Maxpedition Triad Admin Pouch Review

Even though you got yourself a great backpack with many pockets and compartments to store your gear, you still have some more gear to fit in. Your jacket, your tactical pants are simply not enough to carry all the small items that you need to take when hiking or hunting.

A good option is to get an admin pouch that attaches perfectly to any Molle system on a tactical pack.

It’s the case of the Maxpedition Triad Admin Pouch that not only helps you when hiking but may become your friend when running errands in town, as it’s very small and yet highly organizable.

Here are the pros that got us:

  • The pouch is made of tough nylon fabric
  • There is a triple coat of polyurethane for water resistance on this pouch
  • The final coat of DuPont Teflon helps the pouch be repellent to the elements
  • There are only YKK zippers on the pouch
  • The zippers run smooth and are heavy duty
  • There is Military Grade Nylon webbing for straps, handle and modular attachment points
  • The pouch features Duraflex buckles
  • The pouch was made with 1000D Nylon and there are only unseamed panels
  • The stress points are reinforced with composite thread
  • The middle pocket comes with more dividers
  • There is top notch construction on this pouch
  • The pouch is small, but expandable
  • You can use this as a fanny pack also
  • You can attach many things on this pouch
  • This pouch is able to take rough use as it’s sturdy and heavy duty
  • There is a Velcro compartment on the back that fits large items
  • There is a clip to hold your phone
  • This pouch fits any CRKT tool
  • The pouch comes with an adjustable flashlight holder
  • You can fit a wide range of lights in this pouch
  • The radio pouch is bigger than you’d think
  • There is bullet proof material on this pouch
  • The pouch gives you great organization possibilities
  • The Molle webbing on the back is highly efficient for attaching this on tactical packs
  • The cell phone holster looks small but comes with elastic sides for a secure hold of your phone
  • The sheath on the side fits pens, small knife or small flashlight

There are many great things about this pouch, but there are also some minor issues that need improvement. These are not deal breakers for us, but they still count as cons:

  • The center compartment could be bigger as you can only store a small note book of 3×4 in at the moment
  • You need to buy separately Maxpedition straps in order to attach the pouch to the belt
  • The fabric is not flex at all. It makes it great for storing tightly the items that it was designed for, but you can’t store anything else…as the fabric is not flexible

As long as it’s up to us, we still think that this is a great admin pouch that is versatile, giving you plenty of space and chances to organize your items. As a plus, you may wear it on its own or attach it to your tactical backpack when hunting or hiking.

Check out its pricing and lots of reviews on Amazon.

Robert Dwayne

Robert Dwayne

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