Review of 5.11 Range Master Backpack Set

Shooting isn’t the most expensive sport out there, but it’s not the cheapest either. Apart from the guns, ammo, and gear you need for your gun shooting, you also need to buy the appropriate clothing, footwear, and more.

As a matter of fact, any experienced shooter or hunter is going to tell you that nothing is random in the shooting. You cannot afford to miss your shot from slipping, for instance. Your shooting boots need to stay in place and give you stability when taking that shot.

You shouldn’t deal with any shoulder or back pain while on the range either. A reliable range backpack/bag has to be comfortable, great at organizing your gear, and dependable for a long time.

Why take a look at 5.11 RANGE MASTER BACKPACK SET?

Not only that the 5.11 RANGE MASTER BACKPACK SET is the latest release within the category from 5.11 Tactical, but it’s also an effective option for all shooters. The set includes a range backpack and three other range bags that you can easily fit inside the pack. The set lets you organize your shooting gear safely, without altering the easy access. The Range Master Backpack ensures multiple options to organize your pistols, rounds, holster, mags, and other equipment.


The Single Pistol Case, the small and the medium Range Master pouches are easy to fit inside the backpack. The numerous features and the attention to details turn the pack/set into one wise investment for long time use.

Side note: Who is 5.11 Tactical?

5.11 Tactical is a California-based brand of clothing, and manufactures tactical equipment and uniforms for law enforcement, military, and public safety professionals. It was the mountain climber Royal Robbins that is the creator of the of 5.11 Tactical’s story. He’s the one manufacturing pants by the name 5.11, with the tactical strap and slash pocket as unique features.

The highest rock climbing challenging level that was stated in the Yosemite Decimal System at Yosemite National Park gives the name of the company.

Even though Robbins sold a 515 stake at the end of the 90s, 5.11 Tactical didn’t shift from its main principles. The company is still developing and makes durable and robust clothing for military and law enforcement professionals.

What are the technical specifications?

Even if the smart design and features recommend the set for range, the construction doesn’t disappoint either. The backpack’s main body is made with 500D nylon, whereas the front pocket is made with 1680D polyester. The materials are rugged and take excessive wear for quite some time.

Designed to offer you numerous ways to organize your belt, pistols, rounds, mags, holster, and more, the backpack is an excellent addition to your shooting gear. The Single Pistol Case, the small and medium Range Master pouches are easy to place inside the pack. The main compartment of the backpack presents an internal mesh zippered pocket for storing and protecting shooting gear.

Along with the interior space, the backpack gives you other options to add more gear. The front and the sides of the pack come with external web MOLLE. The outside top pocket and the rear document pocket increase your storing opportunities. Let’s also note the the low out compression-molded EVA lit front compartment. You can use it for internal organization and external name and tape.

The attention to the details is fantastic, with the gear loops on the bottom panel allowing you to attach various accessories.

Another great thing about the backpack is that it ensures easy access to your gear. The zippers open/close smoothly and clamshell opening doesn’t get stuck.

The padded backpack comes with clamshell opening, whereas the zippers come with zipper pulls for straightforward use.

Once you’ve loaded the backpack, you shouldn’t worry about carrying it. The compression straps are adjustable, allowing the perfect compression for the pack. Even when loaded, the risk for the backpack to appear bulky isn’t significant.

The shoulder straps are very well padded, with S-shape that reduces the strain on your back and shoulders. They’re easy to adjust for a perfect length. When you’re not planning to use the shoulder straps, you can connect them with a buckle for a less bulky appearance.

On top of everything else, you can use it as a work table, with the molded lid supporting your range needs at the moment. The versatility of the backpack is impressive, with its functionality impressing even the most experienced shooters out there.

The backpack and the other bags are very well made, presenting a durability feel. The smaller bags come with zipper closure (with zipper pulls) and rugged carry-handles for effortless carry.

The backpack is 2014 cubic inches and impresses with a 33-liter total capacity. You can find it in Slate 096 and Ranger Green 186 colors. The 5.11 logo on the front is subtle, and the backpack is a beast within its category.

What is it that we like the most?

With so many good things attached to the set, listing only some of them is going to be a real challenge. We all know that it’s easier to go shopping with a list of pros in mind, so here’s ours:

Range Master Backpack side view

  • The backpack is very well made and comes with three other bags
  • The small and medium-range bags, along with the little pouch fit inside the backpack
  • The pack has external web Molle for attaching more gear
  • It’s padded and has a clamshell opening
  • The compression-molded EVA lid has internal organization and external name tape
  • The main compartment includes a mesh interior pocket
  • You can attach more gear to the loops on the bottom
  • The backpack comes with compression straps
  • The shoulder straps are padded and comfortable
  • The zippers are durable and come with zipper pulls
  • The small bags have rugged carry handles
  • You may use it as work table thanks to its molded lid
  • It organizes your gear and gives easy access to it all

What is it that we don’t like much?

Even if the inherent flaws aren’t significant, we still need to list them so that you can have the whole picture:

  • The backpack is rather tall
  • It may look bulky when loaded
  • It’s not the cheapest choice, but you do get a complete set

Is it a keeper or not?

Regardless of the minor problems, buy it from 5.11 RANGE MASTER BACKPACK SET is a significant investment to make. It’s great at organizing your gear and impresses with the reliability, versatility, and durable build.