Fred Perrin Le Kiridashi Fixed Blade Knife Review

If you like spending time outdoors as much as you can and the wild life is your passion, no matter if it’s for hunting or hiking, then you know that having on you the lightest gear is one of the keys for comfort and successful outdoor experience.

You may have gotten yourself an efficient lightweight jacket, an efficient and lightweight backpack and… so on, you also need the lightest knife, yet highly efficient.

And, if you can hang it, then you got yourself a winner!

It’s the case of the 12C27S Stainless steel Fred Perrin Le Kiridashi Fixed Blade Knife that features a distressed finish. Its handle has a drilled hole design and the OD cord is woven through the handle.

Even though it’s made in France, this knife is of high quality and gets to you bull packed. The molded black Kydex neck sheath features a black and brown cord lanyard.

Here are its pros on our part:

  • The knife gets to you perfectly sharpen
  • The three holes make the knife lighter
  • The ultra simplistic design makes this a great tool to carry on any given day
  • The handle is skeletonized to minimize weight
  • The design of the handle lets you customize the fit on your choosing
  • There is one-inch chisel ground cutting edge
  • The overall profile is 4 inch
  • The knife comes with adjustable Para cord necklace
  • The use of the Para cords through these holes helps a lot the grip as the knife is not heavy weight
  • The F. Perrin logo is done pretty well and there is no exterior burr
  • The Kydex pouch is handmade which means great attention on details and craftsmanship
  • The small is not bigger than a regular hand
  • The grip is easy especially considering its unique design
  • The design of this knife is one of a kind
  • The index finger lays in the designated place and gives an impressive lock on the blade, considering the size of the knife
  • This is a very lightweight knife
  • You can barely see this if you keep it under your t-shirt
  • The knife gets to you perfectly sharpen
  • The knife is small and highly efficient

On the other hand, here are the cons:

  • At a closer look, there are some small burrs on the inside of the logo
  • The knife moves a bit inside the Kydex pouch
  • The Para cords could be of better quality
  • The Kydex pouch needs to be of better quality as its built is not as great as the knife at the moment

Check out the pricing and reviews on Amazon. Or see our page on tactical knives for more options.

Robert Dwayne

Robert Dwayne

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