Hunting Boots: How To Choose The Right Ones?

Hunting or any other activity in the field requires that you have the right boots to enjoy a comfortable experience from start to finish.

And for this reason that in this article we have gathered the information that helps you to make a good decision when choosing the waterproof hunting boots.

Features of Boots for Hunting

Footwear is very important when you choose your clothes to go hunting. Choosing the right boots can help you have a successful hunt and even avoid accidents.

These with the main characteristics that the footwear that you choose must fulfill:

1. Must keep feet dry and warm

2. It must hold the footwell and reinforce the ankle joint

3. It must provide a good grip on the ground in any terrain and circumstance

4. It should be as light as possible.

These qualities are fulfilled only by the so-called mountain or trekking boots, which are mainly equipped with membranes:

• Insulators

• Breathable

• Waterproof

The soles are adherent and with a robust design depending on the terrain and conditions in which you are going to hunt. Remember, it depends a lot on the place where you will go hunting. It is not the same boots to hunt in plains and summer that those that are needed to do it in a high mountain in winter.

The Best Specifications to choose your hunting boots

How do I choose the perfect boot to go for any outdoor activities?

Do not rush into your choice, you should assess some key aspects so as not to err in your decision and for that reason, I will tell you what the secret formula to make a good choice is.

This system consists of three aspects DURATION, TERRAIN, and CLIMATE

Let’s see one by one

1. Duration: If your hunt will be of long duration, the design of the boots will have to be based on a series of criteria:

  1. More robust since there is more exposure to wear
  2. Lighter and very comfortable because you will wear them for a long time.

2. Land: The terrain totally conditions the hunting boots:

  1. The steeper the terrain, the higher the cane should be.
  2. The firmness of the soles covers hardness ranging from the most flexible to total rigidity.
  3. Depending on the slope, the engraving of the soles will be one drawing or another (with larger studs for a greater grip).
  4. Finally, depending on how rocky the terrain is, they include reinforcements on the tip and rubber bands on the sides and heel.

3. Climate: The weather is one of the most determining aspects for the choice of your rubber boots for hunting.

  1. Dry and warm climates it is not important to have waterproof membranes in the upper, but it does look for porous fabrics (synthetic mesh) to facilitate perspiration.
  2. Humid and cold climates will require waterproof fabrics accompanied by membranes that make them breathe. The colder the medium, the boots should include a thermal padding and/or internal booty insulation.

Each of these elements is very important. You should study them especially if you are leaning as a hunter.

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Tips for the care of your Boots for hunting

Did you know? One of the reasons why the boots do not last is because they do not perform proper maintenance and care. To ensure that the hunting boots last longer, here are these recommendations for their maintenance.

  • After using them, dry and dry the moisture naturally, that is, let them dry themselves and recover from the activity. Try not to get close to a source of heat, because you will only get the skin dehydrated and dry.
  • If your boots still have internal moisture, a good formula is to fill them with newspaper, in case you do not have them, use absorbent paper towels.
  • Once dry, give them a gentle brushing to remove the dirt and prepare them for polishing.
  • Finally, with a cloth, clean them with warm water and a little soap.

Three tips to dry your hunting boots

When you go hunting, it is common that you have to go through streams or wet places; this causes your boots to get wet, but if you want to continue with the fall, just follow these tips to quickly dry your boots.

1. Use dried herbs and leaves

Remove the templates and set them aside. Fill the boots with absorbent materials such as herbs and dried leaves, once they have absorbed, remove them and replace them with more leaves until the moisture has disappeared.

2. Use hot stones

Heat stones by placing them in the sun or next to a bonfire, you must put them in a sock. Before putting them in the boots, check that they are not too hot because they can burn inside.

You can also squeeze the boots against some dry cloth or leaf litter, this way you will help the water come out of both the inner sole and the surface.

3. Warm up your boots near the fire

It is one of the common ways to dry clothes and boots when you spend the night in the open. We recommend that you be very careful! Because if you put your boots too close to the fire, you could damage their skin and if they are synthetic they could melt; On the other hand, the templates could be stuffed, and it will not be comfortable to walk without them.

Proper maintenance will not only increase the life of your boots, but it is also a preventive action to prevent hunting accidents.