PENTAGON LM1-BK Molle Light Review

When you are looking for a small flashlight for the job, that you don’t want to replace every six months, this is a good buy. If you don’t want anything too powerful either, that doesn’t flood the room when you lit in, and want something just to help you check up on things, the Pentagon LM1-BK Molle Light is your new flashlight.

It has a 40 white Lumen Led and it takes only 1 AA battery to operate it. The body is pretty strong and there is a slight line insertion.

This flashlight has an airsoft feel and it’s great to take on your holidays also. It’s well made and you might be surprised when you take it to the beach as no sand will slip into the flashlight.

So this is one waterproof and dust proof flashlight that is long lasting, no matter where you take it. There is a seal that guarantees the tightness of the battery compartment. The metal clip might wear out faster than the body though, or the LED. Even if you keep it near sharp objects, no scratch will appear.

The single AA battery is also durable and you might need good months out of it until you need to change it.

The metal clip rotates 360 degrees and can be detached from the body, allows to hang the lamp and it is even Molle-Pals compatible. The grip is firm, even on relatively thin tissues (a nursing gown is not Cordura!) And even clipped on horizontally on a shirt between two buttons, the flashlight doesn’t move, even if you take the urge to dance the Sirtaki.

You may clip it to the coat and move your hands freely and the flashlight stays right where you put it. It stands up well on its own or laid down, as it pleases you.

The blue filter reveals a useful magnetic compass. Keep in mind that you can’t see the seal which tops the no-screw filter, as it is on the other side. You can admire the face of the filter; it is screwed onto the LED or the bottom of the flashlight.

The blue filter is also useful in map reading or when in a hostile environment, for instance.

On the top of the lamp there is a rubber switch, falling well below the thumb when I like to use both hands.

This is a waterproof flashlight that can’t be dismantled. Behind the switch you can see a small protuberance, it is a small cove for attaching it to a paranoid.

The grip is good and the flashlight is lightweight. The fingers find their way alone.

The light lets you have a look at all of a double room, to see the essential details without bright light. Not need more, it shines very well five meters, you get to see properly to fifteen meters beyond it starts to get blurry. The light is bright enough to find your road in the dark night, in the forest, find your shoes when you get up at night when camping. The switch is a single click, light pressure for temporary lighting, pressing switches the switch.

This is a flexible, efficient, strong flashlight. The original grid might wear out in time but the rubber is thick and long lasting.

You may want to check out the pricing and user reviews on Amazon, or head on to our page on tactical flashlights to see more options.

Robert Dwayne

Robert Dwayne

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