UZI UZI-TACPEN2-BK Aircraft Aluminum Defender Tactical Pen with Glassbreaker Review

For those of you looking for an efficient, strong, heavy duty tactical pen that is also still able to write pretty good, the UZI TACPEN2-BK Aircraft Aluminum Defender Tactical Pen with Glassbreaker is a good choice anytime.

Here are the pros that got us:

  • This tactical pen is made of lightweight aircraft aluminum
  • There is long lasting, heavy duty carbide tip glass breaker
  • The tip glass breaker is subtle and strong
  • This is compatible with Standard and Fischer space pen refills
  • The pen is a stylish black
  • This is TSA approved
  • The pen is just the right size, not too big, nor too small
  • The pen looks nice and elegant
  • There is space for hand cuff key under the glass breaker
  • There is no cap to lose
  • This is well made
  • The pen is tough, durable
  • Even though it’s great as tactical pen, the pen still writes very well
  • The price is amazing
  • There is a strong, sturdy belt clip
  • You only need to twist the pen in order to write
  • There is a knurl that’s efficient for pre-emptying the pen
  • This stands well on a shirt or some pants
  • The glass breaker tip is strong and efficient
  • The clip on the pen is quite strong
  • The logo UZI is a white, on the upper part of the pen and it’s quite subtle

There are some features that we like less on this pen, so here are our cons:

  • The grip in the bottom part is not very good and the pen tends to slip
  • The pen is on the heavy weight side and your hand gets tired after some writing
  • There is a simple plastic bag as packaging which is not very reliable
  • You need more than 1 revolution to completely retract the pen
  • The bottom is half plastic
  • The clip is a bit too strong and it’s difficult to use it sometimes
  • The clip actually stands in the way when using the pen as a tactical device
  • The ink that comes with it is not very good quality
  • The tip is very sharp and you need to pay attention to never leave it around children.

All in all, this is a reliable tactical pen of good quality for the money you pay. It’s a solid and long lasting pen that completes your EDC gear.

Check out the pricing and reviews on Amazon. Or head on to our page on tactical pens in order to find more choices.

Robert Dwayne

Robert Dwayne

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