Review of Browning Bag Black and Gold Range

Being a devoted and responsible shooter takes a lot more than regular practice and a good gun. You need to be meticulous about all the things you need and use for your shooting.

It makes sense that you need an excellent firearm and the proper ammo for shooting. But it’s also vital that you select your shooting apparel and equipment just as careful.

You don’t want to be sweaty, tired, or to have sored shoulders when shooting. Therefore, you need clothing that keeps you dry and comfortable or shoes that provide stability even on the most slippery surfaces. As for the aching shoulders, a range bag that isn’t heavy, and it’s convenient to carry for hours is more than necessary.

How come Browning Bag Black and Gold Range stands out from the crowd?

If you’ve been shooting more than once, you know that having the right gear at the right time can help you focus a lot better on your shoot. With shooting gear being so involved and small at times, it makes sense that you don’t want to lose focus on trying to find something in a large compartment.

A range bag has to be long lasting  and to offer you  enough compartments for organizing your equipment. It also has to have a rugged build and to handle wear and tear for a fair amount of time.

Browning Bag Black and Gold Range are one of these range bags that gives you the organization, the durability, and the comfort that you look in a range bag. The excellent quality of the materials, the craftsmanship, and even the elegant appearance add to its brief description, but you should keep reading for further details.

Which technical details give the bag its great value?

Browning Bag Black and Gold Range can carry ammo, handguns, and shooting accessories while organizing and protecting them all. The range bag is made with 600-Denier ripstop polyester. Not only that the material is sturdy and durable, but it’s also durable and water-resistant. Browning Bag Black and Gold Range is ready to take the heavy-duty use for a long time.

The design is well thought out and provides straightforward access to your gear. The bag features a large gate-mouth that lets you reach inside the bag within seconds. The mouth has zip-closure, with rugged zipper and pulls for more comfortable use. The zip-closure of the main compartment is also padlocked compatible, which only makes the bag more versatile. However, you should be aware that the bag doesn’t come with a lock.

Don’t forget that the bag is great at organizing your gear and that’s because it features no less than five zip-close exterior pockets. The zippers glide nice and smoothly, without snagging. They also come with zipper pulls for easy use. The outer pockets are amazingly functional, allowing you to store your earmuffs, some shooting glasses or other shooting gear that you use regularly.

The craftsmanship is impressive, and the stitches are tight, giving the bag more durability and strength. For instance, the web handles are sewn and look very rugged and tough. They allow you a good grab when you don’t want to carry the bag on the shoulder.

Carrying the bag shouldn’t pose a problem, not even when the bag is loaded. The shoulder strap is well-padded, easing out your efforts. You may remove or adjust the length of the shoulder strap for natural use.

The bottom is also sturdy and protective of your gear. Due to the build, design, and stable base, the bag has excellent stability and doesn’t sag. Even when it’s not entirely loaded, it doesn’t go flat on the sides and looks beautiful.

Browning Bag Black and Gold Range is quite the looker, which isn’t fundamental for a range bag. It’s a black bag with gold stitching that has an elegant appearance and vibe. However, the bag is a lot more than meets the eye, with its presence only increase its overall value.

The bag comes with a golden logo on one of the front pockets, which many are going to find it beautiful. It’s going to take you out of the crowd, for sure.

The price is also attractive, and Browning Bag Black and Gold Range is an excellent buy for any devoted shooter or hunter.

What is it that we like the most on the bag?

Even if its looks are making a great first impression, the bag is a lot more than just an attractive range bag. As a matter of fact, summing up the pros doesn’t come easy for us:

  • It’s made with ripstop 600D polyester
  • The polyester is water-resistant and takes the excess wear
  • The bag has five outer pockets for small shooting gear
  • The main compartment comes with a “gate-mouth” opening for easier access inside the bag
  • The carry handles come with reinforced stitches and look tough
  • The shoulder strap is easy to remove and to adjust
  • It’s a padded shoulder strap for more comfortable carrying
  • The zippers are durable and don’t snag
  • The zipper-pulls ease out the use
  • You may lock the main compartment with padlock
  • The bottom gives it stability and the bag doesn’t sag
  • It’s black with contrasting gold stitching
  • It looks elegant and feels durable

Should you change your mind over the inherent downsides?

We’re still looking for the ideal range bag, but we all know that there’s no such thing. Browning Bag Black and Gold Range isn’t far from being the best choice for many shooters out there, with its downsides only completing the picture:

  • The yellow detail may seem too obvious for some
  • The carry handles don’t come with Velcro for fast grab
  • The bag has no removable dividers for customizing it more efficiently

Is the bag a winner or not?

Browning Bag Black and Gold Range is a range bag that you notice with its elegant appearance but doesn’t disappoint in terms of durability and functionality. It gives you plenty of options for organizing your gear, whereas the access to the main compartment is always a breeze. Its zippers are durable, and the craftsmanship is impressive. It’s comfortable, water-resistant, and ready to take a beat. What’s not to like about that?