The Best Tactical and Survival Gear For Any Emergency Situation

Having a survival kit ready and at hand can be so important when it comes to surviving an emergency situation. However, too many people don’t actually take the time to bring together the essentials to handle tough emergency situations. The following are the best tactical and survival gear you need to buy in order to survive any emergency situation.

Most are everyday items, and they don’t cost a huge deal of money which is perfect if you’re prepping for the worst of the worst situations. However, the best tactical and survival gear will allow you to face whatever comes your way without being put at further risk.

Disposable Batteries

Most people today look at eco-friendly alternatives for batteries, but unfortunately, when the lights go out, disposable batteries are your only friend. You have to rely on these for radios, flashlights, and all sorts, and you need to have at least twelve new disposable batteries. This is number one on the survival and tactical gear list, whether you are creating your emergency shelters or your bug-out bag. Batteries are vital and they really become the most used resource during power shortages.

For versatility, we recommend you the Energizer AA batteries & AAA batteries variety pack, max 24 double a battery and 24 triple a battery. You get a 24pack of double aa batteries and 24 pack of alkaline triple aaa batteries. The batteries have leak-resistant construction and hold power up to 10 years in storage.

LED Lanterns

Lanterns are a much-needed resource to rely on when losing lighting in a home. You can use candles, but you shouldn’t be reliant on them because they will run out sooner or later. However, lanterns can offer most people the ability to get light back into their homes or shelter. Many lanterns offer a bit of comfort to those without power and of course, it does help to avoid dangerous obstacles while trying to maneuver around. Try and have one or two lanterns at the very least, and don’t be afraid to spend a little more on the top-performing ones.

The Energizer all-weather led lantern, ipx4 water resistant, will give you up to 500 lumens of light on high mode and you can switch between 3 light mode settings. It runs for 350 hours in low mode and rocks a rugged body. The body is IPX4 water-resistant and the lantern is dependable for most challenging weather conditions.

We recommend you pack a tactical flashlight as well. It’s effortless to carry and barely takes some space in your pocket. For example, the Streamlight 88062 Protac 2l-x 500-lumen professional tactical flashlight and cr123a lithium batteries come with a removable holster and pocket clip. You can use its tactical tail cap switch for constant or momentary operation. The flashlight is resistant to shock and has a 50,000-hour lifetime. There are three operating modes to choose from: low/high, high only, or high/strobe/low.

Candles can be helpful, but they aren’t always the best, as said above. They can produce light, but usually, they don’t light up an entire room, making them less convenient than lanterns. Of course, if you haven’t got a lantern, candles are the only option. If your lantern and flashlight fail, then move to the emergency candle.


A lot of people wouldn’t think twice about buying a headlamp because they think it isn’t necessary however, you will need one in an emergency situation. For example, if you were stranded out in the woods then you can’t hold onto your family, carry a lantern and watch where you’re walking at the same time. However, the headlamp sits comfortable around your head allowing you to see where you are walking offering more safety. It’s certainly more convenient than most other lighting tools.

The Princeton TEC Remix LED headlamp is made to withstand any environment and comes with Maxbright LED and three ultrabright LEDs. It gives 300 lumens power and has 150 hours of burn time. The headlamp features an asymmetrical single arm bracket and it’s water-resistant. It runs on three aaa alkaline batteries.

Stock your bag with a hand-crank or battery-powered flashlight, a few road flares, and some glow sticks. The flares can also ward off animals, signal for help, or start a fire if other methods fail. Glow sticks are a great alternative to flashlights when you need reliable, low-intensity light that doesn’t depend on bulbs or batteries. Store the glow sticks in a hard plastic or metal case to not crack in your bag and become useless.

Consider the Everlit survival emergency glow sticks- 6 inches light sticks for the first aid kit. The kit includes durable and ultra-bright emergency light sticks field-tested by military professionals. You only need to slightly bend, shake, and wait for a second for the stick to become bright. The sticks are made to ensure safe use and withstand extreme weather. The glow sticks are non-flammable, non-toxic, and waterproof. They come with a string for effortless attachment.

All Weather Fire Cubes

When it comes to staying warm or cooking, you could look to rely on the old fire cubes. Now, many haven’t heard of these, and most would just stick to matches or a Zippo lighter however, it could be wise to have at least one packet of fire cubes with you. The reason why is simple – they are very flammable and are good at getting a fire going even when the elements are making it challenging. Also, they are cheap and light to carry, so they won’t take up too much space for you if you’re bugging out. Or keep Every day carry lighter or a windproof one handy.

Pack the Sol fire lite fuel cubes with you as they’re windproof and waterproof. The all-weather fire starters ignite easily and will burn in any weather conditions. They’re smokeless, non-toxic, and odorless. Every cube can burn for around 2-3 minutes. The cubes come in a waterproof Dryflex storage bag and you can cut them for more versatility.

Have a Landline in Your Home or Shelter

When there is no signal and the internet goes down you have very few lines of communication open and you may have to rely on the old landline. Now, most homes have at least one landline in their home and you should put them to good use when there is an emergency. If you are trapped in your home or aren’t sure what your best move is, you can use the landline to call for help.

A Hand Cranked Radio or Digital Radio

Most emergency broadcasts are heard on the radio, especially when the power lines are down and having a radio close at hand can be a precious gift during an emergency. There are many top brand radios for you to try, but you want to look for either a digital radio or even a hand-crank radio. Both are good and they are usually very reliable also; remember, radios are often light and the handheld ones slip into your back pocket nicely.

Bulkier radios can also be good, but they may be harder to transport if you cannot find shelter.

The Fospower 2000mah NOAA emergency weather radio (model a1) portable power bank with solar charging is an emergency radio (also useful in emergencies) with a built-in 2000mah power bank to charge your small tablet or phone. The radio’s lever and solar panel will give enough power to maintain the lights, radio, and SOS alarm ready for emergencies. This emergency crank radio can also give you light thanks to its 4 LED reading lights. It features a 1w flashlight and the radio will receive emergency new broadcasts from am/FM stations and NOAA.

Emergency Whistle

A whistle doesn’t always appear to be your first survival or tactical equipment you reach for; however, it can be a life-saver. If you are trapped and unable to yell, you can blow into the whistle and searchers will definitely hear you. Rescuers will be able to follow the sound of the whistle and be able to locate you and get you to safety.

You can also use a whistle to help find separated family members or pets. Whistles have their uses and it’s often a good idea to keep one with your survival equipment at all times. They are inexpensive cheap, and you can draw attention to yourself should you require assistance.

Check out the Luxogear emergency whistles with lanyard as it’s loud and reliable for tactical use. It has double tubes and produces powerful high-pitched noise. It generates up to 120decibe sound power, which can be heard a mile away. The build is tough and the whistle doesn’t have any moving parts. There’s nothing to jam, alter the sound, and the whistle won’t break or freeze. It’s lightweight and works in any condition. The mouth grip is comfortable and the whistle comes with easy to adjust reflective lanyard and clip. The body is made with high-impact ABS plastic and the whistle is waterproof.

Respirator Mask

A respirator mask may be needed if the air becomes unsafe to breathe. For example, if there is a fire, you don’t want to be breathing in the smoke; dust particles can affect your breathing badly too. A face mask can protect you against this and stop bacteria from getting into your lungs.

The full-face organic vapor, chemical & particulate respirator is a dependable option with dual activated charcoal filters for efficiency. It presents a full-face lens that is resistant to impact. The mask will ensure efficient protection against chemicals and toxic substances.

Hunting Knife

Many people would get the wrong idea about knives, however, a hunting knife can simply help protect your family from wild animals should you find yourself wondering in a remote area. Knives can also help find a new food source and protect against those who may want to hurt you. However, you need to be very careful with any knife and never allow a child to fool around with one.

The market is very generous in this area and one of the best options for emergencies is the Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops SWA24s 7.1in S.S. folding knife. The blade is made of 7cr17mov black oxide high carbon stainless steel, whereas the handle is aluminum. The knife comes with a pocket clip for fast and effortless access. It features a finger flipper and has ambidextrous thumb knobs. Don’t worry about safety, as the blade doesn’t slip thanks to the safe liner lock.

There are several other tools to get!

You want your survival kit to be lightweight, efficiently organized, and suitable for various situations. The tactical and survival tools you need depend on your location and the type of emergencies you will encounter. All in all, the list of tools you will need for emergencies could be endless.


Finding all the materials, you need to start a fire in the woods might get tricky. You can throw a dryer or cotton lint in your survival pack if you master the art of starting a fire. Otherwise, we recommend you buy tinder to increase your chances. The Überleben tindår wick & bellow – paraffin wax infused hemp tinder tube, the fire starter is a Kerodry infused hemp wick. The fiber rope will withstand any weather and has anodized aluminum sleeved to adjust the wick’s burn rate. You can use it as a bellow and it’s excellent for small fires. It comes with an aluminum slider box for safe and effortless carry.

Medical supplies

Medical supplies can take a lot of space and you don’t want to carry unnecessary weight for emergencies. Unless you know how to use it, you shouldn’t pack advanced medical equipment. Make sure that you only pack the bare essentials:

  • A suture kit
  • A hemostatic agent
  • A tourniquet
  • Ace bandage
  • Gauze
  • Band-aids of various sized
  • Iodine or alcohol
  • Pain medication
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Aspirin
  • Triple antibiotic ointment
  • Tweezers
  • Antihistamines

If this sounds like too much work for you, you can buy a medical first aid kit that is packed ready. The Carlebben EMT molle first aid kit utility pouch contains 80 essential medical supplies. The medical supplies are well organized in inner pockets and elastic straps. All bag and inner contents are water-resistant and the pouch has a 2-way zipper with silent cord pulls. The pouch is made with durable 1000d nylon fabric and has double stitching to withstand wear and tear. The Molle system on the back allows you to attach the kit to your molle compatible gear.

A multi-tool

Should you ever find yourself in a life-threatening scenario, many building and fixing things will be involved. You cannot carry all the tools you might need, so you should get a multi-tool. It will save you a lot of space and provide you with many tools in just one. The Leatherman free k4 multi-tool pocket knife is a 420hc knife that includes nine other tools (medium screwdriver, Philips screwdriver, spring-action scissors, and more).

Every tool is placed on the outside so that they’re easy to access. The tool has a magnetic opening and closing for fast and effortless deployment with just one hand. The handles are made of anodized aluminum for a safe and comfortable grip. There is no need to worry about your safety because the multi-tool knife has locking features. To top it all, the multi-tool pocket knife gas removable pocket clip for effortless carry.


We cannot do without water, so you should always have some extra water around. Look for a tough canteen to add for your emergencies. Get a collapsible model that will save you space when empty. The Vapur solid flexible water bottle with carabiner will hold 16 ounces of liquid and comes with a super-cap flip cap. The cap presents a tight seal and it’s easy to open. The risk of spillage is minimal and the water bottle is portable, foldable, and long-lasting. It’s also reusable and freezable. The mouth opening is wide and you can clean it in the dishwasher.

Water purification tablets

Never drink untreated surface water and you should do diligence about finding water in a survival situation. Get some water purification tablets to purify enough gallons of water with just one bottle.

Potable Aqua water purification tablets with PA plus are travel water purification tablets that turn contaminated water safe to drink within 35 minutes. The portable water tablets will eliminate giardia, lamblia, and various bacteria.

Another tool to take for emergencies is a personal water filter—you will always find a space to carry it. The Lifestraw personal water filter has a microfiltration membrane that eliminates 99.99999% of waterborne bacteria, salmonella, and E-coli. It will also eliminate 99.999% of waterborne parasites, like giardia and cryptosporidium. The personal water filter is highly effective in removing the tiniest microplastics in the environment, as little as 1 micron. It can reduce turbidity to 0.2microns and provide 1,000 gallons of safe and clean drinking water.


Most survival situations will involve climbing, hauling, tying, and sewing. You will most likely need a combination of paracord, nylon, and thread with high tensile strength. The Survivorcord – the original patented type iii military 550 parachute cord is a 620lb tensile strength paracord that includes three survival strands into a mil-style 550 paracord. It contains a mono fishing line (25lb test) with mono-filament. You can melt the filament and use it to patch tools. The paracord also has a waxed jute fire-starter that is waterproof and ready to start a fire in emergencies quickly. As for the multi-purpose wire, it’s made of a 30awg metallic alloy that is non-magnetic, strong, and conductive. You can use it for ham radio antennae, small snares, camp-fire food wraps, and so on.

Fishing and hunting supplies

Let’s assume that you have some knowledge about how to catch fish. For survival situations, you might want to carry a fishing kit that contains some hooks, a small net, various gauges of line, some weights, and a few lures. You might find helpful the Rapala fishing essentials kit multi with pre-rigged dressed jigs, flash spinner (for jigging), clippers, and fish stringer. The jig heads combine split shot and hook and you can attach the grub body to jig heads for life-like swimming action. The soft plastics swimbait has a weight inside for the best swim action.

For both fishing and hunting, you will need a survival knife to use for skinning, dressing, and deboning.

Waterproof paper and pencil

You might not find it relevant for survival scenarios, but drawing diagrams, sketch maps, and taking some notes is always helpful. Look for waterproof paper and a pencil to use in the Rain.

Gloryfire waterproof notebook is water-resistant and will repel grease, sweat, water, mud, etc. Even if you drop it in the water, you can still clearly see the handwriting. You can dry the paper and keep on using it. The notebook has wire-o binding and a waterproof PVC cover. The wire-o will maintain the pages intact, whereas the durable cover will reduce the risk of scratching and staining. The notebook is weatherproof, waterproof, and safe to use in any weather condition.

You will need a weather-resistant pen to write in your waterproof notebook. The Rite in the Rain weatherproof black metal clicker pen has permanent ink that writes through grease, water, and mud. It won’t smear nor clump and the all-weather cartridge is pressurized. You can use the pen in temperatures between 30f to 250f, at any angle, and even underwater. The pen tip has tiny pockets that deliver the ink in the worst conditions so that water and air don’t travel into the cartridge.

Signaling mirror

Being able to signal for help is crucial in a survival scenario. A small mirror is helpful and doesn’t take a lot of space either. You can use it to inform people about your presence and even start a fire (you focus it sunlight).

This military-grade signal mirror for survival is made for tactical situations and is tough. It’s made with acrylic and the risk to break is minimal. It’s a multi-function signal mirror with a compass, whistle, and load-bearing rope. The mirror is ultralight and has a precision aiming system. Since it sends an accurate and fast signal, you can use it for long-distance communication. The mirror is reliable even in the night and cloudy days. It features a protective film to reduce the risk of scratching. For safe carry, it has a plastic storage box.

Hand-crank/solar charger

Even if your phone or GPS remains functional in a bad scenario, it’s only a matter of time until they will run out of juice. Hand-crank chargers will require some elbow grease on your part, but they represent a reliable source and don’t require other energy resources.

Suppose you want a solar wireless charger for survival purposes. In that case, you can look at Tough tested roc waterproof 10,000mah solar wireless charger/ the dual powerhouse comes with a qi wireless charger on one side and a 280ma solar charger on the other. The 10,000mah power bank ensures four total charges and the 2USB ports and 1 USB-c port increase its versatility. The charger also features a built-in led flashlight and it’s IP65 water-resistant. You can use it with both iPhone and Android devices.

Lightweight, nonperishable, nutrient-dense rations

Don’t forget to leave room for food. Emergencies are challenging, and you don’t know if you will hunt or forage, so pack a couple of snacks. Get calorie-dense, fat-rich and protein foods that don’t spoil quickly. Peanut butter, beef jerky, and nuts are the best choices.

Jack Link’s peppered beef jerky is made with premium beef and delicious thanks to the signature seasoning. It’s flavored with cracked black pepper and slow-smoked over hardwood. It doesn’t need refrigeration and it’s an energy-boosting snack to have in your emergency pack.

Check out the banana organic chewy banana bites, peanut butter banana flavor for peanut butter snacks. They are tasty butter-dipped banana and peanut butter bites. They have no sugar added and are naturally sweet vegan snacks. There are flavors to try, such as mango, goldenberry, coconut, chocolate, etc. The snacks are USDA certified organic, gluten free, grain free, vegan, non-GMO, and kosher.

As for nuts, you can try the Planters nutrition heart-healthy mix with walnuts. They come in packs for effortless use. The roasted mixed nuts have a subtle salt taste and are low sodium. They will give you six essential nutrients to have energy for saving yourself. The nuts are gluten-free, cholesterol and trans-fat-free, and non-GMO.

How to choose a tactical backpack?

If you know anything about emergencies and life-threatening scenarios, you should know that you need a dependable backpack to carry your tactical gear. Tactical bags are specially made to withstand the challenging environment brutal weather. They should provide you with efficient storage options and ensure a comfortable carry. With a tactical backpack, you need to be able to access your gear in a blink of an eye.

The ideal tactical pack is durable and spacious without being bulky. It will fit your body comfortably and won’t alter your mobility.

The best options for tactical scenarios are backpacks made with tough and water-resistant material, rugged and silent zippers, and plenty of molle to attach gear. You shouldn’t sacrifice comfort, so look for a backpack with padded shoulder straps and an ergonomic build.

The SOG Ninja tactical daypack is an excellent option for survival situations. It’s made with water-repellent material and has a modular design. The large compartment is spacious and the pack features front zippered pocket and storage options. It has yoke-style padded straps that are easy to adjust and an adjustable sternum slider. The contoured foam back comes with multiple air channels to avoid getting sweaty when carrying the pack.

The Molle webbing allows you to add various accessories and the pack comes with a tubing port to access the hydration bladder pocket.

Extra tips

Regardless of the pack you choose, look for a model made of Cordura, canvas, or ripstop nylon. Examine the stitching and seams—they should look tight, thick, evenly spaced, and ready to withstand the most challenging conditions. Take a look at the buckles and seek that they’re made of durable aluminum and no plastic.

Zippers are prone to fail, especially when dirty, wet, or left outdoors. Always check out the zippers on the tactical backpack. Some people pick packs with no zippers but only buckles and straps.

Tips to efficiently pack your tactical backpack

There are several methods to pack your survival bag efficiently. Regardless of how you use it, always make sure that you know where everything is and access critical supplies instantly. Our general tips will help you pack your survival bag most efficiently:

  • Place heavy items on the bottom of the pack and the light items on top
  • Organize your supplies into several categories, such as ammunition, food, and medical supplies
  • Place small items that you don’t need to access instantly in containers. Place the signaling mirror, fire-starting tools, and fishing supplies in your first aid kit (it’s just a suggestion).
  • Keep the easy to access outer compartments for items you need to access instantly, such as extra ammunition, flares, or tourniquets.
  • Strap lightweight and bulky items (rope and bedrolls) to the outside of the pack. You want to save the interior space for other things.
  • Roll loose items into clothing and blankets to keep them in just one place.
  • Use zip ties, tape, bungee cords, and straps to bundle loose items and secure them inside the backpack.

Pack and unpack your tactical backpack several times and practice fast finding specific items so that you can do it when stressed. Check out the bag from time to time to ensure that nothing has spilled, leaked, or damaged since you packed. Replace the medication and perishable goods as they expire.

Will you carry a weapon?

We cannot talk about survival without weapons as they’re crucial. Your skills and preferences are the main aspects to consider when selecting your gun. However, our recommendations can guide you when choosing—you might want to consider a new one for your survival kit.

A typical configuration of gear that works for most people includes a survival pack, one small and one large weapon. If you carry two weapons for different purposes, you increase your chances to respond in emergencies and stay on the move simultaneously.

A bow, a rifle, or a shotgun are the large weapons that most people will choose for life-threatening situations. For small weapons, semi-automatic handguns and revolvers are the most popular. As long as you’re always aware of the main rules of gun safety, you should pick the weapons that you use most frequently.


You can use rifles for self-defense and hunting alike. They’re mid to long-range weapons, but they aren’t efficient in close-range situations. Look for rifles that are magazine-fed as they’re more comfortable to use.


Nearly silent, bows are excellent for survival tactics. You can recover and use the arrows several times. However, you need a lot of practice to shoot the bow. Also, the bows can be cumbersome to carry in some situations and will slow you down.


Shotguns are excellent to use for mid and close-range combat. Many hunters use shotguns for various kinds of games. You need a lot of training to master shotguns that present low ammunition abilities, low fire rates, and slow reload time.

Semi-automatic handguns

You can reload semi-automatic handguns faster and easier than revolvers. They have higher ammunition capacities than revolvers as well. However, you need to practice to master shooting semi-automatic handguns. Additionally, the chances of bringing down large animals such as grizzly bears are slim.


Revolvers are more dependable than semi-automatic handguns. If you want to fire large calibers, you should look for a revolver with a heavy frame and few moving parts.


Practice with various weapons to discover which one stands out as the most comfortable for you. Pick one that covers as many needs as possible. If you go with a small/medium caliber rifle for self-defense, we recommend getting a large-caliber revolver with stopping power for hunting. Should your large weapon be a bow, get a semi-automatic sidearm to fire as fast as possible.


The list is endless when it comes to survival and tactical equipment because there will always be something you need. However, the above points are just a handful of items you maybe should consider when it comes to prepping for an emergency situation. Hopefully they will help you and your family overcomes the next struggle.

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