illustration because it is the most commonly used rangefinder.

It helps you to make every shot count

This is the tool for every gunner or archer who aims to make every shot count. Basically, a laser rangefinder would show you the distance between you and your target by emitting pulses of laser light that reflects off objects.

It is important to note that the measurements would be valid only if shots in a straight-line are made. If you shoot from an elevated position, it will cause you to shoot over targets. This problem can be mitigated by using angle compensators that are equipped in laser rangefinders.

By making every shot count, you can ensure that your shots are sufficiently precise. Only by shooting precisely at a vital part of the animal, you can ensure that you get a clean shot. So, stop judging distance by sight alone which are highly subjected to mistakes!

It helps you to deepen your understanding of your hunting terrain

A rangefinder can help you familiarize yourself with the terrain by allowing you to scout around. You can know which positions would allow you to have a clear shot, without any item blocking your way. Also, you would be able to spy on animals roaming around the terrain, understanding their habitual patterns.

If you hunt in a terrain which you are familiar with, it would definitely increase your chances of getting a successful hunt and it would definitely improve your hunting experience.

Hunt effectively in any weather conditions

Equipping yourself with a rangefinder would allow you to be able to aim and shoot with greater success in different weather conditions. This is especially true when the rain starts pouring, and your sight would be limited.

A rangefinder would allow you to continue your outdoor adventure, no matter what the situation is.

Improve your gauging skills dramatically and effectively

While you practice shooting your guns or arrows, the skill to gauge the distance between you and the target is essential because it determines the amount of force you need to put. With gadgets such as a laser rangefinder, you can get quick and accurate feedback on your yardage, allowing you to improve your ability to determine it.

For example, you can first experiment through trial and error, where you use your own estimation to gauge the yardage to the intended target and then get immediate feedback by using the laser rangefinder. This practice would inevitably help you to get better at gauging different distances. An archer can effectively gauge different distance would have an extra advantage, where they know the amount of strength necessary to shoot an arrow to the target.

Improve your shooting confidence substantially

Studies have proven that most of the people are inadequate at judging yardage, especially past 30 yards (27m). A hunter who uses a rangefinder would know the exact distance between him and the target, which allows him to pay attention in executing the shot. Comparatively, another hunter guessing yardage may be thinking about the accuracy of the “shot” rather than focusing on aiming.

A rangefinder would allow you to range even when you are not shooting. Knowing the distance of the target would give you a rough estimation certain trees are, while keeping your mind sharp.

This is based on psychological study, where if you think you are going to miss, you would most likely miss. Using a rangefinder would give you the confidence, providing you with the mental edge.


Getting a rangefinder would no doubt improve your hunting experience. Remember, the tool is only useful if you know how to use it effectively. Also, it would be useful if you determine which functions that you will use for a rangefinder, and which functions you can forgo. This would significantly reduce the cost in getting a rangefinder, but still allowing you to significantly improve your hunting experience!

Robert Dwayne

Robert Dwayne

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