4 Reasons Why Travel Trailers Are So Popular

Summer is quickly approaching and with it comes the busy camping season. If you love the camping experience but are tired of the work that comes along with it you might want to upgrade to a travel trailer. Are you tired of sleeping in sleeping bags or on air mattresses on the ground? Do you love cooking over the fire, but would love additional options? Are you considering an extended camping trip, like the entire summer? You may not like camping in tents, even if you had the best waterproof tent, so here are some popular reasons to upgrade to a travel trailer. Before doing your upgrade, check this travel trailer financing calculator to get an idea of the rates if you want a finance vehicle.

  1. Travel trailers upgrade the camping experience

If you love camping and enjoying time in the outdoors than a travel trailer is a great way to upgrade your experience. If you have been camping in a tent you will be amazed at the possibilities and advantages that come with a travel trailer. For example, you can make gourmet meals if you want in your RV kitchen instead of cooking every meal over the fire or camp stove. You can also enjoy things like sleeping on a bed, having a real roof over your head during a storm, and the convenience of a bathroom that an entire campground is not using. You can personalize your space and enjoy the comforts of home while you camp. For once, you can have a shower place, and even install a cool pair of shower speakers if you so fancy.

  1. Travel trailers provide an affordable way to travel

Vacationing can get expensive when you have to purchase plane tickets, stay at hotels, and eat your meals at restaurants everywhere you go. When you have a travel trailer you don’t have to worry about all of those expenses. Your accommodations come with you as well as your means of travel and the ability to cook your own meals. When looking at travel trailers for sale, you will also notice they are one of the more affordable RV options.

  1. Travel trailers are easier to tow

Many RV owners have found that travel trailers are easier to tow than fifth wheels. Many people also believe it is easier to tow a travel trailer behind a vehicle than to tow a car behind a motorhome. Fifth wheels also limit your option of what type of vehicle you can use to tow it. You can easily tow a travel trailer with a truck or an SUV. Travel trailers also provide you the option of leaving the camp site behind. You can easily head out to explore in your vehicle instead of traveling in only a motorhome.

  1. Travel trailers are easier to maintain

Are you debating between a travel trailer and a motorhome? If so, it’s important to note that travel trailers require less maintenance. Since the pop-up trailer is simply towed behind a vehicle you don’t have to worry about maintaining an engine or transmission like you do in a motorhome. There are fewer things that can break in a travel trailer.

Summer will be here before we know it. If you are ready to upgrade your camping experience it’s time to try out a travel trailer. It’s a decision you surely won’t regret.

What are travel trailers? How should you choose one for you and your family?

Traveling with a trailer is the most affordable method to prepare for an upgraded recreational vehicle adventure. You can use your travel trailer when necessary and store it without worrying about the functions or motor components. Travel trailers come in many sizes, so you should wisely pick the model for you and your family.

What are travel trailers, How should you choose one for you and your family

Which size should the trailer be?

Bigger isn’t always better and you need to choose the size of the travel trailer according to the activities you will develop inside the trailer. There are many aspects to think about when selecting the size of the travel trailer and we encourage you not to rush in the selection process.

How long do you plan to travel or live in the travel trailer?

The length of time you plan to spend on the travel trailer will impact the size you need for the travel trailer. If you plan to go on a cross-country trip over several weeks, you should get a large travel trailer that offers generous storage space, a lounging room, and square footage for relaxation.

When you anticipate that you will park the travel trailer for an extended time and even turn it into a “home” for some time, you will need space to store your belongings and a nice comfortable living space to relax and entertain. Many large travel trailers feature efficient leveling systems and jacks for a permanent setup.

However, if you anticipate using your travel trailer for short weekend trips, you will want to opt for smaller travel trailer options that are easy to clean, load up, and maintain. If you don’t think you won’t need generous space because you won’t spend many days in a row, go with a smaller trailer—it’s also more affordable.

How much storage space will you need?

Comfort and amenities are the main reasons why many people use travel trailers. If that describes you

too, you won’t need much storage space. You will be perfectly fine with the limited storage space that a small trailer would offer.

However, if you will store many items in the trailers for activities like fishing, hunting, or off-road vehicle riding, you should pick the trailer with the most generous space. Some travel trailers have built-in garages for off-road vehicle storage.

If you want to add storage space to your travel trailer, here are some recommendations:

  • Use the roof of the car/trailer
  • Add a tow-hitch to the trailer’s rear
  • Use the square bathroom footage
  • Install pull out storage in the closet
  • Place some storage boxes under the mattress

How many people will sleep in the travel trailer?

It goes without saying that the more people sleep in the travel trailer, the larger the trailer will need to be. You should also consider what comfort you want with the sleeping arrangements. Even if a pickup truck camper accommodates four people to sleep, it could mean that they will sleep in just one bed.

Beds can be couch cushions on top of the table and not actual beds. Most large travel trailers (fifth wheels and large-sized two behinds) include one full-sized bed and a second small mattress pull-out. With sleeping arrangements, you should think of two types of systems: mattresses and total beds. Some beds aren’t mattresses, so that adults won’t feel comfortable in them. Always get all the details you need about the sleeping area to see if they suit your family/party.

What vehicle will you use to tow the travel trailer?

The size of the travel trailer also depends on the size of your vehicle. You can pull a small travel trailer by almost all trucks, SUVs, and even minivans. The most effortless way to discover if your car is strong enough to pull the travel trailer you intend to buy is to see the vehicle specifications. The max towing capacity is the top weight your vehicle can safely tow. Remember that we talk about the empty travel trailer; when you add the supplies and people, the weight will significantly increase.

If your vehicle is at the top limit of pulling capacity, you can install some elements to improve its towing capacity. You want features that keep the steering, engine, and transmission cool once you load the car. Seek to have an adequate transmission cooler rated for the weight you’re about to pull before towing with your vehicle.

Do you plan to store cooking appliances and food?

If one of the reasons to buy a travel trailer is to cook your meals, you should think of the needed space for food storage and cooking appliances. There storage options for food vary from almost no food storage with small travel trailers to three-quarter-size refrigerators, iceboxes, and even full kitchenettes with large travel trailers.

You can find small travel trailers with two or three small box shelves (one foot by one foot), a freezer combo, and a compact refrigerator. Commonly, small travel trailers have a one-burner gas stove with no sink/space to cut and prepare food.

However, if you want generous food storage, opt for large travel trailers with refrigerators, iceboxes, drawers, cabinets for the pantry, and utensils. Large travel trailers may also have full-sized ovens, microwaves, four-burner gas stoves, spacious counter space to cut your veggies and even sinks with two basins.

Typically, trailers like pop-up and pickup truck campers don’t have food storage space. Fifth wheels and hybrids will impress the area, amenities, and storage space. They will include full kitchens and come in various styles and sizes. Finding a model that meets your cooking skills and needs for comfort will be effortless, especially if you don’t have a limited budget.

Do you plan to store cooking appliances and food

Where will you park your travel trailer?

Most travel trailers allow driving and parking at modern campsites with leveled pads and cement. Typically, entrances are on the well-kept ground and paved surface.

If you want to take your travel trailer off the grid or into the wilderness, you should look for one that is easy to drive and tow and allows accurate leveling. The chances of driving on uneven ground and rough roads when driving off the well-traveled roads are high. We recommend you go prepared to adjust to the conditions when camping with a travel trailer.

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