Best Skinning Knife

best skinning knife

Anyone who loves to spend time in the wilderness and has also discovered the beauty of the special hobbies in the woods, knows by now that there’s nothing better than a good hunt.

Of course, we all like to admire the beauty of the scenery, to enjoy the fresh air and the simple life, but what says more about that than skinning your own hunt?

What is a skinning knife?

The skinning knife is more of a hunting tool than a weapon and it essential for any avid hunter. It’s a professional tool for a skinner.

The skinner knife has in most cases a wide, short blade. Its edge is strong and is not flexible like in any regular knife. It’s supposed to help you skin the hide or the skin off of animals and complete your hunting experience.

What’s a good skinning knife like?

The good skinning knife has a sweeping blade design and a curved tip so that you don’t slice the meat or puncture the hide.

The blade of the skinning knife is thinner than usual so that it the knife bends just a little bit.

Typically, the blade is made of o softer carbon steel so that you can edge and shape the knife juts the way you like it.

Any good skinning knife would have a gut hook also in order for you to cut open the belly. This way you can easily pull out all of the innards of the animal.

Your skinning knife has to be also lightweight and compact as you need to handle it easily.

What’s your favorite skinning knife?

When you go hunting for… a skinning knife take a good thought on your hunting skills, the types of hunting that you do and the type of prey you hunt.

The best skinning knife for you depends on your skills, your prey and the size of your hands also.

A skinning knife that is sharp and stays sharp for a long time is ideally. The blade only needs some sharpening and it easy to sharpen whenever in need. As usual, don’t let the blade get dull as any knife is more dangerous when its blade is not sharp enough.

Take good consideration on the distances you need to go with your skinning knife. For sure it’s not the only thing to carry when hunting, so a skinning knife that is easy to carry is far better. Once you’re done with the hunting, you know that you don’t put aside the skinning knife. You never know when it’s going to be handy again!

Get yourself a skinning knife that is easy to attach to your belt or may be store away in your backpack when not in use.

The best skinning knife doesn’t need to be heavyweight in order to be efficient. It just needs to be the best weight…

Do it all the way

When you skin out in style, there are three knives that help you do your job.

A knife with a clip point to cut the pattern and a 3 ½ -inch foldup or a straight blade (not bigger than 6 inches) can help you.

When you save the hide, a skinning knife with a drop point is the tool to get. Like this, the risks of cutting through the skin are minimum. Best skinning knives for this have a 1 ½ inch wide blade.

A caping knife is handy when you need to skin out the feet on bears. This knife needs a blade not bigger than three inches and pretty narrow also so you can work easily around the eyes and lips.

Have a good hunt…

When hunting for your skinning knife. Remember that it needs to fit your needs, wallet and…the prey just as well!

The Top 5 Skinning Knife Reviews

In case deer hunting is your thing, a skinning knife especially created for this works wonders for you when skinning. Made in Spain, this RUKO 3-1/8-Inch Blade Gut Hook Skinning Knife comes with a genuine deer horn crown handle and many other great features.

Here are the pros:

  • It features a very sharp 440A stainless steel blade
  • There is also a 3-1/8- inch gut hook
  • The handle is handmade and features a natural handcrafted deer horn crown
  • The sheath is made of genuine full grain leather and comes with an easy to use button snap closure
  • There is a lifetime warranty for this knife
  • The handle fits great your hand and gives you a sturdy grip
  • The knife is stylish and beautifully made
  • The craftsmanship on this knife is of high quality
  • The knife is 8-inch overall long
  • The blade is short enough not to cause injuries, but perfect for skinning
  • There is a hollow bevel on the blade for better skinning in the difficult to reach areas
  • The knife is pretty lightweight
  • This is one long lasting, easy to use skinning knife
  • The design of the knife is ergonomic
  • The knife is safely secured in the leather sheath…protecting you and the blade at the same time

We would like to mention the downsides for this knife. Well, this knife knows how to do one thing: to skin. Yes, it does an amazing job but, if you want more from your skinning knife, this is not your choice.


Whenever you feel you want to use a USA skinning knife, get this Benchmade 15001-2 Saddle Mtn Skinner with Keychain Flashlight and Knife Sharpener.

There are many amazing things about this knife that also comes with a knife sharpener, so here are our pros:

  • The blade of this knife is made of CPM-S30V steel
  • The blade is highly resistant to corrosion, edge retention is long lasting
  • You can either get the Dymonwood handle or contoured G10
  • Both of these choices are comfortable and take well elements
  • The knife comes with a rich leather pressure-fit sheath
  • The blade is fixed and the blade has a modified drop point
  • The G10 model features kydex sheath whereas the wood model comes with an included leather sheath
  • The blade has a satin finish and is very sharp
  • Even after several skinning, the blade doesn’t need sharpening
  • The knife feels great in the hand and has an amazing balance
  • There is nice, sturdy grip with this knife
  • The longitudinal grooves in random pattern look very good
  • The knife is very slim
  • The kydex sheath is well done, long lasting and form fitted to the knife
  • The knife locks into the sheath, but it’s easily removed when in need
  • There is a belt loop for this knife
  • The sheath features also 2 holes near the tip for a bead chain hanging
  • The knife is long enough to face an emergency survival experience
  • The price for the quality you get is amazing

There aren’t many things to complaint about on this skinning knife. Yes, the belt loop doesn’t look amazing but this fades away when seeing all the other good things.


If you’re willing to try something new and made in the far England, get yourself this Genuine Authentic Scale Tang Stag 3″ Skinning Knife Sheffield.

Apart from the obvious quality as this comes from the traditional crafting shops in England, this knife comes with many other good features. Our pros are:

  • This is beautifully handmade in England
  • It has a Carbon 01 Tool Steel blade that is strong and long lasting
  • This is a once in a lifetime buy
  • The knife has a gut hook, highly efficient when skinning
  • The blade is protected by the leather sheath
  • The handle is made of genuine stag scale tang
  • The blade is beautifully polished and sharp
  • This is a 3” blade, but this comes in other sizes also
  • The craftsmanship is amazing
  • The knife is 7” overall long

As for the cons…We would have liked this knife to come with a Certificate of Authenticity. After all, this isn’t an everyday purchase…

Unless you have something against the Brits, this is a great skinning knife and an amazing opportunity for you to buy a long lasting skinning knife.


For the passionate hunter who only wants the very best, this Famars USA Predatore Skinner Knife is an amazing choice.

Made in our USA, this skinning knife comes with many high quality features, as follow:

  • This model comes in three sizes, each one of them perfect for your various needs: small, medium and large
  • This is a great knife for skinning in small or big style, according to the situation
  • This knife is strong enough to give you a good cut and light enough to easily carrying it around when hunting
  • The sheath is made of leather and protective
  • You can attach the knife to your belt loop thanks to the sheath’s design
  • The edge is razor sharp
  • The knife has a hollow ground
  • The craftsmanship on this knife is high quality
  • The knife gets to you in a luxurious presentation box with an additional outer gift box
  • There is a Certificate of Authenticity for this skinning knife
  • The knife comes in a limited edition as only 600 knives were made
  • The rubber handle is a non-slip grip one
  • The knife also has a useful gut hook

We went far and low to find a downside for this knife. We would have liked a non-rubber handle as it’s a shame to use rubber for a luxurious collection. We would have also liked a lower price. The ball is in your court, now 🙂


When the budget is not necessarily a problem for you and you’re willing to pay no matter what you’re your no.1 outdoor activity, this Orvis Williams Knife Co. May Skinner is for sure the perfect choice for you.

There are many nice things to consider when taking a look at this skinner so here are our pros:

  • This is an extremely versatile knife, as it’s great when hunting and skinning
  • You can use this also in your daily chores and when managing plantation
  • This is a popular knife, due to its versatility
  • The blade is made of carbon steel and it’s both long lasting and sharp
  • The knife features a beautifully made Himalayan ram’s horn handle
  • The grip is sturdy and strong
  • The knife fits perfectly your hand and gives you an easy handling
  • The knife comes with a leather sheath that protects the blade and you from potential injuries
  • It’s better to hand wash with mild soap and dry right the way after you used it for skinning
  • Air dry the knife 24 hours before storing it again
  • This is made in our USA
  • In case of long term storage, it’s better to store the knife outside the sheath
  • The knife is 6 ¼ “overall long
  • The blade is 2 3/4”

When we talk about the “cons”, there’s only one, big, fat con…The price…But, if you take your hunting seriously and you like to do it in style, go for this one in a blink of an eye.