Tips On Furniture in Hunting Cabin – The Guide to Know By Heart When Decorating your Hunting Cabin 

Any dedicated hunter knows that you cannot call yourself a hunter until you got yourself a hunting cabin. Should you build it on your own, that’s even better!

Truth be told, you will need a space of your own where to display your trophies and to safely store your hunting gear.

If there would be just one word to describe a hunting cabin, comfort would probably be the first to come to mind. You only want the bare minimal decorations and furniture, but every item should make you feel like you’re the king of your hunting kingdom!

What’s the main principle when selecting the furniture?

When you’re thinking about having a hunting cabin, the words “rugged” and “natural” are fundamental. Every time you’re selecting a piece of furniture or a decorative item, you should seek that it has a rugged vibe. Tough and hard-weathered is what you want to have in everything that you’re going to use in your hunting cabin.

As for materials, you can almost never go wrong when using wood and stone. Wood is the most common material for sure, and 99% of hunting cabins out there come with wood flooring and uncovered wood walls.

You may want to make your hunting cabin stand from other cabins, so adding some stone or rock should do the trick. Don’t hesitate to build a coffee table out of stone or install some stone tiles in the bathroom.

What tips should you keep in mind when selecting your furniture for the hunting cabin?

No matter how many pieces of furniture you wish to place in your hunting cabin, you should follow some aesthetic principles. You don’t want the hunting cabin to feel too crowded or not aesthetically pleasing.

Here are some principles to go by when choosing the furniture:

Go with neutral colors

The primary colors to use when selecting the furniture, but also the accessories and lighting, are the neutral colors. Brown, white cream, black and beige should the colors you use the most for decorating your hunting cabin.


You can take a look at some log dining room tables and log dining room chairs. There are many models to choose from, with rustic barn wood tables or pine log dining tables making great choices for a hunting cabin.

As for the bedroom, you can give hickory furniture. The rustic pine, hand peeled cedar, or barn wood furniture is also reliable options for your bedroom. Keep in mind that the hunting fold up bed may be the right choice for your hunting cabin, especially if you don’t have much space. And it’s a good idea to have one as a backup plan when some of your hunter friends decide to spend the night in your cabin!

None of these suggestions sound useful to you? You’d better consider than the log bedroom sets, which eliminate all the worries about pieces not matching together!

Select statement pieces

Whenever you go shopping for your hunting cabin, keep in mind to always look for the big and chunky pieces. The bigger, the better. You don’t want your kitchen table to look delicate and fragile. After all, it’s where you’re going to put your game when you get back from hunting!

The rule of thumb is to always look for the hefty and heavy-weight pieces (or at least look like they’re heavy). They look ideally near your hunting trophies!


If the waterfowl game bird is your game, a handcrafted nautical or canoe coffee table is going to take your living area to the next level. Canoe tables, shelves, and even display canoes can tell your guests in a blink of an eye what are you all about when it comes to hunting.

For the wood craftsman, crafting canoe furniture is both challenging and beautiful. However, you can buy handcrafted canoe furniture and place it in your hunting cabin. It’s going to steal the show, for sure!

Don’t shift away from your taste

Even if nothing says better hunting than rustic, you shouldn’t force it if it doesn’t speak to you. Try to remain flexible and only to embrace the decorations or furniture that float your boat, while reminding slightly of hunting.

You don’t need to use too many rustic accents if that’s not your style at all. After all, it’s your hunting cabin, and you should feel comfortable in it.


Some log coat racks or log towel bars& hangers can be the little details that give a subtle rustic feel, without overwhelming you. Even paper towel holders made of rugged wood or rustic toilet paper holders can change the feeling in your cabin just so that you don’t feel awkward in your own hunting cabin!

It goes without saying that no hunting cabin can be called that way unless it has a fireplace. The fireplace can be the easiest way to give your hunting cabin the rustic vibe without overdoing it. You may go with subtle and simple furniture, adding only a wood fireplace surround mantle with drawers for a rustic touch.

Keep it modern as well

Many people mistakenly take rustic for old, but it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s all about the type of furniture you’re using as there is an outdated style and there is a modern style. It’s why people still sit on the fence when selecting the rustic furniture for the hunting cabin. They worry it’s going to look like their grandparent’s holiday home!


You can find wood furniture that reminds you of the ruggedness of hunting. Steel and other metals can definitely add that touch of modern life that you won’t find at your grandparent’s furniture. Some rustic chairs with steel arms or steel drawer stops can be the single items you could use for achieving both the rough and modern feel in your robust hunting cabin. Don’t forget about the lighting, with sconces made with brushed nickel or aluminum bringing the furniture to the 21st century instantly.

What is a hunting cabin, though?

For those reading about a hunting cabin for the first time, let’s start with the basic information. We assume you’re new to hunting, so you know little to nothing about a hunting cabin. Instead of what you might think, a hunting cabin can be cheaper than a tent. We will give you all the intel you need about a hunting cabin, from definition to features and everyday problems.

What is a hunting cabin, though

How do you recognize a hunting cabin?

When you think of a hunting cabin, “Spartan” is the word to describe it best. A hunting cabin is as simple and minimalist as possible. When you get a hunting cabin, you probably want to take distance from the loud and bright city and recover in the middle of peaceful Nature. In a hunting cabin, you won’t find internet service, soft pillows, indoor plumbing, etc. A kitchen, a bed, and some storage space for your hunting equipment are what you will find in most hunting cabins.

The kitchen

The kitchen in a hunting cabin resembles a lot of a camp trailer kitchen. It will have a sink, an oven, and a stovetop is everything you have in the kitchen. If that’s not enough for your needs and preferences, you can add a bigger stove and oven. As for water, you should consider using a refillable water tank under the sink.

Even if gas-powered stoves are ordinary in hunting cabins, they are not the only option. You can always use fire to cook and warm the place. Even if we all like the gentle flames of fire, will you have the energy to light the fire when you come back after a long day of hunting?

As simple life is the main principle with a hunting cabin, we recommend you opt for a stove powered by a propane tank. Place it beneath the house, on the ground, and use rocks for stability. Use a model with the dual regulator to have more space when fixing the tank.

Even if you can have furniture in the kitchen and cabin, we encourage you to consider storage containers. It’s not the best idea to have your most delicate china in the hunting cabin. Paperware and some spices are enough for cooking and eating; you can easily store them below the kitchen counter. Use the space as much as possible, hanging chairs, and use a folding table.

The heater

You don’t need to go in the middle of January to feel a cold night in the hunting cabin. Most of us know that the nights can get cool in the woods. You can use a generator and a heater to keep you warm at night. Be aware that even a small heater will need a whole tank of gas for 10 hours so that you will wake up early in the morning freezing. If you plan to stay for more than one day in your hunting cabin, you should consider bringing enough gas.

Since gas gets more expensive as we speak, you might want to check out a wood stove for your hunting cabin. You won’t need much heat as most places are relatively small. Learn how to use the woodstove and check out the thermostat regularly. Make sure they have enough wood.

How many rooms should your hunting cabin have?

For most hunting cabins, there’s just one big room inside. Some hunters don’t even use beds but use a sleeping bag or a cot. Use something that you can un-install in the morning to gain space. Unless you are with your family, you shouldn’t invest in pieces of furniture. Have a room for your children, if applicable. You will spend time and money to make such arrangements.


If you plan to install pipes for water or gas, you have to do it below the cabin and insulate the pipes. You also have to build the cabin one ft (give or take) above ground. We recommend you use breeze blocks to lift the whole cabin. It’s an efficient method to protect the house from floods and prevent wild animals from entering.

Most hunting cabins don’t have a perfect foundation as most people don’t use them as homes.


You can use fire, flashlights, and kerosene lamps to have light in your hunting cabin. Unless you get a generator to power light fixtures, you won’t have electricity in the middle of the woods. Make sure to pack enough batteries matches, and always have backup plans for everything, lighting including.

One of the worst things that can occur in a hunting cabin is to be left out in the dark in the middle of nowhere. Have a first aid kit with you and check out its content from time to time. You don’t want to have medicine out of date, faulty batteries, or old bandages.

What about hygiene?

Unless you plan to use the hunting cabin as home or have the means, you don’t need indoor plumbing in your hunting cabins. You can build an outhouse or go outside. If you plan to spend several days in your hunting cabin, you may install a 5-gallon water bucket with a hose to enjoy an outdoor shower.

Even if greywater is of great help, you need to be cautious when using it. Use a pipe long enough to funnel the water away from the cabin. It’s relatively easy to get water damage and ruin the entire site. Greywater may not be harmful to the environment, but you should use safe, natural soap when washing.

Always clean as food can clog the pipes. We know that accidents can occur, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful about the mess. Open windows from time to time to avoid having uninvited guests. Mice, insects, and squirrels will happily enjoy a free meal.

What are the most common problems with hunting cabins?

Since your hunting cabin is in the middle of the woods, the risk for mice visiting it is high. We recommend you leave the door open all the time so that it’s less appealing to them—mice like building their nests in small hidden places.

You don’t need to use insulation and drywall, as the hunting cabin has to be as simple as possible. If there are pests, predators are around as well. Make time to clean the house and surrounding areas constantly. Get rid of leftovers and anything else that scavengers might find tasty.

Rotting is another severe yet preventable problem. Use treated wood to build your hunting cabin. It’s a kind of wood with chemical treatment against termites, woodworms, and other insects. Reclaimed wood is another option and so is leftover wood. You want wood that is durable and withstands any weather.