How To Choose Rifle Scope For Survival

People from the shooting and hunting background knows the importance of rifle scope. This equipment helps people in maximum utilization of their rifle. Hunting the prey that is at a considerable distance from you is not easy. Even with the most adept gun, you might miss the prey.

The movement of the prey can be unnoticed from a far distance. Also, sometimes, a hunter is targeting to save a particular organ of the animal while shooting. With the naked eye, you cannot be extremely sure that the bullet will not touch that organ.

This whole idea of shooting from a distance with a bright eye can be intimidating. Riflescope makes your experience joyful and simpler.

There is tremendous versatility in these products, and you cannot be sure about one rifle scope suiting different people. There are several significant aspects to a rifle scope that you should notice while picking the right product.

Choosing the right Rifle Scope for Survival

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As we mentioned earlier, the rifle scope for hunting has tremendous versatility, and they can be picked based on different grounds. Some of the features that you must be vigilant for are:

#1. Objective Lens

The largeness of an objective lens is directly proportional to the amount of light entering the scope. This also enhances the performance of the shooter, especially in low light conditions.

Traditionally, the sizes of an objective lens range from 20 mm to 72 mm. However, the important part is that 50 mm optic glass bell requires the rifle scope to be mounted higher.

This can affect the scope-to-eye alignment as well as the consistency of cheek weld. One should make sure to keep the rifle scope as low as possible without the objective bell getting in contact with the barrel.

The lenses that are coated with hydrophilic or hydrophobic coating gives maximum brightness. They also have various layers on all air to glass surfaces. The highest degree is known as fully multi-coated glasses.

#2. Magnification

There are two types of magnification available in the rifle scope. First is the fixed power and the other one is variable power.

Magnification power allows the user to regulate the given power with the scope. Typically, a scope can range from 3 – 9x. This means that with 3x power, a hunter can see three times larger than the naked eye. Similarly, 9x means nine times larger.

The magnification power is given like this 3-9x40mm. Now, we have already told you about the variable magnification power. 40 mm here stands for the wide objective lens. The magnification power can be set according to the distance of the target.

As we said earlier, some of the scopes have fixed power that must be avoided. They don’t give a lot of versatility. You are recommended to buy variable power setting scope, especially that ranges from 3 to 9 mm.

Such scopes allow you to shoot from very long to short distances with great clarity and focus. If you plan to use the rifle for long distance, then some riflescopes come with power from 12x to 20x as well. The magnification above 10x will need a supported position.

#3. Tube Size

The inner tube of the scope’s body can vary in diameter from 25 mm, 30 mm, and 34 mm. The main tube depends on the brand manufacturing it and the kind of range that you desire to purchase.

If you purchase a scope with a larger tube, then it will provide more space for interior components. It also multiplies the range of adjustment which is crucial for long distance targets.

#4. Reticle

Aiming of the rifle largely depend on the reticle. When the first reticle was made, it was constructed with wire fastened inside the scope’s body and was shaped in the form of the crosshair.

Later, the reticle was fixed in the scope’s glass. Earlier with the crosshair style, the sunlight was obscured, but the problem was solved with this new design. These days, there are plenty of reticle styles that you can choose from:

  • Duplex: This one has a thicker crosshair style which is duplex at the edges and creates a crosshair style from the middle. This style is especially popular with the hunters as it gives faster target attainments.

This style enhances the hunting experience; however, to get the feel, you might have to practice more on this range. Also, learn the usage of the upper and lower duplex to assist with your aiming while taking a range at shorter, longer, or zero range.

  • Mil-Dot: Such reticules have dots on both the axis that helps in aiming. The dots are at a distance of one milliradian which is a measurement of an angle equal to 3.6 minutes of angle.

A single minute is similar to 1” at 100 meters, and 1” group at 100 meters makes a minute. The milliradian markings on the reticle are utilized to judge the range depending on your knowledge and the size of the target. However, you can also use it to adjust your aim for compensating the range. This feature is useful for accurate shooting.

  • Single Dot Scopes: if you need something low powered then this is the option for you. This also helps with eye relief which relates to the distance that an eye needs to be to see the rear lens of the riflescope.

Normally, this is between 25 to 100 mm, but the style gives significantly longer relief.

#5. Adjustments

You don’t have to give a lot of focus on the adjustment features of a riflescope. Technically, it only increases the price of the scope by adding a few unneeded features.

You only require basic features in a riflescope. First of all, you need your optic for survival to elevate and provide windage adjustments. You can also choose for parallax adjustment, especially if you are choosing a higher magnification. Plus, there should be eyepiece focus adjustments capabilities.

The standard riflescope click changes impact ¼” at 100 yards for windage and elevation. These are some of the significant adjustments that you need.

#6. Durability

A hunter or a shooter needs scope for long term usage. Since durability is so important, it is crucial to pick a lens with coatings. It not just blocks different wavelengths but also repels water.

You should also make sure that the scope is sealed for airtight use. If not then it might get foggy due to the moisture and restrict the vision through the glass.

You also need to get high-quality mounts and scope rings. Be careful while buying the scope rings as the cheaper ones are likely to cause the scope to lose its zero as it gets loose after long usage.

#7. Glass Quality

The quality of glass is directly proportional to the money that you are willing to spend. It is unquestionable that cheap glass material will not provide great feats.

If you are looking for a long-range scope, essentially for hunting then the ideal choice should be an extra-low dispersion glass. It intelligently reduces chromatic aberration and generates vibrant and sharp images. The target will be seen clearly.

To ensure superior light transmission, the lenses should always be multi-coated. One needs maximum brightness to see the target. For this, multi-coated lenses are the best as they perform well.

Glass plays a significant role in a riflescope so it must be picked carefully. Of course, you have to spend accordingly, but it will be completely worth the extra expenditure.

So, these are all the features in detail that you must consider before purchasing a riflescope.

Top 5 Recommended Rifle Scopes

Nikon Buckmaster II Rifle Scope

The Buckmaster II is precisely what masses want from a riflescope. This is a simple yet robust scope with BDC reticle that comes with see-through ballistic circles. This is especially beneficial for a large range of hunters. It helps them in maintaining accurate shots from various distances,

The fully multi-coated lenses ensure optimum light transmission. The scope has 0-ring sealed and removed with nitrogen gas to provide fog-proof integrity. The completely waterproof and shockproof features help in increasing the tolerance of the riflescope.

There is no need for parallel correction as the scope comes with factory settings of 100 yards. This model will surely be appreciated by the hunters that demand no-nonsense technology in their riflescope.

This model also comes with an excellent warranty from Buckmaster that you have to get by contacting them while purchasing. There are no concerns about image clarity or quality concerns.

The variable power from 3x to 9x makes it one of the most exceptional 100 yards scopes in the list as the magnification power allows you to tackle the target from a considerable distance. This is undoubtedly one of the most excellent models that you can get in the market these days.

Simmons Truplex .22 Mag Rifle Scope

Another great riflescope available in the market is from Simmons. The Truplex is of excellent quality and comes with a matte finish.

The one-piece construction of the scope announces its durability and that it is in for the consumer for the long run. This one is fully coated optic and to top it all, the HydroShield lens coating is entirely weatherproof. The lens is also waterproof and does not allow any effect from the fog.

Furthermore, there is QTA technology, known as Quick Target Acquisition eyepiece that offers 3,75” of eye relief for swift and instant sight picture.

To ensure easy use of this model, there is a SureGrip adjustment that allows usage while wearing gloves also. Then there are knurly turrets that grant positive clicks to ensure that the target is captured carefully.

This will come to you as a surprise, but this model is equipped with its mounting rings. You don’t have to purchase them separately. Start using the riflescope as soon as you buy it.

There are various perks to this model that persuade the buyers to give it a shot. The magnification power ranges from 3 x to 9x, increasing the spectrum of shooting for the shooters. Overall, this is a great scope to consider.

Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen II Rifle Scope

This model is highly accurate and rich in features. For someone who needs advance shooting precision, this is the most beautiful model to consider. There is glass-etched reticle which comes with 11 illumination intensities which allow sub-tensions to stay accurate.

This is a smart product that comes with visual rotation indicator, allowing shooters to keep track of revolutions on the turret. This model is constructed for long-ranged precision shots. The L-TEC Turret System has a locking mechanism that keeps accidental elevation adjustments.

Furthermore, there is a 6x zoom range that provides fantastic versatility to the magnification. Plus, there is fast focus eyepiece adjusts the reticle to sharp focus. With a twist of the single knob, the side parallax adjustments can be, and you can also manage illumination controls.

Moreover, there is an APO optical system the deliver spectacular image quality via premium, extra-low dispersion glass with high density. To ensure long-lasting usage, the lenses are fully multi-coated. This feature also increases the light transmission in a better way.

To make the scope weatherproof, the 0-ring is sealed and argon purged. This product is a final purchase for shooters and hunters that are looking for a high-quality riflescope.

Vortex Optics Viper HS-T SFP Rifle Scope

Here is another essential model from Vortex, the Viper HS-T. The magnification power of 4-16×44 brings enough versatility to the table. This is ideal for accurate holds and extended ranges.

The scope is incorporated with fully multi-coated and extra-low dispersion lenses due to which you can expect an excellent resolution and color fidelity. The feature of light gathering is enhanced through the XR coating. Also, to protect the lens, there is Armortek coating.

Furthermore, there is exposed target-style turret construction for repeatable finger-adjustable clicks and precision. Then the CRS Xero Stop allows a return to 0 capability after temporary elevation corrections.

The feature of fast focus eyepiece allows the shooter to adjust the reticle to the eye comfortably. Similar to the former model, the single piece tube is O-ring sealed and argon purged for better performance and to make it fog proof and waterproof.

This model is carefully curated to serve the needs of hunters, target shooters, and other tactical applications. If you wish to make the safest purchase, then this is the product of choice. You will find all the significant features that one likes and needs in a riflescope.

Nikon ProStaff 3-9×40 Black Matte Rifle Scope

We want to sum up with this model recommendation from Nikon. The tube is made of aluminum material which increases the overall strength of the scope.

The compact riflescope comes with a useful range of 3x to 9x, increasing the array of usage and a 40 mm objective lens. This increase the range as well as clarity of the glass.

Because the lens is fully multi-coated, you can expect at least 98% light transmitting from the lens. The level of clarity and precision is unparallel in this riflescope.

Furthermore, the feature of durability has been carefully considered. The nitrogen filled O-ring sealed outer is waterproof and fog-proof.

Whether you take the scope out on a rainy day or just in the middle of the winters when there is immense fog, this model will not disappoint you.

There is also Zero-reset turret with a spring-loaded adjustment knob that allows you to experiment with multiple settings and adjustment configurations given with the scope.

The buyers have highly appreciated the performance and quality of this model. You can also expect some hassle-free delivery if you purchase this riflescope.


At the beginning of this piece, we mentioned that every buyer has unique needs of a riflescope. It depends on the hunting your practice, whether you are a long-distance shooter or vice versa.

In this article, we have given you everything, from the key points to ponder to the recommendations that are doing pretty well for other professionals. You can make a straightforward purchase from the above-listed suggestions.

The riflescope helps in enhancing your shooting and hunting experience. Considering that this is amongst the most crucial gears for your rifle, read all the above-given tips and suggestions carefully before buying. Happy Shopping!


How To Choose Rifle Scope For Survival