Review of HSGI: HSG RGB Range/Go Bag

No shooter or hunter is going to be successful unless he/she is patient and meticulous. Shooting requires a lot of preparation, with the shooter having to pay attention to every piece of shooting gear he/she is using.

Beautiful and comfortable footwear have to give you stability, whereas soft and breathable clothing needs to provide you with freedom movement so that you can get that shot.

Even if the range bag doesn’t seem as crucial as other shooting gear, keep in mind that you have to be calm and relaxed when making that shot. And you cannot get calm and comfortable when you’ve searched for ammo in the range bag for half an hour, simply because the range bag cannot organize your gear. Furthermore, when the range bag is heavyweight (even when empty) or uncomfortable to carry, your arms may get sore. And no shoot is going to be perfect when you can barely move your arms.

Why does HSG RGB Range/Go Bag stand out?

HSG RGB Range/Go Bag was created for reliable storing and transportation of your firearms, and other shooting accessories as well. It’s made with strong and durable materials and comes with Molle straps on the sides for attachment of accessory pouches.

If you’re looking for a sturdy range bag that is versatile and organizes your gear, HSG RGB Range/Go Bag is a significant investment to consider.

Let’s see the technical specifications!

First thing you’re going to notice on HSG RGB Range/Go Bag is the incredible design with five rows x10 slots of Molle on the sides of the bag. They allow you to attach accessory pouches, which gives you more options to carry your shooting gear.

If you’re looking for impressive organization in a range bag, HSG RGB Range/Go Bag is a great choice. The pack also features four rows x10 slots of internal Molle for attaching hook backed or Molle pouches. Let’s not forget to mention the interior pockets on every side of the bag, which provides more storage space for your shooting gear.

For a bag to be able to take the weight of shooting gear, it has to be made with sturdy and durable materials. HSG RGB Range/Go Bag doesn’t make an exception since it’s made with 1000D Cordura, taking the wear and tear for a fair amount of time. The material of the bag is rugged, and the risk for tearing/wearing is low.

The construction of the bag is rugged, whereas the craftsmanship and attention to details are impressive. The handles come with reinforced webbing on every side, so that you may easily carry the bag when loaded.

The bag stands on its own and has excellent stability, with the stiffener sewn in the bottom of the bag. This detail is what gives the bag the self-standing feature.

Even if it’s a large range bag, you’re going to have maximum access to the equipment thanks to the reverse zipper opening to bottom of the bag.

The design is well-thought-out as the bag comes with D-rings on eight corners so that you easily attach the shoulder or back strap. Once again, the pack manages to impress with its versatility, allowing you to carry in the most comfortable way for you. The shoulder strap is made from 1.5″ webbing, and it’s sturdy and rugged, taking the weight of your bag.

You shouldn’t worry about the safety of your shooting gear since the bag comes with internal padded dividers. Not only that the dividers organize your shooting accessories, but they’re also padded, protecting your equipment.

The stitching is very well made, and the bag is ready for the heavy-duty use. The zippers match the ruggedness of the bag, as they’re sturdy and robust. They glide smoothly, don’t snag, and are easy to pull.

HSG RGB Range/Go Bag is very well made, and everything about it says it’s going to take the excess use for many years from now. It comes in eight colors, so don’t rush into choosing your favorite model.

Lifetime guarantee

We need to highlight that that HSGI products are completely warranted to the original owner against flaws in workmanship and materials for the lifetime of your products. If the bag fails due to some manufacturing flaw, they will replace or repair it, as they consider.

What can you carry in the bag?

With the possibility to attach so many pouches, it goes beyond saying that you can carry as many/as less shooting gear as you want. From guns, ammo, and holsters, to the eye and ear protection, cleaning kit and much more, you may adjust your gear according to specific needs.

The versatility and high customization that the Molle provides are what makes the bag so unique and reliable for shooting/hunting adventures.

What is it that we like the most about the bag?

Even if the organization and versatility may be the most impressive features, the bag has plenty of good things to provide:

  • It comes with five rows x 10 slots of Molle on the sides of the bag
  • It includes four rows x10 slots of internal Molle
  • It has internal padded dividers for better organization of your items
  • The zippers are sturdy and open both ways for more comfortable access
  • The bottom is reinforced for stability and the bag stand on its own
  • The handles are also reinforced for more strength and durability
  • It has D-rings on eight corners for you to attach shoulder/back straps
  • The shoulder strap is rugged and takes the intense use
  • The stitching is very well made
  • The bag comes in eight colors
  • It’s very well made and seems durable

Should we worry about the downsides?

By all means, the downsides aren’t concerning in any way. However, it’s important to note the inherent flaws so that you can have the complete picture:

  • It’s not the cheapest range bag out there
  • Carrying it may get tricky when heavily loaded
  • The shoulder strap is a tad narrow
  • The zippers don’t have pulls

Is the bag a winner or not?

Anyone looking for a robust, long-lasting, and dependable bag that lets you attach numerous pouches, should give the HSG RGB Range/Go Bag a chance. Apart from the customizing possibilities and incredible organization, the bag also impresses with the craftsmanship, durable build, and even pretty colors. Why not take the plunge?