Camelbak HAWG Hydration Pack Review

Gear manufacturers have learned over the years that their consumers want more and more from the products thy purchase. It’s not enough that a backpack is waterproof, it has to allow for good organization also. It’s not enough that is lightweight, it has to be well balanced as well.

A tactical backpack should be a reliable companion for your hiking, hunting or any other outdoor activity. You may want to also take it to town when you go to work or run errands , so its looks have to be pretty casual and nice, not very military looking.

And, if this backpack comes also with a hydration system so that you don’t ever get thirsty up in the hills, that means you just got yourself the ideal backpack.

It’s the case of the Camelbak HAWG 100-Ounce/3-Liter Mil Spec Antidote Long 621 Hydration Pack and here are the pros that got us:

  • The backpack is made of 500D Cordura fabric which means it’s durable and ready to take many wears
  • The pack has two main openings
  • The shoulder harness back side is made of 420 D High density nylon
  • There is 10mm EVA foam shoulder harness which means comfort all the way
  • The Nylon webbing is efficient
  • The main opening has two compartments for you to organize your items
  • This works great as an EDC pack
  • The area for the water bladder is accessible through a zipper in the back
  • Both storage areas have weep hole at the bottom
  • There are attachment points on the front, top and the straps
  • The pack has a good built
  • You may carry your 8” Samsung Note in this
  • The hose is versatile and flexible
  • There is pretty good internal organization
  • The Cordura is tough and sturdy
  • The bladder is very efficient and you still get cold water at the end of the day
  • The pack worth every single penny
  • The quick disconnects don’t ever leak
  • The pack is comfortable, even when fully loaded
  • It’s very easy to clean all of the rig, which is important for your health
  • There is great storage space for your items
  • There are many pockets so it’s not difficult to organize your things
  • The waist strap is removable
  • There is great attention to details and the pack is top notch quality
  • There is a slim tall design and the pack has a low profile
  • The Molle is very well stitched and it can take several attachments
  • The padding on the back brings comfort on the move
  • There are many patches so that you may customize the pack the way you want to
  • The backpack is well balanced
  • The zippers are high quality
  • There are many loops so you may attach more gear or small items
  • The antidote reservoir is thick
  • There is great insulation and padding for the pocket of the bladder
  • The large pocket is pretty wide
  • You may also carry your 15-inch laptop, but there is no designated and padded area for it

On the other hand, there are some minor issues that we consider as cons:

  • The pack is a bit too compact
  • The zipper for the bladder could go further down
  • The admin pocket could be organized better than it is at the moment
  • The middle storage area could have mesh see through so it’s easier for you to find what’s inside
  • As the foliage is green, is a bit challenging to find patches that match the color
  • The waist strap has little to nothing padding so it’s useless for the comfort
  • This is not a backpack for school as the organization is not the best
  • The small holes for pens are too shallow and too wide, unless you have a 1inch diameter pencil, 3 inches’ long
  • The inside pockets only fit some sticky notes
  • The material of the interior pockets is not high quality as the rest of the pack

As you can see, there are many great features to this pack, but also some parts that need improvement. It’s up to you and your needs (and your wallet) to get this or not. It’s a great investment, nevertheless…

Check out its reviews and pricing on Amazon.

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Robert Dwayne

Robert Dwayne

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