Don’t Own Tactical Pants Yet? Here Are the Reasons to Make You Buy A Pair

Many people think that tactical pants are conceived only for men and women working in the military or law enforcement. Even if some tactical pants are recommended for first responders, police officers, or military personnel, people engaged in strenuous outdoor activities (hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, etc.) can also wear tactical pants.

Tactical pants stand out from other types of pants as they’re made with durable materials, feature several pockets and even allow concealed carry for the holster. Rugged and long-lasting, tactical cargo pants are essential for military and law enforcement personnel but can work for anyone engaged in challenging activities in most challenging environments.

What are the benefits of tactical pants for the general public?

Even if durability and resistance to wear and tear make the most important and obvious benefits of tactical pants, there are several good aspects that these pants bring to the table. Keep reading for the details.

Tough as nails

Great tactical pants are made to take a beat, so only strong materials and features for improving durability are used.

Many tactical pants will resist fire and water but also excess wear and tear. They’re made with cotton and polyester mix that is resistant to rips (rip-stop). It’s common for tactical pants to come with Teflon coating, which ensures unbelievable resistance to elements and water without affecting comfort.

It’s not only the material that makes tactical pants long-lasting; features such as reinforced knee and seat, or gusseted crotch and double stitching will make the tactical pants more durable than ever before.


Not all tactical pants are waterproof, even if most dependable models will present water resistance to some level. Waterproof tactical pants should come with a layer of gore-tex or any similar membrane applied to keep water from getting inside without affecting breathability. Such technology comes with a price, so expect to pay more on waterproof pants than on non-waterproof tactical models.

If you know that you go in an area with many rain and wet conditions, pay the extra buck for waterproof tactical pants. When you go to a mountain region, it’s best to buy waterproof pants as the weather is highly unpredictable in the mountains. You can never know when rain or even heavy storm begins.

Widely available

You no longer have to search high and low to find a good pair of tactical pants. You can find many models in stores and online, with prices covering a wide range for budgets of all sizes.

As long as you pay attention to the size guide and go over customer reviews, you should be able to find your perfect tactical pants online as well.


No matter how rugged, functional, or durable your tactical pants are, they become useless if they’re uncomfortable. The last thing you want while you’re concentrating on aiming your shoot is to have to arrange your pants because they drag or feel less comfortable.

Tactical pants don’t just come with several pockets for storing your essentials, but they also present a smart display of the pockets. You need to have fast and effortless access to your gear at any moment.

Good tactical pants for the winter will have insulation for warm comfort without affecting your flexibility. Lightweight tactical pants for summer should be breathable and quick-drying, so you have dry wear at all times.

When it comes to comfort, several features will matter for tactical pants. Drawstrings will let you adjust the fit, whereas velcros will ensure effortless access to your essentials. Elastic waistband for best fit and pockets placed without affecting your comfort while sitting are also essential features.

Variously colored

When people speak of tactical pants, most would think about camo colors. Back in the days, tactical cargo pants would come mainly in solid colors, but things have changed over the years. Tactical pants come today in a great variety of colors and models, as it’s not only military or law enforcement personnel using tactical pants.

Black makes the most common color, but grays, dark green, and browns are typical for tactical pants. As people tend to use tactical for any activity that isn’t tactical, the styles and colors of the pants have greatly expanded.

Effortless to care for

You should always read the manufacturer’s instructions when caring or washing your tactical pants. Cold or warm water and some regular soap will be enough for cleaning the tactical pants.

You should always avoid hot water for pants with a special coating or treatment against stains and water. Tactical pants are made to be durable but also effortless to care for. People in the military shouldn’t waste time soaking or spot-treating the tactical pants.

A good pair of tactical pants won’t shrink, wrinkle, nor fade either, maintaining its properties for years.


If you think of pants to wear year-round, tactical pants make the top 3, for sure. These pants are great when working in a medical office, hiking, fishing, running errands in time, or if you’re a first responder. The tactical pants are made with cotton and polyester that handle outdoor use and wear. Both professional competitors and weekend hikers wear tactical pants; the versatility is impressive.

Have a casual use too

Tactical pants make the wise addition to anyone’s wardrobe. Even if you cannot wear tactical pants for a suit and tie affairs, you may wear them with confidence in most situations. The numerous pockets, smartly displayed for effortless access to your items, turn tactical pants into dependable models for casual office wear or when working in delivery. You can carry your pens, paper, supplies, and even a small bottle of water in the cargo pockets of your tactical pants.

Easy to match with any other clothes

You don’t need to worry about pairing your tactical pants; almost any piece in your wardrobe will work with the tactical pants. You may wear them with shirts and boots, tactical boots or not. Don’t hesitate to put on a bright polo shirt along with your tactical pants for a casual feel for office wear or a scruffy top for a  rockier vibe.

If you take your tactical pants hiking, you can put on a white t-shirt and a grey flannel over for comfortable and functional wear. When it gets warmer, you will be able to tie the flannel around the waist or throw it in your backpack.


It may come as a surprise, but tactical pants have traveled a long way from the first pants, specially conceived for military personnel and first responders. Tactical pants make a dependable choice for outdoor activities, so styles and materials have broadly diversified.

We can understand the stylish value that tactical pants can gain with tactical and cargo pants even present on the runway shows (made with luxurious fabrics such as silk or leather). You shouldn’t be surprised if you see people wearing tactical pants at work, social get-togethers, or even casual parties. People care less for formal dresses, so tactical pants no longer draw attention at parties. Everybody has one pair nowadays.

One fair conclusion

Tactical pants are no longer the choice of military, law enforcement personnel exclusively. We live in modern times when everything can change in the blink of an eye, and people care less for formal and value functionality and versatility a lot more. So, why not get a pair of tactical pants today?

What are tactical pants?

Whether you plan to climb the Cascade Mountains in the Appalachians, go hunting, are a first responder, hit the Pacific Crest Trail, or do any strenuous activity in a challenging environment, wearing the proper clothing can improve your performance. When it comes to pants, you will need something rugged yet lightweight that ensures effortless moves and protects you from the rain, wind, and other elements that nature may throw at you. Tactical pants represent the first choice for such activities.

Tactical pants’ history

Tactical pants resemble cargo pants, but they have specific features. Initially developed by the outdoor company Royal Robbins, tactical pants were made for mountain climbers. They were designed as pants that would withstand harsh weather and be resistant to all elements. They also provided storage space for emergency gear. For example, the belt loops on tactical pants are rugged enough to withstand a heavy climbing rope. These pants also have a reinforced seat and knees for excellent protection against abrasion.

After releasing tactical pants, they’ve become a standard option for climbers until a group of Colorado FBI agents (also mountain climbers) noticed them. From that point forward, the tactical pants were no longer just trousers for hobbies but have become a top option for tactical uniforms.

The tactical pants went through several changes in time and now have storage options for pocket knives gun holsters, which come in various styles and colors. Many manufacturers make tactical pants as hikers, campers, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts use them for their outdoor adventures.

How to recognize tactical pants?

Tactical pants are typically made of lightweight materials (a cotton-poly blend) and have large belt loops, reinforced knees, external pockets, and many other distinctive details. They offer many storage options and ensure excellent protection against the elements. Features, durability, and functionality recommend them for the most challenging situations.

Since the market gives you numerous brands and models to choose from, it’s perfectly understandable why you need some guidance when buying. Whether you plan to wear the tactical pants when biking, hiking, trekking, emergency services work, etc., you want them to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Best tactical pants are comfortable, long-lasting, and dependable for intensive wear. Some key factors make the difference between good and poor tactical pants.

What factors weigh in when selecting your tactical pants?

If this is the first time you buy tactical pants, the variety of models might overwhelm you. We encourage you to spend time before you purchase tactical pants. You want to get the best pair for your activities.

What factors weigh in when selecting your tactical pants


When you check out tactical pants, the fabric is one of the main factors that impact the quality and performance of the pants. It’s because the material is essential for the durability and comfort of the pants. If you look at the options out there, you see that most tactical pants are made of cotton and Ripstop polyester. Most of the time, the percentage of polyester is higher than cotton.

Polyester is more durable than cotton for those who don’t know. On the other hand, cotton is used to increase the fabric’s breathability. Not all pants are made with this combination of cotton and polyester. You can also find tactical pants made entirely of polyester. They keep you warm in cold environments.


No tactical pants will be worth buying unless they provide you with many storage options, that is, pockets. Some of the best tactical pants have various types of pockets, whereas others come with few. Even if you might be tempted to get pants with numerous pockets, we want to remind you that pockets can restrict movement.

For example, if you need tactical pants for mountain climbing, you need pants with a few pockets with a flat design so that you freely move. On the other hand, you’re a first responder and need many tools at hand. Tactical pants with numerous pockets of various shapes and sizes will be better.

When you buy tactical pants for all sorts of activities, you should focus on pants that balance both storage space and freedom of movement. There are plenty to choose from.


One of the main characteristics of tactical pants is their durability, despite the intense wear. Tactical pants made with expensive fabrics will last for many years. Apart from the material, some features will also matter for the durability of the tactical pants. A reinforced seat and knees, double stitching in high-stress points, and rugged zippers/snaps also expand the life span of the tactical pants.


It goes without saying that you want your tactical pants to fit you perfectly. The design of the waist has a direct impact on the comfort level. Look for pants with a full elastic or semi-elastic waist for the best comfort. Such details will allow you to move comfortably, no matter what you’re doing.


Tactical pants come in many colors, so it’s not difficult to find the colors that fit your needs. For instance, if you have to wear your tactical pants in a hazardous environment (road construction), you will need pants quickly spot colors. On the other hand, if you want tactical pants for hunting, camo prints and neutral colors make for the more appropriate colors schemes.


Nobody likes pants that don’t fit, and tactical pants don’t make for an exception. Like jeans or work trousers, you want tactical pants that comfortably accommodate you. As a matter of fact, you should never sacrifice the fit when selecting tactical pants.

Since you will wear the tactical pants while being active, you want them to allow you to make all sorts of movements effortlessly. They have to be spacious but not too loose to don’t drag or hang. Correct length and proper sizing are crucial for the overall value of the tactical pants. Check out the sizing guide from the manufacturer and seek to buy the right size.


The market for tactical pants is generous and prices cover a wide range of budgets. We don’t recommend you get the cheapest pants or the first you see on the shelf; the chances are they will let you down and tear you in the middle of an action. Instead, see tactical pants as a wise investment for your hobby/activity. You will have your peace of mind knowing that you can rely on your pants to complete your mission effortlessly, comfortably, and as quickly as required.


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