Prepping Your Tactical Survival Kit

Having to leave your home unexpectedly can be a nightmare for most. Your home is your castle and in your own it’s the safest place in the world. Unfortunately there may be times when you have to evacuate and it’s going to be very scary because you are out there alone and sometimes, there may not be anyone to help. Everyone goes a little crazy when disasters strike; it’s the survival of the fittest and you have to be ready to survive.

Your tactical survival kit is essential when it comes to keeping alive and safe while out on your own. A tactical survival kit is also an important tool to have for those who are heading out on adventure or survival weekends. The following are just a few things you need to think about whilst prepping your tactical survival kit.

Tools and Weapons

Everyone will have their own opinion over whether or not they should have firearms and weapons. This is always a difficult choice so it’s not someone else’s place to say. However, everyone should carry a pocket knife to cut rope or bandages should someone be hurt or face wild animals. It can also be useful to carry a small axe if you are heading out into the woods so that you can chop tree branches to make fire wood. To get the best of many worlds, get a multi-tool and enjoy blades, pliers, scissors, saws and more.


Everyone understands by now, humans require water to live and this will be your basic necessity for survival. You absolutely need to carry water in your tactical survival kit; yes, water is heavy but it is needed. However, while you are prepping your kit, you should consider carrying only a three or four day supply of drinking water so that you are able to actually carry your backpack. If you are planning a short survival weekend or outdoor adventure week, you’ll need to pack water accordingly. Just remember a gallon of water is needed per day so judge wisely. You may also want to carry additional water for hygiene and cooking purposes.


You can’t really pack a huge amount of food, certainly not heavy canned foods because you’ll struggle greatly. However, you can stick to energy and protein bars, chocolate bars, crackers and a few jars of preservatives. You can also try a few tinned or canned goods; and light foods are good but remember no fresh foods. Powdered milk works great because it’s light and easy to carry. Remember, if you are using canned foods, you’ll need to have a manual can opener. There have been many people who take canned foods and end up forgetting their can opener which is a bit annoying and embarrassing.

A First-Aid Kit

Having a good stream of supplies is necessary should you or someone around you get hurt. Now, you don’t need to carry a huge amount of medical supplies, you can stick to a pre-made first-aid kit. However, you will need to pack medications or medicines you need on a day-to-day basis because you may not be able to get to a hospital or receive medical treatment immediately. If you are hurt then any injuries must be dealt with to prevent them getting worse and relying on your first-aid kit is essential.


There are some instances when you will need to have some form of identification on you to show proof of identity. If you have a driver’s license that is great but the authorities may require additional documentation from you and if you have bugged-out your home, you may have nothing to show. This is not good because you cannot confirm who you are; you need to have a copy of certain documents with you such a passport or birth certificate. Having a printed copy of these stored away carefully can be good but don’t be afraid to store a copy on a USB because it’s much easier to carry around with you.

Climbing Gear and Ropes

These things might sound a little extreme however they can be very useful depending on the situation. It doesn’t hurt to carry even a set of climbing ropes and grapples when it comes to bugging-out because you don’t know what you are going to be presented with. There may be occasions when you have to climb in order to reach help or others may require help from you.

Compass and Maps

No matter how well you know the local area, it never hurts to have a few maps on hand. Maps are useful because they usually show trails and routes that aren’t well known and can show you the best routes to safety. Compasses too are important to carry with you because they show you the way and will hopefully ensure you don’t get lost either. The last thing you want to do is get lost in the middle of nowhere.

A Satellite Phone

Satellite phones can be great for anyone prepping their tactical survival kit because they are the most trusted phones ever. They work via satellite and it means you are rarely out of reach for service unlike cellular phones. If your cell phone dies off and you are hurt or unable to move, you may have to rely on a satellite phone to call for help.

Use Military Style Backpacks

Most people know the military backpacks are some of the very best around; they are strong, reliable and so easy to carry. The great thing of all is that they allow you to easily store all of your necessary tactical and survival items without too much trouble. You don’t necessarily need to pick up a military backpack but whichever backpack you choose, it needs to be strong and able to hold all of your equipment.

Be Prepared

No matter who you are or where you live, you need to be prepared for whatever is around the corner. You never really know what the next major disaster will be or where it will hit and if it should hit close to home, you need to be prepared to stay safe at all costs. Don’t be left behind, prepare your tactical survival kit and you may avoid disaster.

Robert Dwayne

Robert Dwayne

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