Best Places For Duck Hunting In Texas

According to Delta Waterfowl, there are over 1,000,000 people in America that actively hunt waterfowl. The possession limits for geese and ducks in America is liberal, so you will only be limited to the number of shells that you bring. The landscape in Texas is perfect for duck hunting, and the wildfowl are plentiful. You can shoot at rivers, lakes, backwaters, creeks and bays, but if you are on private land, you will need the landowner’s permission. As with all hunting however, the most important thing is to shoot safely, humanely and protect the public, and only hunt in season.

The Top 3 Places for Duck Hunting in Texas

1. Aransas National Wildlife Refuge

Aransas Refuge, located on the southwest side of Antonio Bay is an inspiring place to hunt for wildfowl. The lake covers 115,324 acres and is more than 460 km long, so there is plenty to explore, including beaches, ponds and water holes. A nearby water source or lake will draw in migrating birds all year round. At the Aransas Refuge you will find several species of waterfowl including Harlequin Ducks, Canada Geese, Red-throated Loon, Mallards and Sooty Shearwater. Duck hunting season starts on November 14th and runs until 31st January.
Duck Hunting

2. Port O’ Connor

The shallow bays of Port O’ Connor, between Galveston and Corpus cover hundreds of acres of water. There is a diverse duck population, but you should be careful if you are hunting by boat. particularly in the winter months, as the winds can be strong. If you are new to duck hunting, it is a good idea to go on a guided boat tour. There are 14 species of duck that you will find at Port O’ Connor, including Widgeon, Gadwall, Teal, Pintails and Redheads. The marshes are a good place to set up to catch the wildfowl flying overhead.

3. Guadalupe Delta Wildlife Management Area

The Guadalupe Delta Wildlife Management Area, located in Tivoli, Texas, is perfect for wildfowl hunting, and is home to almost many species of duck, including Sandhill, Coot and Mallard. You will need to obtain a permit to hunt, as this is public land. The ducks on the lakes and marshland at Guadalupe Delta grow fat quickly as there is a plentiful source of insects. Along the banks of the lakes you can easily set up blinds in the bulrushes and tall grasses – all you have to do is watch and wait.
Texas is a paradise for duck hunters. Just make sure that you hunt in season, so that the wildfowl always have a chance to replenish.

Essential Gear for Duck Hunting in Texas

If you’re looking forward to engaging in the art of duck hunting, you might need some gears to make your hunting comfortable and enjoyable. That is why we put together this list to make sure you are ready to properly hunt on your next hunting location in Texas.

  1. Layout Blinds: Layout or A-Frame blinds enable you to hide even in an open space where duck and birds feed or loaf. Wearing it you can virtually disappear and easily hunt.
  2. Realistic Decoys: You need to use high quality, realistic decoy rig to ensure your duck hunting success. How many decoys should you use? It depends on the size of the area of water you are hunting.
  3. Hunting Jacket: Duck hunting jackets always prevent drakes from spotting you due to the high-quality camouflage. It also keeps you dry and warm in any weather condition.
  4. Shotgun: Your duck hunting trip cannot be very successful without the right kind of shotguns. There are numerous shotguns to pick from but our preference is a semi-auto one. Its instant reloading capability of the next round lets you shot for quick 2nd and 3rd shots at passing by ducks.
  5. Duck Call: This one is another must-have thing in your duck hunting session. Along with decoy rigs, you can use duck call to bring drakes and hens closer to you.
  6. Canoe: A cone is a great addition to your duck hunting which carries you along with your buddy and offers plenty of room to store your essential gears. Our favorite is Pelican Sit-on-To Kayak.
  7. Blind Bag: This one is a crucial item that most novice hunters forget to bring to their hunting location. A quality blind bag will let you keep all of your gears protected during your hunt. Make sure you bring a big, waterproof, and floatable blind bag.

Along with these essential gear for hunting, you can also bring your dog, camo hat, hand gloves, and first aid kit.

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