Surefire G2X Tactical Flashlight Review

Surefire is a brand that everyone knows and respects, especially for its cheap and fairly qualitative products.

The G2X was a bit disappointing since the P60 bulb is not a very powerful one (still, it continues to sell…)

That being said, the G2 goes everywhere with you and you can upgrade it with a CREE 180 lumen bulb (talk about Chinese reliability …). It only takes two minutes to do that.

This is one great lamp at a ridiculous price so don’t sit on the fence thinking about getting it.

The body is thinner than 1 mm and the head wider than 1 mm. The switch is not very sensitive and you can’t operate it by accident.

The metal head is attached to the plastic body, the LED is indestructible and you don’t need to replace it.

This flashlight has a solid build and it’s sturdy as well. You can use  the “low” mode to illuminate nearby objects.

The power is amazing and the strobe mode is very efficient.

You can check out the price and reviews on Amazon, or head on to our tactical flashlights page to view more models.




Robert Dwayne

Robert Dwayne

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