ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Bow Hunting Pack Review

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When you go backpack hunting, comfortably moving while carrying your bow is essential for a successful hunt. Should you look for a dependable backpack for hunting that allows you to keep the bow or rifle secure and stowed away, the ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit is the right choice for many.

The ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit is made primarily for bow hunters but it can hold a rifle equally well. While moderately priced, the Pursuit pack is made of high quality materials, similar to, if not in some cases better than, significantly higher-priced backpacks from other brands. You may want to pair it up with a hauler such as the popular Alps Outdoorz Commander framed backpack.

The ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit in a nutshell

The ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit doesn’t stand out on shelves but makes a reliable model for many reasons. The backpack will let you safely carry and stow away your bow or rifle so that you may trek through rugged and tough fields effortlessly and fast. The pack has lashing straps and an expandable bow pocket, allowing you to secure the bow in place while going after your deer.

ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit on hunter's back with antlers loaded

Experienced hunters know that many details make a hunting trip successful, and having hands free is one thing. And when you go backpack hunting, you want a backpack that leaves your hands free because it can safely hold your bow. Add the durable material and features for hunting, and you get a pack that takes use for many hunts without even emptying your wallet.

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What are the features that recommend the Pursuit backpack?ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Bow Hunting Daypack Review

The Pursuit Pack has 2700 cubic inches and weighs 4 pounds and 1 ounce which makes it perfect for a field daypack.

The main feature of the Pursuit backpack is the bow pocket which pulls down from the bottom of the pack, and stows away when not in use. The pocket design supports a wide variety of bows and rifles. To anchor the bow in place, tuck its corner into the pocket, secure the strap, then buckle the lashes up the backpack around the bow and tighten them. Similarly, the butt of a rifle will fit precisely in the carrying pocket then loop one of the upper lashes around the barrel for a tighter fit.

This pocket also supports the hind quarter of a medium sized antelope or deer. Tighten the leg with the securing straps to hold it close to the pack, and off you go. The pocket wasn’t designed for that use, but it’s actually practical since it helps to get the game out of the field.

ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Bow Hunting Pack Review

ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit brings numerous positive aspects to the table, and the ability to safely carry your bow or rifle is just the most important to name. At a glance, the backpack has a durable feel to it and will help you stay subtle when hunting, thanks to the fabric’s pattern.

Backpack hunters will be happy to have a backpack that holds the bow and let them use their hands for anything else, but the bag brings other good things to the table too. The organization is effective with the pack thanks to the generous main pocket and a large front pocket. You may also store smaller gear in the lower side mesh pockets.

Another aspect that makes the ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit stand out is the unique organizational front shelf pocket that ensures fast and effortless access to your gear. The adjustable straps inside the pocket allow it to flip open to 90°, and inside there are numerous pouches to keep things organized. This shelf system is particularly useful in combination with the D ring at the top of the pack. You can hang the D ring onto a nail or branch, for instance when you spend time in a tree stand. With the backpack hung that way, and the shelf pocket open, you can have most of your tools organized and handy.

ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Bow Hunting Pack rear view

You can always have the essentials close, thanks to the drop-down rife/bow holder pocket. The backpack also features quiver holders on both sides, and the large compartment will fit your clothes or gear for a day hunt, but you can take it on a 3-day hunt too.

The smaller storage pocket comes with several internal smaller elastic mesh pockets so that you can efficiently store your beanies, gloves, knives, and similar. The outside mesh pockets on the corners are generous, easily fitting your range finder. The straps that hold the exterior pocket are strong and have a durable feel. It’s the same with the zippers and the zipper’s pulls that feel strong and take intense use; the pull tabs remain open with rubber coating for effortless use when wearing gloves.

ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit with arrow quiver

The main compartment is undivided, and has the space for storing enough stuff for a day trip. The Pursuit Pack also comes with a hydration pocket and port.

On either side there are Velcro straps for mounting your quiver. You can mount it on the left or right, whatever feels handy to you. Also on the sides there are mesh water bottle pockets, and the hip belt has zipper pockets that are a great place to store a Windicator, shells, a GPS or a cellphone.

The waist belt is padded and highly functional because it features two pockets for storing smaller gear; you may remove the pockets when not necessary. The waist belt and shoulder harness have lots of padding with good airflow, and great adjustability which will fit nearly anyone. The load lifter straps on the shoulders are an added benefit when you’re hauling that game. You will also notice the reinforced webbing that can take clip-style holster attachments, which only improves the backpack’s versatility and functionality.

ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit flap open

An inexperienced backpack hunter would think that padding is the only feature providing comfortable carry. Even if padding is essential (it has to be the right amount in the right place, without sacrificing ventilation), other features make a backpack more or less easy to carry. The center aluminum stays, and the webbing loops for lashing will make the pack easier to maintain.

At the very bottom of the pack there is a slip pocket that contains an orange fluorescent cover for those rainy days, or makes the pack much easier to find if you decided to leave it somewhere for the final stop.

ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit with rifle mounted in boot

The backpack has a friendly and functional layout and will take many hunts. Even if it’s not made with waterproof materials, it comes with a blaze orange rain cover that will protect the gear on a rainy day. Both the rain cover and the bow/rifle sling store away elegant and won’t stand in your way when not in use.

If you’ve been hunting at least once, you should know that staying hydrated is essential when hunting. You will not worry about becoming thirsty with this backpack because it comes with a hydration pocket and port. You will only have to buy the 3l water bladder and fill it when it’s empty. The backpack also features two clips that hold the water bladder at the top, preventing the bag from falling to the bottom of the pocket.

ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit open loaded with gear

What are the pros and cons?

We like many things about the backpack, so here’s our list of pros:

  • The pack comes with a drop-down weapon pocket for secure carry of bow or gun
  • You have plenty of space to organize your gear in the large front and main pocket
  • The pack features quiver holders on both sides
  • It has center aluminum stay for keeping its shape
  • The front lashing system is effective
  • The padded waist belt comes with removable pockets
  • The zippers and straps are rugged and strong
  • The zipper pulls allow easy use with gloves on
  • The pack comes with a hydration pocket and port
  • There are lower side mesh pockets to store more gear
  • It comes with a rain cover that stows away when not in use
  • The backpack takes a bow, rifle, and handgun
  • It has a functional layout and a good build

We’re not making a drama out of the downsides because they’re minor:

  • The zippers aren’t as silent as you’d want
  • Not all hunters will have a great fit with the backpack
  • Some think that carrying heavy loads isn’t as comfortable as expected

The ALPS Outdoorz Pursuit Bow Hunting Pack is a trustworthy backpack that is guaranteed to help you be successful in the field. And the best part about it is, it’s not going to break the bank. Check out the latest prices on Amazon.

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