Best Places to Kayak for Beginners in US


The United States has some of the best Kayaking sites in the world. It has numerous wild rivers, spread out all over the country, making it a haven for adrenaline junkies. However, kayaking has a dangerous reputation because most of these junkies like to face bone crushing water currents, giant, slippery rocks and raging rapids so as to feel their adrenaline pumping. Despite all these risks, kayaking is not only meant for the experienced people in this sport. It might be really scary for beginners, but they can also enjoy this thrill by paddling through still waters or a little white water, which is way safer. Some of these suitable places to kayak for beginners include:

Colorado River

The mighty Colorado River winds its way through 3 states and its waters give some of the best rapids in the country. It also has some still waters along its stretch, especially in Arizona and Utah, making it the perfect destination for experts and novices alike. There is also beautiful scenery along the river such as in the Grand Canyon and Black Canyon, which can also double up as camping sites for an all-round outdoor trip.

Lake Guntersville

This is the largest lake in the state of Alabama, holding over 69,000 liters of water. Being a lake, it provides some of the best clear waters, making it ideal for beginners in kayaking as well as for fishing. Camping sites can also be setup along its shores and this is recommended so that you get the best outdoor experience. An important thing to note here is that you might need a navigation device for your kayaking trip on this lake because it is quite big and you might get lost easily while exploring the waters.

Snake River

This river offers some thrilling rapids along its stretch, making it ideal for the beginner who wants to experience a little bit of adrenaline rush. Apart from kayaking, this river has some of the best spots to observe wildlife such as deer and odd pelican along some of its parts.

Arkansas River

Arkansas River is the 6’th longest river in the United States and is characterized by a wide variety of rapids that include class II, class III and class IV rapids. These rapids make the river ideal for both beginner and experts in kayaking, while also providing a good hunting ground for different types of fish.

Lake Placid

Lake Placid is one of the best destinations for kayaking trips on the east coast. It is the perfect place for camping because it is a few minutes from one of the densest areas in the US, yet it is hidden in the forested area of New York State and this makes it easily accessible from the surrounding urban areas. It has still, clear waters, which are ideal for beginners as well as for fishing.

San Juan Islands

Located in Washington State, this tree covered archipelago is the ideal destination for exploration kayaking. The waters here are still while the serene environment makes it a very peaceful paddle as you traverse through a number of small coastal towns for resting or getting supplies.


These are just a few of the favorite and most popular spots in the country. Of course, many more great places to go kayaking do exist out there and as a beginner, what you need to look for is still, clear water so as to prevent the occurrence of accidents. From this, you can slowly transition to the upper rapid classes for more adrenaline rush.