Eberlestock M5 Team Elk Pack Review

Specs at a glance:

  • 3100 cubic inches
  • Weight: 6lbs 8oz
  • Dimensions: 23L x 11W x 9.5D
  • Top and full front access points
  • Fold-away rifle scabbard
  • Built-in bow carrier
  • Intex tubular aluminum frame
  • Hydration-ready

When the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation asked Eberlestock to design a new pack, they came up with the M5. The M5 Team Elk backpack incorporates some of the most popular features that are in Eberlestock’s existing packs.

The Team Elk pack is about 3100 cubic inches, which puts it in that mid range of the “honey packs” and also weighs in at about 6 lbs. and 8 oz. Right off the bat, we notice the Team Elk pack has a Gunslinger 2 style lid with lots of Molle on top for attaching accessories. It’s got the big zippered pocket in the back for putting gear inside on top, and also upfront the pack has a waterproof zipper with a padded fleece lined pocket for sunglasses, GPS, or cellphone.

Moving to the side of the backpack, we notice what is a lot like the bat wings on the X2. It unzips down about half way to reveal a long tubular pocket that’s good for holding a spotting scope or a hydration bladder – it has the hook inside to hang your bladder off of, and also a port to run the tube out to the back of the pack onto the shoulder strap.

Also on the sides of the Team Elk pack we find the standard water bottle pockets, and also more Molle webbing for more accessory attachments.

Similar to the X1 pack, the Team Elk pack also has a newly designed bow carrier in the back. The way the system works is, just undo the zippers for the bow pocket, fold open the outside flaps so your bow doesn’t rub against the zipper teeth, drop your cam down in your pocket so the bow rests against the back of the pack, then a strap goes around your riser and clips in and you snug it up.

The Team Elk pack also has a built-in rifle scabbard that’s located in between the suspension system and the main body of the pack. The way the scabbard works is pretty simple:

  1. unzip the zippers up on top
  2. pull the flap over the back of the suspension system to keep your rifle from rubbing up against
  3. fold out the bottom of the scabbard
  4. slip your rifle right down in there

One of the coolest things about the Eberlestock packs with the built-in scabbards is the ability to retrieve your weapon without taking your pack off.

Moving in to the inside of the pack, once you flip open the lid of the pack, you have dual access: one from the top with the standard storm collar and draw string, but you also have a full frontal access panel as well. Unzip the zippers, pull the pack open, and you can get to the whole inside.

On the inside of the pack, it has 4 internal sleeves: one on each side of the pack, and two up against the back of the pack. And on the front panel you also have one mesh zippered pocket and a sleeve behind it. On the outside of this panel there is also a long sleeve as well, for additional storage.

The suspension system on the Team Elk pack has a fully adjustable shooter’s harness with a ladder system so you can adjust it vertically to fit any torso length. It also has a chest sternum strap which is adjustable.

The back of the suspension has a fully padded and breathable design. Moving down, the padded waist belt is fully removable and has a slightly adjustable design. On the outside of the waist belt, it has built-in side pockets for range finders, GPS, cellphones, or any other smaller gear you want to have handy.

The Team Elk pack features a new tubular aluminum frame design that curves down and forms a meat shelf down at the bottom.

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