Primitive Hunting Tools that You Can Still Use

Primitive Hunting Tools

Before modern hunting tools came into existence, the older generation had to hunt using some primitive tools in order to survive. Considering the efficiency and effectiveness of our modern hunting tools, you would be left wondering as to how our forefathers used to hunt down their targets. Somehow, their tools worked and this eventually leads to the improvement as well as the invention of the modern gear we use today. Currently, however, not all primitive hunting tools can be rendered useless. Some can still be useful in the field and might help you land your prey in a way you never expected. Some of these ancient tools include:

Traditional bows

The modern bows, in the form of compound bows and crossbows, are actually improved designs of the original traditional bow. Traditional bows were basically made from a long piece of curved wood, with a long string joining the two ends. They were not very accurate and propelled arrows at a much slower speed and to a shorter distance. Currently, traditional bows come in the form of recurve bows and longbows and though not popular, they can still be used for hunting in these modern times.

Wooden club

A wooden club is a very old tool and is known for its hard and weighty punch. Because of this, it is very good when it comes to crushing and breaking stuff and therefore can be very good for crushing animal skulls or causing some serious injury to prey when hunting. Its shape allows it to be thrown like a boomerang when aimed at a target’s head. Though not very accurate, you can use it for small game hunting at close range. This would immobilize it in the process, giving you an easy meal.


The hand axe is one of the oldest tools used by humans to date. Although the modern axe has a metallic blade, its design still resembles the original hand axe, which had a sharpened stone blade. The old axe was used for various tasks such as hunting, cutting and chopping and has carried over most of its uses to its modern design, like hiking axes. Though not commonly used for hunting, it has a sharp, heavy blade that can cut really deep into the animal flesh, immobilizing it almost instantly after a successful hit.


Knives are probably the most versatile tools ever invented. They can be used for cutting, self-defense, hunting and surgical purposes just to name a few. Primitive knives were mainly made from bronze, animal bones and sharpened stones but modern ones have steel or iron blades. Just like the axe, knives have maintained their original designs and therefore, can be said to be some of the most effective and most versatile primitive hunting tools in the modern world.


A stone or pebble on its own is still a lethal weapon if aimed accurately at the game’s head. Stones have been used for ages due to their abundant availability almost everywhere on earth. Advanced forms of primitive stone-made hunting tools include stone hammers, which were basically made of hard and rounded stones tied at one end of a rope or stick. The swinging action of the rope or stick would give the stone a huge momentum and could be projected to prey at high speed when hunting. In modern times you can still create such a weapon or simply throw a stone to your target while aiming for the head.

Throwing stick

Throw stick hunting is basically a simplified version of wooden club hunting. It does not take a genius to figure out that a weighty stick can be a good hunting projectile for small game such as rabbits or birds. In this modern world, you will most probably find yourself picking up a stick by default whenever you spot small game. However, the modern hunting stick has been designed to resemble a boomerang and is a much more efficient hunting tool than its primitive form.


Slingshots are not very powerful hunting tools, but they can bring down small game. Therefore, they should only be used to hunt for small prey as they were originally intended to do from their early designs.


With these tools, you utilize the power of primitive technology and can get yourself a good meal at the end of your hunting day. Some of these primitive hunting tools have evolved into more efficient killing machines while others have maintained their originality. Whichever the case, they can still be used by the modern hunter in his/her hunting missions.