Fieldline Pro Series Eagle Backpack

Backpack hunting has become more and more popular over the years, but it’s only the brave and adventurous hunters who are determined to try it. One of the many things you learn when backpack hunting is that you cannot start with a one-week hunt; proper training and experience are necessary. For the early beginnings of backpack hunts and all the other day hunts you’re ready to complete, the Fieldline Pro Series Eagle Backpack is always an affordable and reliable model. Another affordable day pack option is the ALPS OutdoorZ Hunting Pack Review. or the Tenzing Hangtime Pack.

The Fieldline Pro Series Eagle Backpack in a nutshell

The Fieldline Pro Eagle Backpack is conceived for scouting and stalking, and ticking the most reliable hunting backpacks. The price tag will seal the deal for many hunters who go shopping on a thin wallet, but the hunting backpack is a lot more than just an affordable pack.

As a matter of fact, the pack is quite a great surprise for the money you’re paying and brings to the table most of the features you’d want in a hunting backpack. The backpack is made with durable materials; it’s comfortable to carry on a day hunt and provides you space for adequate storage of your day hunt essentials.

What useful features does the Eagle backpack have?

Even if the backpack is designed for scouting and stalking, it will surprise many hunters with the size and organizational space. We think that some hunters will be surprised by the pack’s size and generous storage space.

Durability isn’t a problem because the backpack is made with long-lasting polyester that takes a beat. It’s the 600d x 300d polyester that handles the tear and intense wear of hunting for a fair amount of time. The pack also has a polyester lining, which increases the durability of the fabric. The camo fabric of the backpack also keeps you hidden from your game.

The back of the pack is entirely padded but allows air to circulate between your back and the backpack. Your back will stay dry and cool even when you’ve been hunting for hours on a summer day. Features for comfort are essential for a hunting backpack, and the list continues with the shoulder straps that are padded and contoured. They fit right and don’t alter arms movement in any way. The backpack also comes with a sternum strap that ensures effortless adjustment for the best fit.

Eagle Backpack back viewYou know that your backpack is suitable and comfortable when the compression straps allow a secure, snug fit of the loaded pack. The Fieldline Pro Series Eagle Backpack will sit comfortably close to your pack, so effortless carry will be possible even when your load is heavy. Also, the side compressions will balance your bag, giving you speed and flexibility on the move.

Storage capacity is well thought out and efficient for most day hunts. The pack has four external storage pockets and a front mesh stash pocket; you will be able to store your hunting gear with the backpack efficiently. The top front pocket has a zipper closure, whereas the front bottom pocket is expandable and has a 5-piece organizer and kef fob. It also allows you to store your cell-phone.

Accessing your gear is always easy, and the zipper pulls run fast and efficiently, even when you’re wearing gloves. For storing more equipment, you can use the side expansion pockets as well. Don’t forget that the pack is Molle equipped, which gives you more options for attaching gear.

Eagle Backpack side viewAn inexperienced hunter may not realize the importance of staying hydrated on a hunt. Still, experienced hunters and backpackers know that having hydration at all times can really make a difference. When you’re not thirsty, you get to focus better and have a better aim. Having said that, we have to highlight that the pack is hydration compatible. You will need to buy the water bladder separately, but the hydration compartment improves the pack’s functionality for day hunts.

Comfortable carry is essential when hunting, and the pack doesn’t disappoint in this area either. The yoked shoulder strap system is easy to adjust and padded, and the sternum slider is also padded and adjustable. The backpack also comes with a waist belt that is easy to adjust for best adjustment and fit.

The gear-lock modular locking system is effective, and you can carry the backpack completely loaded while keeping a compact and subtle profile. The carry handle is slightly padded for effortless carry.

Eagle Backpack green camo

Eagle Backpack green camo

How long is our list of pros? Do we have cons?

The backpack is loaded with positive features, and listing all of these pros is instead a difficult task:

  • The pack is made with durable polyester camo fabric
  • It provides practical and generous space for storing gear
  • The backpack is roomy but has a compact profile
  • It features four external storage pockets and a front mesh stash pocket
  • It comes with bottom pockets with a cell-phone holder
  • The zipper pulls are large for effortless operation
  • The pack features side expansion pockets
  • It’s hydration compatible
  • It comes with a carry handle
  • It has padded shoulder straps and an adjustable sternum strap
  • It comes with an adjustable hip strap
  • The back is padded and ensures adequate ventilation
  • It provides balanced and comfortable carry of load
  • It has a stealthy profile and has camo pattern fabric
  • It’s affordable and dependable for scouting and stalking

For the money you’re paying, you shouldn’t be surprised that the backpack isn’t perfect. However, none of the downsides make us change our mind:

  • The pockets could be deeper
  • Some miss more molle attachment points for the pack
  • It doesn’t come with a hydration bladder

What’s the conclusion?

Should you be looking for a dependable and comfortable backpack for scouting and stalking, don’t skip on the Fieldline Pro Series Eagle Backpack. Not only does the pack have effective organizational options, features for a comfortable carry, and a durable built, but it also takes the heavy wear without emptying your wallet. Why not make this affordable purchase?