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How to care for your night vision equipment

In this article, we will talk about how to take care of your night vision equipment. But, first, let us answer this relevant question; “how does night vision work”. The answer is that it depends on the tools you are using. There are two kinds of technology applied in night vision equipment. They ...

Cleaning Your Tactical Boots Made Easy

Anyone wearing tactical boots knows that getting them all dirty is in the “job description”. No matter how busy or tired you may be, you should always make time to clean and take care of them. Not only that this is going to expand their life span, but it’s also going to keep you out of the trouble ...

Tactical Gear 101

Image credit: Brianfreer.com. For those of you who are preparing and want to get into the tactical arena, being tactical is, among many things, being prepared for many things when out there. You have to be prepared with the right boots and outwear, in case the weather gets worse, you have to ...

5.11 Men’s Packable Jacket Review

For those of you out there that like hiking or spending time outdoors, but don’t want to pack too many things or wear too many also, a good option are packable garments. Next time you want to buy a packable jacket, take a look at the 5.11 Men's Packable Jacket as there are many good things about ...