5 Steps For Tuning Up Your Rifle For Hunting


No matter if you have just purchased a new rifle or you are just about, to begin with, hunting using a rifle or simply require to go for hunting sessions just for once in a season. Well, it may also happen that you can get stuck in some emergency situation while in the jungle, hence, you may use your analog watch as a compass. We have come up with the 5 easiest steps that you can follow in order to tune up your rifle or for setting your rifle which is mentioned below:

How to move the string and put a stop to it?

The position at the point when the arrow is pushed forward during movement of bowstring comes in a straight and relaxing. The string gets pushed in a forward direction due to the force applied while firing a bow. The likelihood or error increases when the greater influence is put on the arrow by the movement of the string. The string may get flip out if the movement of string occurs greater than its threshold of relaxation point.

There are majorly two things that must be kept in mind while dealing with this situation. A new string can be brought but then it will be having higher rigidity as well as greater specifications. Also, it has been recommended to use a new string only when you shot many times as it enhances your accuracy.

Another point to consider is a stop of string which should be adjusted in such a way so as to impose slight pressure on the string while it is in a relaxed position.

Center shot

In order to inquire about it, you may nock your arrow and calculate the distance from the front to the arrow and to the back of riser also. It should be noted that the distance should not increase more than a very few millimeters. In case the distance is larger than that, then you may readjust the position of your arrow by installing it again and again. You may also take help of professionals for tuning in case you are unable to do it. It is because the accuracy depends largely on the relationship of bow and arrow.

The timing for drawing of the bow

You may require any external help for accomplishing this step. As one person is required to draw of the rifle and keep it in the hold position while at the full draw. In case you have someone who is not experienced at all, then you may give him/her the task of drawing of the bow. While rolling over occurs, your attention must be there on the observation of top side and bottom side. It is because rolling off should be performed in such a way that full draw tension roll off and inside the valley should be exactly at the same time. The timings can be checked by the help of cams which may either contain some indicator or any lines. The cable should be having the marks spaced in an equivalent fashion. In case the timings do not coincide, and then you may need to do the readjustments.

Sight levels

You have to keep your rifle in a vise and its leveling should be checked. For accomplishing this purpose, a torpedo level is adjusted. Once the leveling of the box is checked, then look out for sight level bubble. If the leveling is not done properly, then the first and consecutively second axis of sight has to be adjusted as per the instructions are given in the manual. Again, after this, reset the pins and look inside.

Cam lean

The top cam should be then used to lay the arrow. The string and arrow should be in a parallel position to each other. If the parallel position is simply not maintained, then you could have any problem related to limb or limb pocket etc. More than required leaning could actually make the situation worse along with degrading the levels of accuracy thereby leading to negative consequences. To get this thing checked, you may go to any professional store.


If you follow these tips sincerely, then surely you will get your rifle tuned up properly and these steps will aid in getting maximum accuracy while going out for a hunting session anytime.