Lowa Zephyr GTX HI TF Boots Review

If you’re always hiking, hunting or going on desert missions, you know that a good pair of boots should be comfortable, reliable and sturdy, ready to take any rock and able to be the last thing on your mind.

As they are made of leather and fabric, the Lowa Zephyr GTX Hi TF boots are exactly what you need not only for one season, but for all year long.

The Zephyr boots will make great boots for military applications, or they can make a good pair of hunting boots that will hold you for years.

Here are the pros that got us:

  • The upper part of the boots is made of split leather and Cordura
  • The boots are comfortable from the very first wear and they don’t need to be broken in
  • The midsole is made of comfortable PU
  • They boot has a Monowraps frame construction for more comfort and stability on the move
  • The boots are ready to take all kinds of trails
  • There is a good grip with this boots
  • The lining of the boots is both waterproof and breathable
  • The boots are ¾ length so there is stiff nylon for knee and back support when your backpack is fully loaded
  • There is climate control outsole which means no bad smell appears when wearing these boots and the fresh feeling remains all day long
  • The boots are lightweight
  • There is 8-inch design so you may take any rocky trail
  • The Gore-Tex technology on the boots makes them able to keep moist away from foot
  • There is great back support thanks to these boots
  • There is efficient and well placed padding in the boots
  • The boots fit just like some tennis shoes
  • They are great on shock absorbency
  • The boots are very quiet
  • They are made of long lasting materials
  • There are speed laces
  • There is great heel cup and support with the boots
  • They come in nice colors
  • The boots give a snug, yet comfortable fit
  • They give no hot spots nor blisters either
  • The boots are great looking

As much as we might like these boots for their great features and performance, there are some parts that could use improvement. These are not deal breakers (we still like Lowa for the high quality), but they are worth mentioning as cons:

  • The middle of the sole is not as resistant as the rest of the boots and some accidents can happen… Like when it got separated from the shoe. And this is not supposed to happen to a 200$ boot. Plus, once that happened, a squeaky sound appeared which was both funny and annoying.
  • Did we mention the price? These boots definitely sit on the high end of price.
  • You need to go up a size when ordering, as the boots seem to run half a size small.
  • The arch support needs improvement as the arch lacks comfort at the moment.

So, this is it. We absolutely love the Lowa Zephyr Hi TF for the great comfort and sturdiness they bring, but we dislike the minor issues they come with.

Check out their reviews and pricing on Amazon.

Robert Dwayne

Robert Dwayne

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