Tenzing 2220 Review

Tenzing 2220 Backpack Review

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The Tenzing TZ 2220 is one of my favorite daypacks within their line. It is a very good system with good entry to the main compartment. Like with all the rest of the Tenzing packs, they’ve color coded the zippers, both the teeth and the pulls, and these are non-noise-making pulls. Keep in mind that the yellow ones are always getting into the main compartment. One thing I like about it is that the whole front will open up and give you access to the entire pack.

The other thing is that the smaller front compartment in back has all the individual pouches to separate things like calls, sync control, all those different things that we want to compartmentalize within our system as well.

Tenzing 2220 with bow

TZ 2220 with bow

The 2220 has very good compression capabilities with two individual compression straps, a bigger one and a smaller one on each side of the pack. These straps can work together with the deep expandable side pockets to hold things like tripods and spotting scopes. One well thought-out feature is that the larger compression straps on the left and right are male and female and can buckle up together to hold your bow in place.

Another nice feature is that it comes with a sleeper pocket that opens from the back onto the sides that can hold long narrow things, so maps would go nicely here, even some Mountain House things that you might need, quick supplies that are longer and more vertical. I like the design on that pocket as well.

So, the TZ 2220, even though a smaller day system, is still able to carry some of your bigger things that you’re going to be in the field with. It’s got full internal aluminum frame, as well as a hydration system that will hold up to two liters.

On the front suspension system and shoulder harness we do have good adjustments like you would have on any pack, a good center strap system as well as an elastic keeper that keeps all those loose straps out of your way. Bow hunters will find that extremely critical.

Also on the front, they’ve done a good job of keeping the hydration hose locked down and solid as well. So very very good front system. On the waist belt, you do have side pockets that allow you easy access for items like range finders, wind detectors, those things that you need to get in quick and easy. Another feature of these pockets is that they have an expandable capability so that if you’re really going to bulk these up, you can cinch them and lock them down, and that’s a neat part of this design.

Tenzing 2220 Back End

TZ 2220 Back End

The 2220 does a good job with their bow bucket as well. Finding a smaller pack on the market that has a good bow bucket system is a challenge, so you’ll really like the design on the 2220. It is really well thought out for the new parallel limb bows, which is a difficult thing to overcome. Once the bow is in the bucket and the strap is on, you’ll notice that you’re protecting your bow’s cams and sensitive parts from the lower brush. And as I already mentioned, the upper part of the bow is secured in place with the male and female compression straps. Really well thought out.

One additional thing you want to make sure you consider with any pack is that it’s got good airflow, because your back is one of the portions where you do the most sweating, so you need some good air circulation. Tenzing has done a good job channeling a good air flow system throughout the back as well as the fact that they’ve actually dimpled the padded areas which allows for air flow there.

The other thing to keep an eye on is a good padded waist belt, and Tenzing has done a good job with the 2220 there as well. We’ve actually carried way more weight in this pack than it was intended, because we’ve been doing a lot of training with it this season. We’ve been surprised to see how much it can carry. All in all, Tenzing has done a very good job with the back end of this system, and with it as a whole.

It’s one of the packs I’m a big fan of, and I think you’ll be too.

Robert Dwayne

Robert Dwayne

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