5 Things You Don’t Really Need when Out in the Field

In this universe of survival gear that you need when out in the field, some are designed to give you the best protection and utility, all the way. It’s the case of the obvious tactical gear, such as tactical pants or tactical vests.

Some gear items are not really needed but they managed to convince the customers as being important in the field.

Our list of false tactical gear

These items that we are going to talk about are not necessarily useless, but they are not as important as it has been advertised and don’t really work in a survival mission.

1. The CR123 Battery

The tactical flashlight, GPS system, radio… the survivalist has to recognize the meaning of tactical forces, to anticipate the abilities of these system and to rely on the battery.

In case of emergency, the battery seems to become a must, or at least at times. The CR123 is in fact a fake system since it’s difficult to find and the most popular systems during an emergency situation usually work with AA or AAA batteries.

Even if your favorite flashlight works with CR123 batteries, think about the fact that this kind of energy supply is not superior to others.

A small solar charger may recharge an AA or AAA battery and even an impressive stack of batteries of the same format. Thus, it’s a better investment than a CR 123 battery.

2. The Survival Blanket

When it comes to survival missions, the survival blanket has enjoyed and still enjoys great popularity.

You can find it everywhere: in your EDC, BOB…it’s omnipresent and unavoidable for sure.

It’s fabric though is the most frustrating and doubtful fabric out there!

We don’t know if that layer that shines on both sides saves lives, or if it is better than a “regular” blanket, a poncho, the innards of a tent, a trash bag or chocolate tin foil, but if it does, it must do so only once, and it is important not to have wind, thistles or tree branches on a space of 500 feet around it.

This thing is impossible to fold back, it’s flammable, way too large to stay in one place, extremely fragile, covers only a part of the body. Shortly…frustrating!

On the other hand, this blanket is lightweight and small, very cheap and highly advertised.

You may find a medical blanket and a thick 200L garbage bag to be more useful.

The medical blanket is thicker, stronger and covers the entire body, thus minimizing the exposed body parts and keeping it warm.

The black 200L Garbage bag is a versatile bag that is flexible and is able to maintain a constant temperature of your body. It’s obvious that the garbage bag can do so much more than that as you can fill it with dead leaves and use it as a sleeping bag with the dead leaves as an insulating layer. The garbage bag helps us gather water rain in order to hydrate ourselves, or to become a poncho and to use it for a shelter.

3. The “Rambo” knife

The Rambo knife is the perfect example when it comes to ridiculous tactical gear, but which seems to be still a popular item.

The essential of a tactical knife is covered by some decorative and idealistic qualities; a blade that is too aggressive and not entirely useful and most often it’s a super hero handling it.

There are two alternative to the Rambo Knife: the machete and the Mora Frost.

For so many years, for the price of one branded knife, the machete cuts and breaks, is cheap and helps you survive 24/7!

The Mora has its flaws for sure, but for little money it gives you a very sharp blade, a strong build and design, subtle and secure.

4. The Survival Wire Saw

No matter where you store the wire, say, in a small box, in a small survival kit, it’s impossible to totally rely on it!

The only thing that has made this saw so popular is its ability to fit in a small box. As a matter of fact, that’s the only thing that this thing can do. It offers no tactical help whatsoever.

5. The Tactical Outwear

We’re not talking now about tactical pants or vests, we’re talking about the outerwear for the untrained civilian.

A military uses and really needs all the Molle system when out on the field, but it’s not the case when you go running errands in town, for sure. Of course, you can take a walk in the park dressed in army style, but this is another matter.

Tactical outerwear gives you attitude, but when on a mission in the desert the only thing you think about is how easily you can get to your gun holster.

A Last Word!

Stop watching action movies and get the gear that you really need and use, one at a time.

Robert Dwayne

Robert Dwayne

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