Helikon Gunfighter Soft Shell Jacket Review

The design of this jacket is well thought out and the collar is well designed also. On the other hand, the paracord ends to the neck opening, so a nicer design would have been better.

This jacket differs from other jackets by its fabric which is mostly mesh, which makes it more comfortable and lightweight.

When we take a look at the wrists, we see a better tightening in this area. There is also a plastic tab that gives this jacket a nice look.

The zippers have the right length. There’s nothing new about the arm pockets, except for the presence of mesh and the cable holes for iPod or radio.

There are new features for the main pockets. There is an interior pocket and the chest pockets come with two compartments: one small pocket  for a radio/iPod and another one for a flashlight, with a D ring for attaching various items, 1 cable outlet and the drawstring hood.

The jacket handles pretty well the rain and it dries out quite fast, but it’s not waterproof.

Our pros:

  • The soft shell is very nice to the touch
  • The pockets are well organized
  • The zippers are high quality
  • The jacket is lightweight
  • The collar keeps you warm
  • The elasticated cuffs

The cons:

  • The closure of the collar with two paracord ends is not very nice looking
  • The mesh, which doesn’t give an elegant look. Or reliable, for that matter

All in all, this is still a good jacket, at a great price.

Check out its price and more reviews on Amazon. Or head on to our tactical jackets page for more options.


Robert Dwayne

Robert Dwayne

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