Helikon Tex UTP ® (Urban Tactical Pants) Pants Review

When everybody talks about the pants from 5.11, I have decided to try something new.

European branded (Poland), these pants are designed by European standards. Unlike the American competitors, with American cuts and the specific sizes and the various lengths which makes it difficult to place yourself in the regular size chart, Helikon-Tex has chosen a sizing system that’s more classic: small, medium and large, with three length options: short, regular and long.

This way you feel comfortable for not having a super model body shape (skinny cat or fat).

The pants are made of stretch fabric, which is 97% cotton for the comfort and sturdiness and 3% spandex, which gives elasticity. In the end, these pants are designed for the urban activities, tactical missions, but, since they are elasticated, you can easily wear them when doing some karate or simply walking.helikon tactical pants

First thing that gets you about these pants is their sturdiness and one-of-a-kind look, which is not very often these days when it comes to tactical clothing. We need to mention the original closure system. There are no buttons, but only a solid Velcro strap, which lets you get the perfect fit. So you can eat as much as you want on your hiking trip 🙂 This system, along with the invisible elasticated strap on the back lets you find the right size, even if you bought a “small” size.

There are plenty of pockets in the front of the pants, on the legs and on the back. The display of the pockets is well thought out. They are also angled so that you can have easy access to everything when in need. There is great organization and utility for each pocket.

These pants don’t necessarily have a tactical look. They have a casual appearance, in a nice way. There are also two secret pockets, on the inside, in the front. They could store a charger or some precious items.

helikon pants back

You can also store a flashlight, a cell phone, some batteries. No matter if you put them on the sides or in the front, there is easy access to everything.

The Velcros are heavy duty and the closures of the cargo pockets on the legs are also long lasting.

I got no impression that anything was left behind on these pants.

The pants feature also a space on each leg to insert removable knee pads.

You can also buy a belt for these pants.

Here are the pros:

  • The European design
  • The quality of design and craftsmanship
  • The high quality on details and finishes
  • The price is small considering the high quality

The cons:

  • The colors are not quite original
  • The pants are quite exclusive and you can’t find them everywhere
  • They could use some metal details for a stricter look

All in all, these are practical pants, created for various outdoor activities and it’s one of the best models out there.

You may want to check out the pricing and reviews on Amazon, or have a look at our tactical pants page to see more models reviewed.



Robert Dwayne

Robert Dwayne

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