Review of BlackHawk Pistol Range Bag SPORTSTER Bag Black Nylon

Dedication, a lot of time, and right gear are the secrets behind becoming a great shooter and hunter. Even though no best ammo or gun is going to improve your accuracy, the shooting equipment is fundamental beyond a doubt.

A newbie may not see the connection, but even your range bag counts when you go for a shooting. It counts when you don’t stress out about not being able to fit your gear, or the bag doesn’t have enough padding to protect the guns. Long story short, every detail related to your shooting matters and the range bag doesn’t make an exception.

Why do shooters appreaciate BlackHawk Pistol Range Bag SPORTSTER Bag?

When you shop for a range bag, some aspects are fundamental for its functionality, and you shouldn’t settle for anything less. Durability, a robust build, good organizing, and spacious storage space are only some to name. BlackHawk Pistol Range Bag SPORTSTER Bag manages to tick most boxes, which is why so many shooters include it in their shooting equipment.

BlackHawk Pistol Range Bag SPORTSTER Bag is made with sturdy materials and provides functional space for you to organize the gear so nicely. Unlike many of its competitors, BlackHawk Pistol Range Bag SPORTSTER Bag comes with impressive zippers, with MOLLE webbing for more versatility.

The subtle appearance is sealing the deal for many, whereas the design and build help it not have the typical bulky feeling of most range bags out there.

Which technical specifications sustain its value?

BlackHawk Pistol Range Bag SPORTSTER Bag doesn’t look like a regular range bag, which is why many shooters and hunters prefer it to its opponents. Despite the less visible appearance, the bag doesn’t disappoint in terms of build, design, and functionality. It’s instead a range bag that manages to be a lot more versatile than you’d expect.

The bag is made with long lasting 600 Denier polyester, taking the excess use. The material is sturdy and rugged, handling the excess wear and having a low risk for tearing.

The design is well thought out, even if  BlackHawk Pistol Range Bag SPORTSTER Bag isn’t the most substantial range bag. However, it sure manages to be reliable for many shooting and hunting experiences. It features two exterior slash pockets for holding your mags and small shooting accessories.

The bag provides functional storage space for you to organize the range essentials. You may easily pack your ammo, eye/ear protection, cleaning kit, and so on. The pockets on the sides (both of them) are well padded, protecting the pistols. You may pack at least two guns, by the way. With shooters always looking for better organization of their shooting gear, BlackHawk Pistol Range Bag SPORTSTER Bag stands out with its organizing abilities.

The bag comes with two Velcro dividers for the inside compartment, but you may very well adjust them according to your specific needs. For example, you may attach the dividers to just one side of the bag, so that the main compartment remains open and you win two small sections for various equipment. The dividers are highly functional since they keep your gear in place. Not even the loose rounds aren’t going to roll between the sections- with the dividers being placed low enough.

Let’s not forget to mention that the dividers are padded, protecting your shooting gear at all time.

As we’ve mentioned already, the standard size coil zippers are some of the selling points for the bag. They’re self-healing and heavy-duty zippers that glide smoothly for a long time. The risk for snagging is minimal, and the zippers don’t need much maintenance either.

Should you need more space for organizing some shooting gear, BlackHawk Pistol Range Bag SPORTSTER Bag gives you more possibilities than expected. It comes with a MOLLE system along one side of the exterior of the bag, allowing you to attach various essentials (magazine holders are a great example).

BlackHawk Pistol Range Bag SPORTSTER Bag has a simple, yet highly functional design. It’s large enough to store two pistols, but also your shooting glasses, ammunition, and ear protection. It’s quite everything you need for a casual shooting session.

The hard nylon covered floor inside the bottom of the bag is protective and ensures stability for the pack. It’s easy to remove when you don’t want to use it. It also expands the lifespan of the bag, increasing its toughness.

Despite its design and size (many see it as a rather small bag), BlackHawk Pistol Range Bag SPORTSTER Bag doesn’t sacrifice durability, performance, or reliability.

What can you carry in the bag?

With BlackHawk Pistol Range Bag SPORTSTER Bag being highly customizable, it goes beyond saying that our list may serve as guidance. Don’t hesitate to customize the bag the way you want for a specific occasion. Here’s what you could pack in the bag, though:

  • Four 33 round Glock mags
  • Six 8 round Glock mags
  • 15 of 17 rounds Glock mags
  • Six eight rounds 45 ACP mags
  • Two 50 round boxes of 45 acp
  • Two 50 round boxes of 9mm
  • Glock 17 in one side pouch
  • Glock 43 in the other side pouch (holster included)
  • Shooting glasses
  • Ear muffs
  • Staple gun, masking tape, and a sheet of stick-on targets

How long is the list of pros?

BlackHawk Pistol Range Bag SPORTSTER Bag is a significant investment to make, especially when you like taking the bare essentials for your shooting session. Here’s what we want the most about the bag:

  • It’s made with sturdy and durable 600D polyester
  • It provides good storage space
  • You may customize it according to your needs
  • The Velcro dividers are padded for protection
  • It has a removable floor which gives stability while protecting your gear
  • It’s spacious and very well made
  • The zippers are incredibly strong and durable
  • It doesn’t have a bulky appearance
  • It’s subtle and versatile
  • It has incredible value for the price

Should we worry about the flaws?

The downsides aren’t significant, but we should mention them for a complete image of the bag:

  • It doesn’t come with Velcro for the straps
  • It’s not the most considerable range bag out there
  • The padding is a tad thin

Is the bag a “yes” or a “no”?

The durable build, the rugged zippers, the sturdy material, and the unique storage space of BlackHawk Pistol Range Bag SPORTSTER Bag recommend it for shooting use. The fact that it’s subtle and versatile is a bonus, especially when you’re trying your best not to be visible. The minor issues don’t concern us, and the bag is money well spent any time.