5 Ways Aluminum Tool Boxes for UTEs Can Help You in Nature

Going in nature and spending some time in the great outdoors, whether for hiking, camping, or hunting, is one of the best possible types of experience that any modern person can have. Becoming one with nature should be a regular activity for everyone, especially those living in the city.

Most Australian cities are cramped, and people need to get away from them from time to time to feel alive. This is why many of them decide to go to nature and spend some time there. To get to the outdoors, they need to drive their vehicles, which means they need to pack a lot of things inside.

If you have ever done this before, you have surely noticed how much space is needed to store everything you need for the trip. It seems like there’s never enough room even if you pack only the essentials. This is why we think you should install aluminum tool boxes for UTEs and have all the room you can get.

Here are five ways aluminum toolboxes can help you on your trips in nature. Check them out and see how you can benefit from owning a custom-made one or one of those already designed for some of the most popular UTE models.

1. Storing tools is the number one use

Of course, when you go in nature, you never know what may happen to you or your vehicle. You need to be prepared at all times. Some of the essential tools to take care of your vehicle and the equipment you’re carrying with you must be stored inside.

Even if you might need them somewhere in the mountains or where there’s no road, the aluminum toolbox will be easy for carrying by hand. The aluminum is lightweight and easy to be transported from one place to another, and yet, it is durable and can take a lot of pressure.

2. Having a safe place to leave your belongings

Your money, jewelry, smartphone, laptop all needs to be stored somewhere when you go out. In nature, you can easily lose them, and leaving them at home is not the smartest idea. Having this kind of toolbox can be of great use for these situations.

The toolbox is closed, and only you can open it. The locks that are just like those on the safe in your home can not be broken, and at the same time, aluminum is strong enough for no one to be able to cut through it easily. Just place the toolbox in your car where others can’t reach it, and place the belonging inside. They’ll be safe until you’re gone.

3. Keeping stuff that needs to stay dry

The weather is unpredictable. You can never know when a storm will appear, or rain showers will hit the area where you’re spending time hiking. If you’re going camping, you need to have some of the items entirely dry, like the matches or other stuff needed for the campfire.

What’s better storage than the one covered in aluminum? Rain can never get to these items. You can place everything inside the toolbox, and you can be sure that you’re covered for all occasions. If you get one that also has a canopy, you can make the campfire even in the rain, which is something you won’t get with ordinary storage.

4. Can be used as a refrigerator

When you’re going out during the winter, the toolbox can be used as a mini-fridge by simply letting it stay out and putting the food inside without risking for an animal to snatch it. During the spring and autumn months, you can place ice compartments inside and keep the temperature cool.

This way, your food won’t spoil, and you’ll have all drinks cool enough for whenever you need them. Other types of ice chests and mini-fridge options for nature are too big, and you might not have the best time carrying them around with you. This might be the perfect option.

5. You can use them for storing hunted game

Depending on what you’re hunting and how big the toolbox is, you might use it for storing the hunted game. Big prey is not suitable for storing something like this, but getting rabbits, birds, and similar prey can be placed inside without worrying that another wild animal will steal it from you. You can then go back to your hunting session and get even more prey.

You can also carry the toolbox with you instead of leaving it in the vehicle. This is the best option if you always want to have something to store the hunted animals in. Leave the actual tools in the trunk and use the toolbox for the more important needs.

Aluminum tool boxes bring many benefits. Here they are!

If you’re thinking about using a toolbox for your UTE and don’t know which kind to get, the details about the aluminum models can help you pick. Here’s what aluminum tool boxes bring to the table:

Aluminum tool boxes bring many benefits

They’re lighter than other materials

Aluminum UTE toolboxes are even three times lighter than the steel models. Of course, we talk about boxes of the exact sizes. You will highly appreciate the aluminum tool boxes’ weight if you’re a truck owner, especially in the long run. Thanks to the lighter weight, the effort for your vehicle to carry the toolbox will be significantly reduced.

They don’t rust

Steel toolboxes are coated to resist corrosion. However, if they chip or scratch, the steel models will corrode immediately. This won’t happen with aluminum UTE toolboxes because they present resistance to corrosion. Additionally, it doesn’t need coating or any other treatment in the future. If you’re looking for a UTE toolbox that requires effortless maintenance, the aluminum toolbox is the one.

If galvanized, aluminum tool UTE boxes protect from moisture and dust. It’s a significant characteristic that increases their utility and value.

They are a wise investment

Typically, the price for aluminum UTE toolboxes is higher than for steel counterparts. Unlike steel boxes that don’t resist corrosion, the aluminum toolboxes don’t rust for the most part. Since steel boxes rust, they will not last for a very long time and will need replacement after some time. You will be spending more on a steel toolbox than you would on an aluminum one in the long run.

They are long-lasting

As we’ve mentioned, aluminum tool boxes don’t rust and handle use for a long time. Once you buy an aluminum toolbox, you might never have to buy another any time soon.

They are flexible

Aluminum UTE tool boxes are more flexible than steel models. Additionally, they’re more efficient in absorbing energy. If you have an accident, an aluminum toolbox will fare better as it flexes and bend more than a steel model. The risk for an aluminum toolbox to fall apart in case of an accident is relatively low. After the accident, fixing the dents will be far more accessible than it would for steel boxes.

Do aluminum toolboxes have any downsides?

Even if the downsides aren’t significant, you might want to consider them before buying an aluminum toolbox. Having a clear and complete idea of these boxes is an essential step before you make the purchase.

The flexibility of aluminum toolboxes is excellent, especially during an accident, but it can work against them in some situations. Since these boxes are lightweight and easy to bend, they will get d-shaped easier than other models. Additionally, the boxes have a large footprint and will leave less space for the cargo.

Last but not least, some models don’t come with an individual sector for the placement of the tools or fragile items that also need storing.

What’s the most effective way to pick your aluminum toolbox?

Versatile and dependable aluminum tool UTE boxes come in various sizes and shapes. Choosing the suitable model for your truck and needs can make the difference. Don’t rush into buying an aluminum toolbox and checkout the following aspects before placing your order.

The external size

Size is the central aspect to consider when picking your aluminum toolbox. It goes without saying that a toolbox that doesn’t fit your equipment is useless. Always know how much storage space you need for your tools before buying. Afterward, you should check out several models until you pick one.

The type and size of the gear kit

There are many mounting styles to choose from to install a toolkit: hitch, chest, side, tailgate, crossover, etc. Look for a toolbox that suits the best your needs and requirements. If you cannot find the best one, don’t hurry into buying. It’s better to wait as once you buy an aluminum UTE toolbox, and you won’t buy another one any time soon.

Get the measures for your truck bed

It would help if you had the accurate sizing of the truck bed before selecting your aluminum toolbox. You don’t want to find out the hard way that the toolbox you’ve just bought doesn’t match the truck bed.

How do you clean your aluminum UTE toolbox?

Even if aluminum UTE toolboxes don’t require much attention, you should stay on top with cleaning them from time to time.

aluminum UTE toolbox

Dish soap

Fill a bucket with hot water and add liquid dish soap—it’s very effective at taking off the grease on the UTE toolbox. Stir the soap very well.

Begin wetting the box with water and brush the surface with a soft nylon brush dipped into the soapy water. Get clear water to rinse the body of the box and make sure to remove all soap. Use a microfiber rag to dry the toolbox.


Vinegar is the go-to cleaning solution for so many things and the aluminum toolbox is one. You will need a spray bottle to fill it with white vinegar. Spray it and make sure that you go one section at a time so that they don’t dry. Continue with scrubbing the surface with a soft bristle nylon brush dipped in white vinegar. Get a toothbrush to reach the areas with difficult access. Continue with applying a coat of wax made for aluminum. Use a soft rag to spread the wax evenly, let it dry, and buff it until you get a nice shine on your aluminum toolbox.

Phosphoric Acid

If you decide to use phosphoric acid, make sure that you start with wetting the surface. It would help if you also had nylon scrubbing pads and metal polish for this cleaning method. Put on latex gloves to protect your hands and wear safety glasses as well. Begin with working in the compound with the pads until you dry the residues. Continue with spraying water on the toolbox and use towels to dry it. Apply metal polish and use a soft cloth to clean it off.


What’s the best way to secure a UTE toolbox tub?

We suggest you use 4x10mm bolts to secure a box. A 10mm bold is more significant than you need. Using the proper tensioning equipment, you can tension the bold without damaging the thread or breaking the bolt. Standard home equipment will be easy to use for the job.

Shiny aluminum tool boxes look nice. How do you make them shine?

To give your aluminum UTE toolbox an excellent luster, use a soft rag to apply a coat of wax. Wait until the wax has completely dried and buff it for a nice luster. Get a can of Cola, pour it onto the top of the box and distribute Cola evenly with a paper towel. Let it work for 5 minutes. Continue with scrubbing the aluminum toolbox with a stiff scrub brush.

Is it possible to scratch your aluminum toolbox?

The risk of scratching or chipping aluminum is never null. Aluminum is relatively soft, especially when compared to other metals like steel and it’s easier to scratch than other durable materials.

You want to paint your aluminum toolbox black. Is it possible?

Unlike most metals, aluminum is primarily rust-proof. On the other hand, aluminum is rather challenging to color or paint. Modern paints and undercoats made a painting of aluminum possible. So you can paint your aluminum toolbox black, but you need the proper materials and be in the know about the methods.

There’s white rust on your aluminum toolbox. What is that?

Aluminum and galvanized surfaces may develop white rust. Widely known as white rust, it’s a kind of corrosion on surfaces that have been coated with a layer of zinc or galvanized. Patches of white rust start to develop when moisture begins to react with the zinc.

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