TAG Heurer Military Watches

TAG Heurer S.A. is the name of Swiss Luxury Company that design and manufactures watches, eyewear, fashion items, mobile phone, and many other items. Many items are manufactured under license that is name as Tag Heurer Brand name. Tag Heurer Military Watches is one f the most famous model of the watches.

This company was established in 1860 by Edouard Heurer. The name of the company is derived from the surname of the founder.

TAG Heurer is a famous Swiss Company that manufactured watches and many other products. TAG Heurer Military Watches are considered as one of the most famous and high quality watches in all over the world.

Before moving to the proper information about these tactical watches, it is better to know some history of this very old and famous company.

History of the Company:

  • This company is established in Switzerland and it is led by CEO Jean-Claude Biver. He is now the grandson of the founder of the company.
  • TAG Heurer was established in 1860 in Switzerland.
  • In 1933 the first Autavia was manufactured that was a dashboard timer for automobiles.
  • In 1935 TAG Heurer chronographs for pilots were manufactured.
  • In 1940s mid new models of chronographs were manufactured.
  • Heurer introduced watches in the early 1950s.

Other Products:

TAG Heuer Company also offers several other products that include wallets, belts, bags, jackets, bracelets, and cuff-links.

In 2002 TAG-Heuer manufactured eyewear.

In 2008 the first mobile phone was introduced by the company.

TAG Heurer Company is a very famous company in the manufacturing of watches, top models are Carrera, link, aquaracer, and Autavia.

Specifications of Tag Heuer Military Watches:

  • TAG Heuer watches are available in different price ranges that vary from according to the model. Luxury articles are not for every day. Some Military Watches have seemed high at price but it can be justified for many reasons.
  • The nature of the movement of Military Watches shows that mechanical watches are more costly than quartz. The price of these watches is also high and low according to the other functions of the watches.
  • The manufacturing of the movement of quartz and mechanical Military watches are at the cutting end of technology. The mechanical movement of these watches with meticulous care.
  • Finishing of TAG Heuer Military watches are done by hand, the tell is polished and bridges of the watch are decorated. To meet with quality standards outclass components are used in the production of these watches.
  • Another material like plastic, steel, and ceramics is also used in the manufacturing of military watches. The mostly metallic case is used that is indicated on the case back. Plastic cases of these watches are less expensive than steel cases. The precious metal is used in the production of military watches.
  • Many watches come with gold plating. The price of these watches according to the gold fineness. 14 carat, 18 carats, and 22carat gold plating are used and the price of these watches also high as compared to others. Other components of these watches are also manufactured with precious metal like gold, silver or platinum.
  • The type of crystal used in Military watches to protect the dial is also manufactured by different materials. Finishing is done with plastic or mineral and prices of these watches also vary according to the material used in watches.
  • While plastic watch-glasses are primarily intended for cheaper products manufactured in larger quantities, mineral crystals are very widespread in other product ranges. Sapphire crystals meanwhile are more expensive and guarantee a very high level of scratch-resistance.
  • The plastic used in these watches is cheaper than metal. Some straps are also manufactured with precious leather that’s why they cost high.
  • Due to all these features, TAG Heuer Military Watches are famous all over the world and considered as the best Military watches.
  • TAG Heurer Military watches are very reliable and durable. High-quality material is used in the manufacturing of these watches and these military watches are licensed.

Which makes Military watches different than others:

  • Tag Heurer Military watches are licensed officially by US Military Academy.
  • The company offers two-year Warranty
  • Comes in unique TAG Heurer presentation Box
  • Complimentary engraving