Gerber Recon Multi Colored LED Flashlight Review

When you are looking for a small, versatile and highly functional flashlight, the Gerber Recon Multi Colored Led Flashlight is a great option.

No matter if you are a military personnel on a tactical mission or a parent on a hiking trip with kids, or simply trying to find your way around your house at night, this flashlight gets the job done with no hiccups.

Here are our pros:

  • The flashlight is great for general use, fluid identification, map reading or night vision
  • There is low Watt LED with D.I.A.L technology (Diode Illumination Adjustable Lens)
  • There are 4 color options: blue, red, green and clear lens
  • There is a handy clip for an easier hand-free use
  • The flashlight has an anodized aircraft aluminum housing
  • The flashlight is small and fits perfectly a pocket
  • The battery is long lasting
  • It’s easy to turn this on/off
  • It’s not difficult to switch it from white to blue light
  • There is a dim light from the red filter
  • The green light is efficient to read maps at night
  • The rotating filter bezel is very positive and it doesn’t move on its own
  • The flashlight takes good amount of abuse
  • This is one rugged, reliable flashlight
  • The price is just right for the quality you get
  • The flashlight is well made
  • This is one versatile flashlight
  • The clip is handy
  • The white lens is for general situations
  • The blue light helps you identify fluids
  • The flashlight is lightweight and easy to carry around
  • This is great as a secondary light that completes your typical EDC light

There are some things that we like less about this flashlight, so here are our cons:

  • The clip needs to be of better quality as it’s a bit flimsy at the moment
  • The clip could be placed elsewhere
  • This is small, maybe too small flashlight
  • The light isn’t very bright so more Lumens couldn’t hurt
  • There are no instructions or how to use this
  • As it’s black, you can easily lose and not find anymore the flashlight in the dark
  • The beam is very narrow
  • The color switch is a bit difficult to use by children
  • The red is not red enough, it’s a bit too orange
  • This is not a flashlight to find your dog at night, for sure

In conclusion, this is a small, yet efficient flashlight that is handy and useful in many situations, priced well and with a great ability to take abuse.

Check out its pricing and reviews on Amazon. Or visit our tactical flashlights page for more options. Or the keychain flashlights page if these interest you.

Robert Dwayne

Robert Dwayne

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