CQR Men’s Tactical Pants Review

Tactical pants are created to work for outdoor enthusiasts and military, law enforcement, and police professionals. If you go hiking every time you have some free time on your hands, a good pair of tactical pants will take the elements, allow free movement, and hold you for at least a couple of years. Also, you will always have fast and straightforward access to your gear.

Some tactical pants will impress the features that law enforcement/military personnel cannot do without but be a bit much for the occasional hiker. There’s always the category of tactical pants that both people in military and outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate. It’s the case of CQR Men’s Tactical Pants that could easily win the popularity contest, for reasons that you can only understand by reading the detailed review.

How to briefly describe the CQR Men’s Tactical Pants, Water Repellent Rip-stop?

For tactical pants to be as popular as CQR Men’s Tactical Pants, some qualities should be undeniable and unmatched. CQR Men’s Tactical Pants manage to stand out from many models as they’re dependable, functional, long-lasting, and, probably most importantly, very affordable.

You will find tactical pants that surpass the CQR Men’s Tactical Pants, Water Repellent Ripstop in terms of functionality or reliability for most challenging missions. Still, you’re not going to find models as reliable, durable, and versatile as CQR Men’s Tactical Pants for the same price.

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The more we look into the details, the more we understand that CQR Men’s Tactical Pants tick most boxes of good value tactical pants. They impress with an ergonomic design that provides superior flexibility and freedom of movement. They’re conceived for military, law, enforcement, and outdoor activities, so they’re not going to let you down in the middle of your mission. All fabric materials, designs, and stitching were picked from customers’ feedback and input from the field tester. The CQR Men’s Tactical Pants, handle surprisingly well challenges in most challenging environments. And they will do it without even breaking the bank.

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Fabric, build, level of comfort & more – the detailed description

If this is the first time you’re looking for tactical pants, it will be easier to buy one of the popular models (like CQR Men’s Tactical Pants than learn all the details about what makes good tactical pants.

Tactical pants don’t resume several pockets for storing your essentials; they should give a lot more than that. Great tactical pants like CQR Men’s Tactical Pants are made with strong materials without affecting your mobility, take the elements and excess wear, and have features that can make the difference when in the line of duty. Keep reading for the details.

Fabric & durability

The CQR Men’s Tactical Pants are made with Duratex fabric that will repel dirt, liquids, and various contaminants. The pants won’t pick up dirt and will be reliable in wet environments. They’re made with a mixture of polyester and cotton ripstop fabric materials. It means that they’re lightweight and durable at the same time.

cqr tactical pants feature infographic

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You can quickly and safely wear the pants all year round, as they provide adequate ventilation on hot summer days. In the winter, they can serve you as the outer shell during your activities.

It’s not only the fabric that makes a pair of pants durable or not. CQR Men’s Tactical Pants also come with a high-density metal alloy button and zipper with a long-lasting mounted stopper. The pants have double stitching all over, which makes them as durable and rugged as they appear.

We also know that the CQR Men’s Tactical Pants will take a long time to use as they have incredible resistance to stain, fade, shrink, and wrinkles. They will keep the shape even after washing, and you should never worry about the pants develop wrinkles.


When it comes to tactical pants, the number of pockets is essential for functionality. It doesn’t mean that pants with 20+ pockets make the best tactical pants. Placement of pockets and ease of access are also critical to the overall value of the tactical pants.

These pants come with eight multi-purpose cargo pockets that are generous and easy to access. The CQR Men’s Tactical Pants also feature a mag pocket for better functionality. The pocket comes with Velcro for safe and simple storage of your magazine clips. There’s also a Velcro flap pocket on the back that won’t affect your comfort when sitting down. The pocket will stay subtle even when filled.

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The hatched back pocket design provides straightforward and comfortable access even when you’re wearing your gloves. The pockets ensure deep and secure storage for your essentials.

You will be able to add more of your tactical accessories since the pants feature a black nickel-plated D-ring for effortless hook-on. The build of the pants also allows IWB concealed carry of your holster, if need be.

Extra features

The CQR Men’s Tactical Pants are made with a touch of military and law enforcement performance design; it shouldn’t surprise you that they come with pockets for knee pads. You will be able to insert knee pads so that falling or crawling on your knees will be less uncomfortable.

Ease of use and comfort

Even if the pants can feel stiff at times, the design and build will allow a wide range of motion, so you will never lose freedom of movement. Moreover, the pants will maintain the shape for a long time.

The waistband is elastic so that the pants will give the best fit every time.

What do we like best about the pants? Are the flaws major?

CQR Men’s Tactical Pants come with many good things, and we’ve made a short list of pros:

  • The pants are made with durable ripstop fabric materials.
  • The fabric is treated to resist stains, liquids and to repel dirt.
  • The pants don’t shrink, wrinkle, nor fade.
  • You have eight pockets for the effective organization of your items.
  • The pockets are easy to access and well placed.
  • You can use the pants for concealed carry or holster
  • The value is incredible for the price.

Far from being deal-breakers, the downsides are also essential to mention:

  • The kneed pads have to be inserted on the inside, which is difficult on the field.
  • The Velcro is a tad weak.
  • The cargo pockets could be more profound.

Should you buy them or not?

The short answer is “definitely yes.” Under no circumstances should you skip the CQR Men’s Tactical Pants thinking that they don’t have 10+ pockets or don’t look as rugged as you feel. These pants are some of the most durable, reliable, versatile, and functional pants to get for this price, so you should add them to your tactical clothing.

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