8 Things You Should Know As a Beginner Surfer

Isn’t it enthralling to watch a surfer riding on the rough waves? If you ever wished to do surfing like a pro, it never too late to start? There is always the first step to every great expedition. Being an outstanding surfer starts with a fearless heart and sheer dedication. Riding waves or surfing is one of the most admired water-sport across the world. However, like any other sports, surfing also needs commitment and training.

If the fear of failing is preventing you from surfing, don’t worry about it, we have got your back. Let’s check out these easy beginners tips for all the aspiring surfers.

  1. Train yourself under expert oversight

Surfing may look easy and amusing but, it needs excessive training and balance. Water can be harsh on you while surfing, therefore, make sure to have someone experienced with you. Besides, Surfing has tricks and techniques to follow for safety reasons. You must join surf camps for faster and better training or take help of a surfer friend to learn the basics of the surfing. Attempting surfing alone is a big mistake so, avoid it.

  1. Use a soft top surfboard

For a new surfer, there are more chances of getting hit by their own surfboard. Having a soft surfboard will protect you from any possible injury while in water. Use big and soft top surfboards like Wavestorm, Modern Blackfish, and Surftech Learn2Surf 9. These are very popular surfboards among beginners.

  1. Use the less crowded beaches

Surfing with a lot of people can affect your surfing practice. It is better to go to places that are less crowded so that you get nice waves to ride on. To become a better surfer expose yourself to the best waves. Also, have enough space to examine your personal surfing style.

  1. Spend time practicing on land

Don’t ignore to practice surfing off the water before actually entering the playground. Choose the right spot and try a swift pop up actions. Place your surfboard carefully by digging a hole for its tailpiece. Lay on the board and start practicing your standing move, as fast as you can. Surfing becomes easier if you master the initial step of standing up on your surfboard.

  1. Shuffle your feet and do paddling

You should shuffle your feet while entering and exiting the water to avoid hit by a stingray. All the experienced surfers will advise you the same as the pain it causes is unbearable.

Moreover, paddling is another lesson that surfer must know without fail. Right paddling is done to go beyond the breaking waves. As a beginner, you must be a paddler because then only you get to ride the waves.

  1. Perpendicular surfing

This is the most valuable piece of surfing advice that you will ever get. While facing a breaking wave, you can surf below the waves or above the waves. Whichever way you prefer, always stay perpendicular to whitewater (the part of the wave that is breaking). Unless you want to get dragged and thrown out to the shore.

  1. Proper posture

Surfing is all about balancing your body weight, velocity, and external force. It takes numerous attempts to master the artistry. One of the common mistakes while surfing is that surfer bends their back instead of their knees. However, bending knees gives better balance than the back. The right practice is to surf with bending your knees to balance your surfing.

  1. Learn the right fall

It is not always about rising, sometimes it’s better to fall and rise again with higher momentum. In fact, while surfing you will be falling and falling for several times. So it’s better to fall in a way that you don’t hurt yourself. In times of fall, never try to dive head right from the board. Flopping on your back or side is safer than head falling. Cover your head and face using your hand as soon as, you hit the surface. Because you might not know if your board come striking you. Also, do not ever jump off your board that is risky and you may fall badly hurting yourself.

Here’s a video by Stomp It Tutorials on surfing 101:

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