Review of Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag(18-Inch)

Any experienced shooter or hunter knows that being prepared and having the right equipment matters for every shot. Even though eye protection or ammo aren’t going to give you precision per se, everything that you use when shooting impacts your performance.

For instance, carrying a range bag that doesn’t give you the organization you want for your shooting gear may get you all frustrated. With shooting being mostly mental, it’s more than evident that being stressed out isn’t going to help. By contrary, no good thing is going to come out of when you’re not relaxed and calm.

Having said that, having the right range bag can impact your shooting, even if you don’t see the connection.

What’s so special about Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag?

Truth be told, Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag doesn’t look like a regular range bag, resembling a lot a camera bag. The bag is designed for the shooter that appreciates the storage space and not the padding since it’s capable of carrying all the shooting gear you need.

Large, well-cushioned and highly-functional, Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag is a beloved choice out there. More than 95% of the owners gave it four stars, which says a lot about its quality and build.

You can get the bag in standard black and army green, which recommends it for tactical adventures. Designed with law enforcement and tactical operators in mind, the Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag is an excellent buy for any experienced shooter or hunter. It gives more than 14 padded and protected compartments, with a nylon-elastic magazine and gear loops for better organization.

What are the technical details of the bag?

The Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag is a fantastic option for the shooter that likes having his shooting equipment very well organized. It features four enclosed outer pockets and two small open-top pockets on the ends. The Velcro dividers inside the internal compartment help one organize the gear even better, with the Velcro around the inside, increasing the customization possibilities.

There are another two dividers in the main compartment, with a double zipper (with roll-up flap) for fast access and more zippers (that you can lock). You may create two and even three custom-sized compartments, whereas the double zipper lets you access the main compartment with just one hand. The zippers are robust and take excess use, with the nylon zipper pulls easing out the use.

Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag has five lockable compartments, with one on top (the main one), two on the side and another two on the front and back. The bag also has two compartments on the sides, which results in plenty of storage space to use for organizing your gear.

All in all, the bag comes with two zipper handgun pouches and seven magazine pouches in the front compartment. The two zipper handgun pouches exterior is large and highly functional too.

With every side pouch coming with many mag pouches, the Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag is one of the best in terms of organizing your gear. The bottom for the middle compartments is well padded, protecting the equipment and ensuring stability.

With 18” by 10” by 13”, Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag defines as one of the most extensive range bags out there. The toll may be the weight, with the bag not being as lightweight as you’d expect. However, the weight comes from the rugged materials and reinforced build, which explain the durability of the pack.

The Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag is very well made, with enough padding to protect your gear. Carrying it isn’t a breeze, especially when loaded, but that’s a minor pet peeve when you focus on all the other useful aspects.

The design of the bag is well-thought-out. Not only that it comes with several magazine pouches and pockets, but the latter goes full length and on the ends. The bottom is thick and rugged, acting like a bag floor and maintaining the shape of the bag.

The attention to the details is excellent, with the rubber feet on the bottom of the bag protecting the exterior bottom and increasing stability.

What can you carry in the bag?

With the Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag providing so much space and possibilities to customize and organize your shooting gear, our list is suggestive. It’s going to give you an idea about the many things you can carry with the bag. Feel free to adjust the list the way you want it:

Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag 18

  • 400 round’s 9mm
  • Two full-sized handguns
  • 200 round’s 22LR
  • Two holsters
  • Six foam earplugs
  • Two pairs of shooting glasses
  • Two Howard Leight electronic ear muffs
  • Two bore snakes
  • One pack of 10 splatter targets
  • One flashlight
  • One tactical knife
  • Three Glock clips (loaded)
  • Three pmag 5.56 clips (loaded)
  • Three 1911/22 clips (loaded)
  • One oily rag for cleaning

What do we like the most about the bag?

Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag brings many positive aspects, and its overall value is undeniable. Here are the things we like the most about it:

  • It’s a large and rugged bag
  • It provides many compartments and pouches
  • It ensures fantastic organization of shooting gear
  • It comes with Velcro dividers for customizing the compartments
  • The bottom is padded and protective, keeping the shape of the bag
  • It has reinforced the construction
  • The zippers are lockable and come with nylon zipper pulls
  • It’s long-lasting and dependable

Do the downsides make us change our mind?

No range bag is perfect, and Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag isn’t an exception. However, none of the minor issues don’t make it as deal-breakers (from our point of view):

  • The shoulder strap could be broader and more padded
  • The carry handle is a bit short according to some
  • It doesn’t come with detachable straps
  • It’s not the lightest bag

Is the bag a keeper or not?

Sturdy, durable, and providing impressive organization for your shooting gear, Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag is a wise buy on any given day. Not only that you may organize the equipment, but you can do it in your way since the bag features Velcro dividers for it. Everything about the bag is rugged and able to take excess use, which explains its popularity amongst users. Some may argue that the bag is on the heavy side, but that’s a small price to pay considering the positive features of Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag.