Review of Vertx COF Range Bag

If you’re planning to start gun shooting any time soon, the first thing to know is that you need to do due diligence about it. You cannot just go ahead and buy the very first gun you see in the store.

The more info you gather about the gun shooting, the more you realize that it takes a lot of dedication, time, and will power to stay on track. Constant practicing isn’t going to be enough for your performance. You also need to select all your shooting gear properly too.

One of the shooting gear that counts, even though not in the most obvious way, is the range bag. A good range bag may not increase your accuracy per se. However, it can protect your gear, organize your numerous items, and provide comfortable carry when you’re out for the day. The fewer problems you think about when shooting, the better the chances for you to focus on your shoot.

What’s so interesting about Vertx COF Range Bag?

When you go to the range, punching a couple of holes in paper and making some noise shouldn’t be your top priorities. You cannot improve your shooting skills unless you’re concentrating, learn from your misses, and try your best to do better next time.

Vertx COF Range Bag is excellent since it offers incredible organization of your gear. The several pockets and spaces can maintain your kit squared away. Apart from the organizational options, the bag also makes an impression with its durable materials and sturdy construction. Multiple features turn the bag into a protective bag that stores your gear safe and secure. Therefore, it’s understandable why the Vertx COF Range Bag should be the next addition to your shooting equipment.

Which technical specifications give the value of the bag?

The first thing you’re going to notice on the bag is its appearance. Vertx COF Range Bag doesn’t stand out since it has a rather subtle appearance. It’s not only the black color that gives its low profile, but also the elegant and subtle accents. The details don’t make a high contrast with the rest of the bag, but only make its appearance more appealing.

The bag is made with durable, yet lightweight material, that takes the wear and tear for a reasonable amount of time. The construction explains its durability, with the bag being able to handle the excessive use. The materials are rugged and easy to clean, with a solid bottom.

Vertx COF Range Bag is made with bonded nylon thread throughout, with handle attachment points that are bar-tacked for longer life span. A unique security lock-down system goes all the way the length of the bag, which provides several possibilities to secure the bag to the vehicle. It’s a great feature for security of your pack, reducing the chance of a fast smash-and-grab.

Since it’s made for range purposes, the bag comes with solid internal dividers and padded panels which create structure and protect your shooting gear. Versatility isn’t compromised with the bag, with the large VELCRO Brand loop surfaces providing you flexibility when attaching and placing your pouches according to your needs.  The pack also includes several hook and loop-compatible accessories, for even better versatility and functionality.

The list of features continues with the ammo caddies (easy to remove) and the six-pack mag carrier, which helps you access what you need effortlessly.

Accessing the main compartment is easy thanks to  the large U-shaped dual-zipper that has lockable zipper pulls, but no locks. Once you open the front panel, you notice two portable semi-rigid ammo caddies with removable liners. Therefore, cleaning is going to be a breeze. The front access flap features a full loop facing the wall for Tactigami accessories. You can also use it as a cleaning mat.

The large top compartment features padded loop facing sleeve, for safe firearm storage. The four zippered mesh pockets add more storage space and are abrasion-resistant for more durability.

The numerous smart features of the bag recommend it for range use. Vertx COF Range Bag also comes with loop panels on both front and back for ID or customization and mesh ID window that doesn’t tear or wear fast.

The shoulder strap is easy to adjust for the best fit and has padding for increased comfort. The bag also includes double carry-handles that have a sturdy build, handling the weight of a full bag. The carry handle has Velcro, for a fast grab of the pack.

We should also highlight that the bag comes with YKK self-repairing nylon coil zippers that never snag and always glide smoothly.

The bag has excellent stability and maintains its shape, with the four rugged rubber offering stability. The pack doesn’t sag even when it’s not entirely loaded.

Vertx COF Range Bag looks as pictured and doesn’t have an apparent tactical feeling. However, the more you check, the more impressed you’re going to be with its features, design, and construction. It provides a lot of space for your shooting gear, magazine, rounds, and other pistol stuff. The inside of the bag makes a high contrast so that you may easily find what you need. Everything is strong and sturdy, and nothing is random when it comes to the bag.

What’s our list of favorites?

With so many great features and positive aspects, one can only understand why it’s so challenging for us to only resume to a couple of pros. However, here’s our best shot at it:

  • It has a subtle appearance, that doesn’t scream “range bag.”
  • The construction is smart and great for range purposes
  • It has numerous pockets and compartments for storing your gear in an organized way
  • It’s made with rugged, yet lightweight materials
  • It has several zippered compartments with pulls for the zippers
  • Accessing the main compartment is straightforward
  • You can use the loop facing the wall as a cleaning mat
  • It comes with removable inserts for more natural cleaning
  • It’s padded and has stiff dividers
  • It includes a security lock-down system
  • It has YKK self-repairing zippers that take the intense use
  • The shoulder strap is adjustable, removable, and well-padded
  • The double carry handle is robust and has Velcro for fast grab
  • It features four rugged feet for stability
  • It’s large, well-made, and reliable

Should we make a fuss out of the downsides?

None of the minor flaws don’t worry us, but it’s better that you have a complete image of the bag:

  • It’s not a cheap bag
  • It doesn’t come with a lock

Should you or should you not buy it?

For the incredible space, the fantastic organizing possibilities, and smart design, Vertx COF Range Bag is always one of the best buys to make for your shooting. It doesn’t scream “range bag” and its subtle details are appealing, for most. Sure, the price may throw off some, but something’s got to give when you buy a durable, functional, versatile, and dependable range bag that keeps your gear protected, in a very subtle way.