HPA DRYSAC 50L Duffel Bags Review

For the best protection of your things whenever you are on a boat or you are hiking with a backpack that is not waterproof, try these Dry Duffle heavy duty bags. They have a capacity of 50 liters and are 100% waterproof as they are perfect for regatta, offshore/inshore navigation and challenging weather conditions.

These bags are 100% tightly sealed and feature a rolling fold closure.

Here are the pros that got us:

  • The bags are assembled by HF (high frequency) welding
  • They are built to give the best protection for your items in the most difficult weather conditions
  • There are two adjustable straps
  • These bags come with a 10 Year warranty against manufacturing flaws
  • This is a very simple bag, yet totally sealed
  • You can fold this easily for a better storage or carrying
  • Its tubular shape lets you pack your things just like in a potato bag
  • You can pack everything together in this bag
  • This is a heavy duty bag, resistant and ready to take extreme conditions
  • There are no embellishments to this bag that could lower its efficiency
  • The bag is almost a see-through, which is helping when trying to find something specific
  • It’s better to fill the bag up to the straps if you want to be able to close it and move it around afterwards
  • The closure system is the typical sack system: rolling the upper part until there is no more fabric to roll up
  • There are clips that attach to each other to close the sack
  • The plastic loops near the clips are helpful
  • The closure forms a plastic handle that eases the transportation
  • There are two simple, yet adjustable straps
  • The straps don’t ride and there’s no risk for them catch any rocks or anything else
  • This bag would fit a small blanket or a 30Liter’s backpack
  • The suspension system is simple and efficient
  • You can definitely take this in the water

There are some downsides to this sealed bag and here are our cons:

  • You need to take everything out of the bag if you need something that is on the bottom of the bag
  • The bottom of the bag is very difficult to reach so plan ahead how you’re going to store your things in this. Put the things you need fast at the high part of the bag
  • Once you fill this up, the bag gets kind of heavyweight so keep in mind not to ever fully load it if you want to still be able to move it around
  • It’s impossible to close the bag if you load it at its full capacity
  • There are no Fastex-ITW clips for the closure
  • This is not a comfortable sack to take over your shoulders
  • The tubular shape doesn’t help when it comes to comfort or balance either
  • There is no zip to closure, so you’re in a hurry you lose some time trying to close it tightly and secure

Regardless of its good features, keep in mind that this bag’s efficiency depends a lot on how tight you close it and don’t hesitate to take time to roll it tightly and secure.

This is a great sack to take for the emergency situations. You may also use this as a lifebuoy if the inside air is enough to make it float.

For the money you pay, this is a very efficient bag and its big capacity is helpful in various situations.

This is not a bag to take in town, but you may put it in your backpack to better protect your belongings from the water.

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Robert Dwayne

Robert Dwayne

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