Tips for Finding a Snow Blower to Clear Snow During Winter Months

Winter is approaching and you need to do a lot of preparation to make it more enjoyable and less stressful. In winter, the most bothering task is snow cleaning. You can manage it easily with a snow blower. It will make the cleaning easier and effortless. Otherwise, you are going to hurt your back.

Snow blowers can clean the sidewalks and driveways. If you are buying a snow blower for the first time, then it might be hard to choose the right one to get improved performance and quality result. You will need an affordable, easy to use, quiet, easy to maintain, and environmental-friendly snow blower.

In this article, we will focus on some important things that will help you to buy a perfect snow blower for the upcoming winter.

Things to consider while buying a snow blower

There are different types of snow blowers. Every blower comes with some specific features to ensure fast and effective cleaning. While buying a snow blower, you will have to consider a few factors such as your budget, the cleaning area, features, and the type you want. We will start with different types of snow blowers.

Types of snow blowers

There are three key types of snow blowers. These are single-stage snow blowers, double-stage snow blowers, and third-stage snow blowers.

Single-stage snow blowers: These are lightweight and compact snow blowers. These devices will not weigh more than a hundred pounds. As these are made of plastic, you can expect a durable result and easy cleaning. They come with some basic features to support suburban and moderate snowfall cleaning. It is easy to handle and you can use it multiple times in a day to clean your driveways whenever required. This snow blower is not considered good for gravel surfaces.

Double-stage snow blowers: The double stage snow blowers look perfect to meet all your snow cleaning needs. These devices look serious with rotating augers. These models come with an extra propeller inside to blast the snow through the chute. These powerful machines are able to handle around 18+ inches of snowfall at ease. The sturdy design and heavy construction help the machine to clean heavy snow fast and in a more effective manner. This snow blower will throw the snow twice, unlike the single stage snow blower. As the auger of this blower does not touch the ground, you can use it both for the concrete and gravel. In addition, this model comes with taller buckets to tear through the snow drifts and pile-ups. A double-stage snow blower is ideal to clean deep and large areas of the snowfall.

Three-stage snow blowers: This is the most powerful and expensive among the three. Therefore, you can expect the best outcome when it comes to clean the large and deep snows. It has two metal augers to scoop up the ice and snow and then it will move them towards the center of the device where an accelerator will chop and push the snow through the impeller. It will launch the snow out of the chute at a high speed. This model comes with many advanced features to ensure smooth and fast removal. A few them are heated grips, self-propelled wheels, and single-press chute control. You can use it to clean the compacted walls of snow. This snow blower is capable to plow 20+ inches high heaps when launching 50 feet away.

Areas to clean

Now you know the popular models. The next is the area to clean. You need to consider three conditions to buy the best snow blower. These are the area, slope, and consistency of snowfall.


As mentioned earlier, all the types of snow blower come with some specific features to meet the unique needs of the users. You need to check the power source, electric starter, clearing ability, power steering, tires, headlights, heated hand grips, and chute control to buy the best one depending on your requirements.


Buying the right snow blower will make your life much easier in the winter. It will prevent back injuries and will enable you to enjoy your winter instead of focusing only on snow and its removal.

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