All About Combat Boots

Combat boots are known for their rugged functionality. They are designed to cater to the footwear needs of military pilots, soldiers, marines and naval officers. Because of this, these boots are made with comfort and durability in mind. Unlike regular hiking boots, military combat boots offer more ankle and foot stability since these are not solely used for hiking. These are also used for climbing, running, jumping, crawling, among all others. These boots are durable, and they can withstand extended combat conditions. These are more durable and provide better foot support than regular hiking boots.

Combat boots usually have different styles based on the country that they were used. In American army, there are various styles and types of combat boots depending on what they are for. Here are the most popular models:

Tanker boots – These boots are designed to allow soldiers to enjoy free movement while they are inside the tank. These boots utilize a wide leather strap in place of the regular shoelaces. The laces are more likely to get entangled when the tank is moving, and it could cause discomfort.

Jump boots – also known as the paratrooper boots are designed to meet the needs of the airborne troopers. These boots have great shanks that go up to the calf. These boots are specially made to prevent foot and ankle injury when landing. These boots have specially designed heels, rubber soles and have at least 11 eyelets. These are often called “Corcoran’s”about the company that first produced them.

Hot Weather Boots – Many military base camps are built in countries in the Middle East such as Iran and Iraq. The Hot Weather boots are designed for soldiers who are on a mission in places that have desert climates. These are specially made to allow sweat to evaporate quickly. They have one of a kind ventilation system that keeps the feet comfortable and cool despite the hot weather. These boots use fabrics that reduce fungi and fight odor.

Waterproof boots – These are specially made and designed to keep the feet warm and dry despite exposure to water and cold weather. They feature Gore-tex. These are best for those who are always exposed to seawater, rain, and snow. Soldiers who are stationed in cold places usually wear this footwear.

Combat Boots and Fashion

Although the combat boots are primarily made for soldiers and military officers, these are also used by style enthusiasts. They are usually worn to make a fashion statement especially in grunge, punk, gothic, heavy metal, and industrial subcultures. In fact, top designer companies produce and sell combat boots. Combat boots are worn by both men and women.

Fashion enthusiasts also collect vintage combat boots that are used during the First World War. In fact, these boots are considered as valuable fashion pieces by many stylists, designers, and fashion experts.

Modern-Day Use of Combat Boots

Combat boots are now used for regular daily activities such as hiking and working. These are very trendy, and they are often worn at work, parties, and school. Combat boots are durable, flexible, unique, edgy, and fashionable. These are the reasons why more and more people prefer to use it than regular boots or other proper footwear. Because of their durability and classic feel, combat boots are great fashion and clothing investment.

Buying the Right Combat Boots

When you decide to buy a pair of combat boots, it is necessary to know why you want to buy them in the first place. Are you using it for hiking, work, fashion, or are you merely looking for a durable pair of boots that can last for years? Also, consider if you will be using it mainly during winter or summer. This is important because the right pair for you is the one that is perfect for your needs.

Here are the things that you should carefully consider when buying combat boots:

Durability – This is one thing that you should look for in a pair of combat boots. In searching for the right combat boots, you should examine the materials used. You should check the sole and the interior of each boot. Make sure that soles are thick and the lining is made of great material.

Ventilation – The boots must have proper ventilation. You should look for this quality especially if you were wearing the boots for long periods of time and in a hot climate. If your shoes do not have enough ventilation, foul odors will be produced.

Style – Modern combat boots come in different styles and color. Choose the one that fits your lifestyle and your fashion sense. Also, do you prefer straps or shoelaces? Do you prefer vintage or modern combat boots? Also, take time to look at your wardrobe, what style and color would go well with the other pieces in your closet?

Size– Of course, it is necessary to find a pair that fits. Finding the right size is more critical in choosing the right combat boots than any other footwear. You should consider not only the font size but also the calf size. Some boots are made for those who have a full calf. If you have a slim calf, then it is best to choose lace-up style combat boots. You can adjust these boots to fit your calf.

Weight – Most combat boots are hefty because of the materials that are used to build them. In choosing the best combat and tactical boots, it is essential to select a pair that is lightweight. Lightweight tactical and combat boots would allow you to move more freely. You would not feel as if you are being weighed down by your footwear. Whether you will use the boots for military training or regular and daily use, it is necessary to avoid using heavy boots to maximize your productivity and mobility.

Comfort – Most combat boots are used for hours, so it is essential to pick a pair that is comfortable. You have to choose the ones that have soft and thick cushioned footbed. This is important especially if you will be using the combat boots to walk for long hours. This will ensure that you would not have blisters and your feet are protected. Plus, who does not want comfortable shoes? Your footwear carries your full weight, so it is important to pick something that is very comfortable.

Price– Of course, you need to choose the pair of combat shoes that is within your budget. It is essential to determine the amount that you are willing to pay for a pair of combat shoes. However, most combat shoes are very durable and can last for years so spending a few hundred dollars will be worth it. You would get the value for your money.

Ways to Wear Military Boots

Pair the stylish boots with Skirts- Pencil skirts and bohemian skirts can look perfect with a pair of stylish military boots. It gives an added edge to the look. If you are going to an art event, a summer outing, or an outdoor party, then you could look girly and rugged at the same time by wearing the skirt and boots combo.

Wear the combat shoes with pants – Pairing combat boots with faded jeans and t-shirt will give you an instant, comfortable and rugged look. Plus, it is easier to move when you are wearing a pair of military boots. This combination is perfect for casual and day wear.

Pair the boots with dresses – Women like to mix and match different kinds of clothing. Pairing combat boots with a dress create a particular fashion statement. It is stylish and edgy. Pairing boots with the dress will make you feel feminine and comfortable at the same time. You do not have to torment your feet by wearing high heels. You can pair a high, feminine dress with good old combat boots.

All about combat boots